Simple Sew Kitchen Towels

By Kate Riley November 21, 2013

One of the gifts I like to give to a host or hostess when invited to their home is a set of pretty kitchen towels coupled with a few treats. In years past I’ve wrapped them around freshly baked flavored breads or tied them up with a stylish pair of serving utensils. I don’t believe there is any such thing as too many kitchen towels – sewing them is easy and there is a way to get perfect corners on the backside with a simple technique.

diy simple sew kitchen towels

This is yet another idea for a host or hostess gift for the holiday season. Wrap a box in festive wrapping paper (find a box at a craft store or repurpose a shoe box) and fill it with kitchen tea towels and goodies.

wrap box with paper

Include anything from fresh baked bread to culinary treats to homemade jams or your famous cookies. This one leans to the savory side, mixing gourmet oil & vinegar, bread and a sprig of fresh herbs tied up in ribbon. It’s a fun gift to present to your host when he or she opens the door.

pretty hostess gift


Stitching up a kitchen tea towel is a simple sew project, it involves four straight lines and a little technique on the corners to get them just right – here’s how I do it.


Choose a fabric with some absorbency, I think linen/cotton blends work well. (I used two fat quarters of this fabric and this fabric in linen/cotton) in a 18” x 27” size.

1) Fold over the raw edges of your fabric 1/2 to 5/8 inch and sew long seams around the border. 2) Fold over corners and trim the bottom of the triangle (the top of the corner) with scissors. 3) Fold over edges once more aligning the seams so they meet at a diagonal. 4) Sew over existing hem to secure fabric and create a perfect corner.

steps for perfect corners

This technique works well if your sewing linen napkins too. :)

simple sew kitchen tea towels

They’re a simple way to personalize your kitchen or that of your host with fabric!



  1. Love the idea for towels and such as a hostess gift! My only trouble is that I don’t sew so off to the store. I just love to read your blogs and can’t wait until the next blog. Your ideas are the best.

  2. Kate,

    You said you used a fat quarter of each fabric. Did this make 2 or towels? I just love your corner folding technique and you’ve inspired me to make some gifts!

    XO’s from Chicago,

  3. Oh my goodness, I’ve always wondered how to do corners like that! I’m so excited-thank you!

  4. Maybe you could post a video on how to do the corners. This has always been my weak spot in sewing. I LOVE this idea as gifts and to make to match my own home decor, vintage french. It’s not easy finding towels to go with this decor style so making them is perfect! Thank you!

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