DIY Wrapping Paper Bunting

By Kate Riley November 18, 2013

I love this project because not only is it fun for the “holly day” season (ha!) but the same supplies and process can be used to make bunting for any festive occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, kids rooms, and no sewing!

This festive slogan was made with cardboard from cereal boxes, wrapping paper, and glitter cardstock, and it’s easy enough for kids to help too. Details on how to make your own version below!

diy wrapping paper holiday bunting

The supplies are simple and cheap! To recreate, you need a roll of wrapping paper, cereal boxes for the pennants, enlarged letter template, glitter cardstock paper, tape (single sided and double sided), twill ribbon, hot glue, scissors.


I like the cardboard on cereal boxes, it’s thick enough to be sturdy but thin enough to cut easily with scissors. Each cereal box yields two pennants, I cut one long triangle then used it as a template for the others. Trim the wrapping paper into triangles slightly larger than the cardboard pennants and wrap the paper around, secure with tape.

wrap cardboard

Enlarge letters on your computer and print them to use as a template. Cut them out then outline on the back of the cardstock. (Tip: Make sure you reverse the letters on the back before you trace them so their layout will be correct on the glittery side when you cut them out.)

trace letter

Stick the letters onto your pennant with double sided tape, then adhere them to twill ribbon with hot glue, easy!

double sided tape

hot glue twill ribbon

The traditional evergreen inspired the saying on the holiday bunting although I know I’ve seen it used other places…

happy holly days wrapping paper bunting

basket of holly

Rather than my own walls, I hung this up on my friend’s barn, because weathered barnwood makes the best backdrop ever.

wrapping paper bunting

crate with gift wrapped presents

happy holly days bunting side of barn

Create your own version with the combination of any kind of wrapping paper and cardstock you love, cheers!





  1. I did something similar to this as a pennant for my daughter’s birthday (used her name), as well as my son’s (instead of triangles, I cut each pennant into the shape of Superman’s shield and then put his name on it). I found that it works best if you use the brown plain cardboard sign to attach the fun paper (I used a selection of my favorite scrapbook paper, which is a little thicker). This avoids seeing the colorful cereal advertising through the paper. Also, I don’t own/use a hot glue gun, so I used a paper punch and put 2 holes at the top of the pennant and then strung the ribbon through the top of it. Turned out great!

  2. I’m glad that I’m not the only one prepping for Christmas! I’m not a huge santa fan so I love that you have featured non-santa/reindeer decor. When finding decor my my own blog posts, it was remarkable how much “santa-ness” is out there.

  3. What a cute idea, and the photography is smashing! I feel much less guilty about putting up our lights this weekend…

  4. I love handmade decor, especially if they have a fun upcycle twist like this one does. Love the festive polka dots! And I agree, I prefer non Santa crafts and ornaments. I use cereal boxes all the time for crafting. Another great source for clean white cardboard are the paper inserts from the dry cleaners when you have shirts folded for travel. My hubby brings them home for me after every business trip. I am having a handmade ornament a day until Christmas on my blog with a giveaway. Tons of ideas on cute diy ornaments. Would love you to come check it out!


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