Washi Tape Easter Eggs

By Kate Riley March 29, 2013

I have a confession to make. I Kate, mother of young elementary school children, did not hard-boil nor dye any Easter eggs last year. I used fake ones from a craft store to set our Easter dinner table and plastic ones for the egg hunt. Boom, easy, done.

However. My youngest daughter requested that we engage in the traditional act of dyeing eggs this year, so we set out to dip, dye, and embellish with nailpolish, washi, and glitter tapes. It was a fun for 30 minutes until she got bored with the dipping and abandoned me to go play and I was left alone to finish. Just like three years ago and those paper maché eggs. But I wrapped up the project (ha!) by layering strips of washi and glitter tape in random abstract bands across the tops and I now I don’t believe I’ve ever loved Easter eggs more.

washi and glitter tape easter eggs

We started with hard boiled eggs, some dye from those kits you find everywhere, and a bunch of rolls of glitter and washi tape sent to me by my kind sponsor Wishy Washi.

eggs and polish


To create a banded pattern, I wrapped a few with washi tape before dipping, then once my girl dipped the eggs and they were dry, peeled back the tape to reveal the pattern.

washi tape bands on eggs

Layering a thin strip of tape over the top gives them a two tone banded effect.

banded washi tape easter eggs

washi wrapped easter eggs


Once they were dipped and dried I layered several more of them with more washi or glitter tapes, some as is, but most cut into thin strips.

glittery tape

washi tape easter eggs on platter

I also used a few dots of nailpolish to create a spotted treatmemt on two of the eggs before dipping them in the dye. It takes a few applications but look what are the perfect perch for the spotted eggs while the dots dry… the washi tapes!

nailpolish spots on eggs

nailpolish spotted egg


For an easy centerpiece, I nestled them in grass inspired by the traditional Easter egg hunt.

eggs in wheat grass


I found some wheat grass at my local market and used it as a bed for the decorated eggs.

wheatgrass from market


The table is all ready to enjoy a nice Sunday brunch after church. I think I’ll throw some chocolate candies in there too, no such thing as too much chocolate on Easter! (Or any day, right?)

easter egg centerpiece


sources: shower curtain tablecloth  / salad plates / dinner plates / chevron twill ribbon and washi and glitter tapes / bowl from Marshalls / egg platter was a gift (no source, sorry).

eggs and wheatgrass centerpiece

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

(I was going to post another ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ on Sunday but instead, I’ll post it on Monday. Have a great weekend!




  1. Who knew there were so many uses for washi tape? Love how you used it on the eggs. I’m making it my mission this weekend to find some washi tape. :)

  2. Love it!! Also love the color scheme you are using, so pretty for Easter, You always do a great job, simple, yet beautiful and classic in so many ways. Happy Easter to YOU and yours,

  3. There are so many scrumptious new ideas floating on the web these days for making pretty Easter eggs. One hardly knows were to start. Love these.

  4. Kate you are still top notch in my book…annual dyed eggs or not! My daughter & I are literally starting ours right now. I have dye, lots of little notions, glue & glitter. I like the nail polish idea. Thinking we can paint flowers! Thanks…will try to post at http://www.mysoulfulhome.com on Sunday to show our results.
    Have a great weekend everyone,

  5. I agree with Abby….those eggs are works of art! Your table is beautful Kate. Lovely colors. Pretty salad plates! Happy Easter!

  6. Your eggs are just darling and the tablescape elements are lovely! Happy Easter!

  7. I thought that I recognized your tablecloth. I had picked one up for my daughter’s apartment next fall, but I love your clever use of it. The eggs are beautiful, too; just like most everything else on your site. Thanks for inspiring me, and have a glorious Easter!

  8. They are wonderful! I keep reading about washi tape. Where do you get it?

  9. Beautiful tablescape. So fresh! I love your plates and table cloth. Where did you find them, if I may ask?

  10. Adorable as usual – love the colors and the dotted are my fav – Thanks for sharing. Take care

  11. Ok, you truly out did yourself! This is so very lovely! I usually don’t “steal” ideas from other bloggers when it comes to decor, but this is too amazing not to steal! It’s too late for this year but I definitely want to try this for other years to come. Gorgeous and unique!

  12. Happy Easter. Love this idea, discovered it too late to try it this year – book mark for next. Love those dishes, they would look awesome on the patio this spring! Thanks

  13. My days of dyeing eggs are long gone much to the dismay of my 18 and 25 year old daughters. :) What a great idea for a tablecloth and really inexpensive as well. I will start looking at shower curtains differently!

  14. These eggs are just adorable! Love them. I really need to grab some washi tape and play. Looks like so much fun!!

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