Lisa Leonard Jewelry Giveaway

By Kate Riley March 28, 2013

Hello everyone, I have a lovely giveaway to share with you today, and just in time for Mother’s Day (only six weeks away!). Lisa Leonard Designs is an online shop offering beautiful hand stamped jewelry in gold, brass, and sterling silver – her pieces can be worn with casual jeans or be the finishing touch to your little black dress.

In her workshop, Lisa and her team also create beautiful and unique wedding cake toppers and home decor too. I love that Lisa supports fair trade by also featuring jewelry handmade by Ecuadorian women in her hope{full} collection, and a portion of the proceeds provides school lunches to children in need through Jungle Kids.

lisa leonard jewelry

Today, Lisa is offering three lucky winners a $75 shop credit!

Eligibility to be one of three winners:

1) Visit Lisa Leonard Designs and pick a favorite piece, then name it in a comment. Is it for you or someone special?

2) For a second chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Monday April 1, 2013 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: #195 April (was in CT); #318 Shari Millerson; #508 Sarah E.

Congratulations to the three winners, all notified via email.




  1. My niece is graduating this year and I think the Grow roots, Sprout wings necklace would be just perfect for her! <3

  2. I’ve been wanting the chevron necklace, it’s my favorite! I’d keep it for myself if I won!

  3. I love the itty bitty hearts necklace…and since it comes with 2 hearts it would be perfect with the initials of my two little boys. Since I’m the only lady in this house, it would be for ME :)

  4. I love the gold connected hearts necklace……and I would be so tempted to keep it for myself because it is just so lovely…..

  5. I have like Lisa Leonard’s designs for quite a while. I covet the petite family crest necklace (sort of reaffirms myself after my recent divorce).

  6. The gold falling leaves necklace really speaks to me. Such a lovely design! I’d have to keep it for myself.

  7. What unique jewelry! I would select the initial charm necklaces for my daughter-in-laws! What an adorable idea for their childrens’ initials. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  8. Oh, wow! Too many to choose from! I would love to give my mom the in a nutshell necklace for mother’s day. It reminds me of finding acorn “treasures” in the woods together when I was a little girl.

  9. I LOVE Lisa Leonard Designs – my hubby knows to pick out something at least once each year :) I have been crushing on the Connected Necklace and the Celebrate cake topper for awhile. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love the sterling open circle necklace. I can see it around my neck with the names of my three beautiful children engraved on it. : )

  11. Oh wow, just one favorite?!? I absolutely love the Connected Necklace and would keep it for myself. Hmm, might have to drop some serious Mother’s day hints. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  12. I love her jewelery, so pretty and unique! The intertwined heart necklace would be lovely. I think I’d get two–one for me, one for my mom!

  13. I love the sterling ‘you are loved’ necklace for my mom or mom- in-law.

  14. It is so hard to pick just ONE thing! I love the teeny tiny initials necklace, but it’s a close call between several things. I’m also not sure if I’d keep this for myself or may-be give it to my sister for her birthday with her children’s initials on it. May-be I’d better get two :)

  15. The gold chevron necklace, with the gold bunting necklace as a close second. They are both kinda edgy which I love. :) Great giveaway – thank you!

  16. Love the baby spoon! Expecting my first grandchild in June and this would be a wonderful gift.

  17. I really love almost all the necklaces really!
    They are just beautiful, simple but they really speak to me.
    My favourite however is probably tiny twig necklace.

  18. When I was a child, my father traveled often for work all over the world. He would always send me a postcard and sign it XOXO. I still call him xoxo as a pet name and would love to get the gold kisses and hugs necklace. This is a great giveaway — thanks for the chance!

  19. My sister loves turquoise and her 26th birthday is on the 4th, so I would get the Turquoise Stones Necklace!

  20. I love the Connected necklace with the two hearts. My mom doesn’t really like to wear jewelry, so I guess it would be for me!

  21. I like the color and shape of the aqua stone earrings, would love to have those for myself! :) Thanks!

  22. I Love the turquoise stones necklace. It is the perfect color for Spring. It would be a great present for my friend’s upcoming birthday, but like other people, it would be tempting to keep!

  23. I love the Gold Full Circle Earrings =) And I would definitely not give those beauties to anyone else haha.

  24. I really like the Ruby Red Bracelet. It’s gorgeous, I would wear the heck out of it!

  25. It s a tie….I love the silver twig or the gold chevron necklace. I LOVE that she is thoughtful of people in need. Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. What a wonderful shop! My favorite is the Turquoise Stones Necklace – would dress up any boring outfit!

  27. I would love the Sunlit Flower necklace with the names of my 3 grandsons on it!

  28. I think the “brush your teeth” sign is too cute, and I love the devoted and connected hearts bracelets! Lots to like :)

  29. I love Lisa Leonard jewelry, I have several pieces. I’m loving the Turquoise stone necklace, I would keep it for myself!

  30. I’m always immediately drawn to the Connected Necklace in silver. Can’t seem to get past that one….there are too many beautiful ones to choose from.

  31. If I win I would love to get the connected necklace. It reminds me of a mother and child.

  32. I would get the Aqua Nugget necklace for my mom for Mother’s Day, because she is amazing and she deserves it.

  33. I love the Daisy Chain Bracelet–I would have our Grandchildren’s names on it–so it would be for me! But our daughters love the jewelry–so maybe I would pick something they liked for their Mother’s Day…

  34. I love Lisa Leonard designs so much and have been coveting her jewelry for so long now! My favorite (today) is the Sweet Heart Tree necklace.

  35. I love the Turquoise Stones Necklace and I would be giving it to my mom. She has worked hard her whole life and has finally retired after 50 years of nursing.

  36. I like the Hope is the thing necklace, would love to have it to wear myself.

  37. I love Lisa Leonard Designs (her blog is great too). I love the turquoise stones necklace. I would love to give my son’s teacher a special necklace this year since she has been his preschool teacher for the last three years.

  38. I’d pick the sterling silver sugar donut necklace for my mom. Her first grandbaby is due this summer, so I’d put the name on it for her!

  39. I love the devoted bracelet with love on it. I would give it to my daughter for her birthday. I’m devoted to her.

  40. Love the Fine Feather Necklace. I started out looking for something for my mom but honestly, if I might just have to get it for myself!

  41. The “This is love” or “wildflower necklace” are two of my favorites. This would be a special gift for myself ;)

  42. I hope I win!! I want the sterling ring to wear as a wedding ring with my husbands name on it. My wedding ring currently irritates my skin and the 20 hand stamped characters would say “two duFours” …yes I know that doesn’t come to 20!!!

  43. I love the Love is My Anchor bracelet…and I’d most likely keep it for myself. Its been a very lean year and that’s the kind of treat that could hold me over for a while. :)

  44. Love the connected necklace! I’d be getting it for myself.

  45. I love the gold bunting necklace; it’s so art deco! It would be for myself to go with a new dress. :)

  46. I love the “Stir My Soul” necklace! I literally had to take a deep breathe when I saw it!

  47. I’d definitely want a necklace, but it’s so hard to pick just one. Maybe the gold bunting or the heartstrings.

  48. I saw Lisa at Blissdom wearing the “connected” hearts necklace featured above. It’s my pick and I like it in both silver and gold!

  49. All of the stamped pieces are amazing, but then I saw the pink quartz art deco necklace, and I’m completely in love! So beautiful!

  50. I love the Sterling Heartstrings necklace! Such a beautiful piece! I would love it with my husband and children’s names :)

  51. My daughter is graduating from high school this year. She would love the Petite Family Crest.

  52. I love the Silver Leaf Earrings, although I’d have to wait til my toddler is out of the earring-pulling stage!

  53. How fun! I finally treated myself to a Lisa Leonard necklace that she has had in her collection for a long while (tells you how long I waited to talk myself into it :)

    So my favorite pick would be the “Connected” two hearts necklace for my sister. She lost her one-day old baby girl from complications of juvenile diabetes. It would be a beautiful way to include her in our everyday!

  54. Hi, I like the side by side gold hearts and I LOVE the golden seed necklace seen on her blog but not currently in stock…

  55. I visited Ecuador as a child on a mission trip with my church, and I would love to own something from Ecuador – I love the Olive Green Diamond Earrings. Beautiful!

  56. I love Lisa Leonard’s collections! I think I would choose the Jumble of Charms necklace! Thanks for the chance to win.

  57. I love the Wildflower necklaces, and it would be so hard to choose gold or silver! All of her jewelry is lovely, and I do think my own mother would appreciate an initial necklace with her grandchildren’s names.

  58. So hard to choose, everything is gorgeous! But I do need earrings, and I love the well rounded earrings.

  59. Love the tiny twig necklace and the ocean view free trade bracelet – gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win these beauties!

  60. I love the ocean view bracelet! I would buy one for myself, my mom, my MIL, my sisters and my sitter in laws for Mother’s Day!!

  61. The All Of Me necklace is the perfect piece for Spring! Please! Please!

  62. Aw, I would love the kisses and hugs necklace! It is so simple and sweet, and it would make a great gift for my Mom or sister. The cake toppers are pretty too!

  63. I have been wanting the jumble of charms necklace! I love the cake toppers too!!!

  64. I absolutely love the captured heart necklace. I have 3 kids between ages 10 and 5 and I have wanted a kids necklace for years and have never found one I really liked. Until now. How beautiful and simple.

  65. I love the turquoise stones necklace. That’s for me, mom doesn’t wear jewelry much.

  66. What great jewelry! My picks are the Tiny Squares necklace and the Lucky You earrings. I would definitely be keeping them for myself.

  67. I loved mostly everything! But would really like the family tree necklace for myself.

  68. I’d love to give my sister the Love Is My Anchor bracelet for her birthday!

  69. I love the turquoise stones necklace. Although, it was not easy only choosing one as my favorite.

    What a very generous giveaway. Thanks to you and Lisa Leonard.

  70. Adore the turquoise stones necklace. And I’m totally being selfish about it. ;)

  71. I love the sun droplet necklace and the your love is my anchor bracelet! Beautiful!

  72. teenie tiny initials necklace my daughter just had a baby and she would really like this

  73. Hard decision….love the joined heart necklace and the one with square charm with cross/heart/pearl. I would lve to win this contest!

  74. I love everything Lisa creates. I like the connected necklace in silver for myself.

  75. I absolutely love the “At the cross” stone bracelet. I’ve never seen the cross bracelets when the cross is made out of stone. Love it!

  76. vintage frames are tooo cute. My coworker is getting married and this would be a great gift!!

  77. Seriously, how do you pick JUST one?! First on my list would be the gold chevron necklace. Love it!

  78. I love the Family Tree Necklace! I love mother charms and have some with the initials of my two children. But what I love the about this piece is that includes the names of the mom and dad as well. Without each other we wouldn’t have had our beautiful children…and I think my husband really would like to be included as well in something I wore. The stamped tree image is a fun design that would look great with a casual outfit….most moms everyday wear!

  79. Love, love, love the Gold Bunting Necklace. I don’t purchase jewelry very often so it would be a great gift for myself!

  80. I love the Sterling Sweetheart Tree Necklace! My husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage next month, and we are avid hikers–so this “nod to nature” necklace would be perfect!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  81. I like the Heartstrings Necklace for my friends who are getting married this summer. :) For myself–Chevron, baby!

  82. Lovely site, lots of goodies. I ♥ the stir my soul necklace….and the glass earrings and the gold chevron and love is my anchor bracelet, etc……

  83. The Petite Original Necklace with my Word of the Year (GRACE) on it. For me of course! Love her stuff.

  84. I love the Faith, hope and love necklace. I would chose this necklace for my very strong and courageous sister-in-law who is just beginning to conquer a disease that we are all confident that she can do with her faith, hope and all the love we have for her!

  85. I love the vintage frames necklace and also the grow roots, sprout wings which perfectly matches what is going on with a family member and I would love for her to have it!

  86. I love the Through My Lens charm! How adorable! It would definitely be for me since I have taken up photography as a hobby!

  87. I love the tiny twig, gold bunting and gold chevron necklaces. Their all so sweet but simple. Something you would wear all to time!

  88. I love the thin sterling bracelet. Perfect for showing my love for my growing family.

  89. I really like the teenie tiny initials necklace with all my kids initials, for me. It would be my mothers day present to myself!

  90. The chevron necklace would make a great gift for a friend’s upcoming birthday. Plus I adore the gold bunting necklace for myself. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. My favorite piece is the Gold Connected Necklace. So pretty! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  92. I like the connected necklace. Very simple and yet elegant. Something you can wear with a tshirt or sundress. Great jewlery…thanks for the link!

  93. I would choose the sweet pea necklace for my daughter. We affectionately called her sweet pea when she was a baby and now that she is 24, it would be a nice nostalgic necklace for her.

  94. It is a toss up between the Gold in a Nutshell and Gold Tiny Twig necklaces. I would love to give one to my sister and one to my mom for Mother’s Day!

  95. i would get my treasure necklace…as a gift for my future MIL on our wedding day! I’d get it to say “family” and our wedding date.

  96. I love the Golden Hearts Necklace, and oh my, I must confess, I’d love it for myself :-)

  97. I really like the turquoise necklace for myself and the hearts necklace for my mom!

  98. I love the silver leaf earrings – large yet delicate, and can be worn with anything. Great mom’s day gift for me!

  99. I love the Sterling Faith Hope Love Necklace. I collect crosses and this is different than any other cross pendant I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful and unique way to show your faith!

  100. I love the Faith Hope Love necklace! I would either give it to my sister for her birthday or keep it for myself :)

  101. So hard to choose! The Jumble of Charms necklace would be perfect for Mom from her four daughters…we’ve been looking for something lovely that would represent all of us. Love it.

  102. The Sweetheart tree necklace hits a soft spot for me with a loggere husband :)

  103. The silver connected heart bracelets are beautiful!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  104. The Sweetheart tree necklace hits a soft spot for me with a logger husband :)

  105. love is my anchor is my fave fave and I love the cross bracelet which my mom and I both have!

  106. I think I love the warm wind earrings and the olive green cuff bracelet the best!

  107. I love the turquoise stones necklace (for me) or the Teeny Tiny Initials necklace for my sister who’s about to have a baby!

  108. Hope Is The Thing necklace is one of my favorites.Thanks for this chance. Love her pieces.
    Carol L

  109. I love the” jumble of charms necklace”. For myself of course with my kids on each tag!!

  110. Love, Love the itty bitty heart necklace. Actually it’s hard not to love everything on the site!

  111. Ooohhh, lots of pretty stuff! What a great give away! Hard to narrow down a favorite, but I’m loving the gold chevron necklace.

  112. I love all of Lisa’s jewelry but my faves right now are: the tie that binds necklace, love in my anchor necklace & pretty like a bow necklace. I also love all of her personalized stuff!

  113. I adore the This is Love necklace! The sweet little flowers made into the shape of a cross…there’s no better love then that! It was difficult to pick a favorite, as all of the jewelry is gorgeous! I so love necklaces with mulitple little charms dangling off of it.

  114. I really like the tiny twig necklace and the gold chevron necklace. It would be a hard choice!

  115. Love, Love the itty bitty heart necklace. Actually it’s hard not to love everything on the site!

  116. I definitely was interested in the Fair Trade line for the contribution it makes and I believe I really like the aqua seed earrings. They would be for myself!

  117. The connected heart bracelet would be a great birthday gift for my daughter. She turns 34 next week, and a joy!

  118. I would love to wear the turquoise stone necklace with everything. Great color and length.

  119. it’s a tossup between the gold chevron necklace and the love is my anchor bracelet

  120. I love Lisa’s designs and I have been coveting the Love is My Anchor bracelet–just can’t justify buying something for myself. I don’t FB or Tweet, but I pinned that bracelet ages ago. Thanks so much for the chance.

  121. I’m in LOVE with the connected heart necklace. And, I would love to get two: one for my mom and one for myself. I usually get my mom a spa gift certificate or perfume for Mother’s Day, but I like that this will be something special she can keep forever. And, we’ll have a symbol of our connectedness.

  122. So many beautiful things to pick from! Geez, this isn’t easy is it!? But, if I have to choose just one, I’d have to say it would be the “Hope is the thing with feathers” necklace! It’s so uplifting & a constant reminder to be positive in life!

  123. I like the At the Cross bracelet and it would be for me as a reminder of my faith.

  124. Wow, what a wonderful give-away! Thanks so much for thechanc win. Since our beloved daughters came home 6 years ago, we haven’t had an extra cent and I have always wanted the sterling ring with my daughters’ names stamped on it.

  125. What a talented artist and difficult choice! I think I’d choose the Love Is My Anchor bracelet. Thank you for the chance to win!

  126. And, that was “the chance to win”. My keyboard is acting up this morning! :D

  127. stir my soul necklace….so cute and chic–it would be a nice addition to my very small collection of necklaces.

  128. I can’t decide whether I like the aqua stone earrings or the connected necklace better!

  129. Thin sterling cuff, would love to have my 3 beautiful daughters names on it. Thanks for the chance. Beautiful jewelry!

  130. I like the Stir my Soul necklace. It has that touch of green that is so popular!

  131. I LOVE the sun droplet necklace with the tiny initial charms. I’ve been looking for a “mom” necklace that would have something with my two boys’ initials on it that’s not too cutsie. This little necklace fits that bill perfectly.

  132. Thanks for sharing this designer. I love her stuff. I love the two heart necklace and the matching bracelet. I want to buy those for myself and turn the bracelet into a charm bracelet. I have son related charms on my very heavy charm bracelet. I can remove those and add the ones that are related to my son to the heart one. Then I want to buy the pendant that has a chandelier stamped on it for a friend. She has her own company called ViNtaGe SouL TX. She loves jewelry and painting old furniture. She’s been helping me decorate my new house, so this would be a perfect thank you gift for her.

  133. Love Lisa Leonard Designs gold pink quartz necklace! So pretty and feminine!

  134. I picked out two items. First the Tiny Squares necklace. I would put my grandchildrens name onthem give to my daughter for Mothers’ Day.
    I also like the March charm of the horseshoe with the heart for myself.

  135. Moulded Heart necklace. Turquoise beaded necklace would be number two! Awesome stuff!

  136. I just love the WILDFLOWER necklace. I’d love to have it, it’s so beautiful!

  137. Can’t decide which is my favorite, the ruby red bracelet or the gold full circle earrings.

  138. It’s all so beautiful, but if I had to choose I would choose….the connected necklace. It’s stunning

  139. I’d love the tiny squares necklace for Mother’s Day! If I won the drawing, I could let my husband off the hook…for now anyways :)

  140. I love her stuff! I am in love with the Connected Necklace. Perfect Mothers Day Gift.

  141. I love the Wooo do you love owl necklace. I would give it to my daughter. Thanks

  142. I’ve loved her jewelry fo a while!
    Especially the Connected Hearts in Gold!!!
    I think I would buy it for myself then give it to my husband to give to me as a gift! Lol

  143. There are so many beautiful things, how do you pick just one?! One that I would love to have is the teenie tiny initial necklace. So fun!

  144. I love so many things on this site! I choose the Silver Connected Necklace. Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway! :)

  145. I would choose the gold tiny twig necklace. For myself! I think it would remind me of my home state, MN! Thank you

  146. I love the silver twig necklace, but I’d also have to think about an item with my twins’ names or initials on it. They’re due in August!

  147. Oh, the acorn necklace speaks to me! Pretty sure it’s telling me it wants to live at my house.

  148. Love, love, love the love if my anchor bracelt & the gold bracelte with the stone cross. I want it!!!

  149. These are gorgeous pieces! I love the Connected Necklace. I would give it to my daughter!

  150. Awww…I love the connected hearts necklace. I’d wear it for me and my daughter.

  151. I posted about the giveaway over at Facebook. It really is gorgeous jewelry.

  152. I really love the lucky you earrings & the ocean view necklace. Beautiful! I’d wear them myself. My sister would love the tiny twig necklace.

  153. THe brass nickel two sided necklace is simply amazing! I would give the gift to myself :)

  154. My fave is the gold basic rectangle necklace, on which I would engrave my husband’s and children’s names.

  155. Gold word of the year – INSPIRED would have to be my fav. I would give it to my mom as a mother’s day gift.

  156. The Saffron Bracelet would be super cute for summer! For me…or a friend.

  157. The You are Loved necklace. I would give that to my girlfriend who is battling cancer. Thank you for the chance on your generous giveaway.

  158. I really love the At the Cross Bracelet for my best friend and also Bible study leader! But the Polished Stone Earrings are my favorite, so unique!

  159. i love the leather bracelet, i would put my 3 childrens names on it. Hard to actually pick one piece out, many i would love to have, i will also share on fb.
    thanks for hosting the give away.

  160. There are so many things I love, but the open circle bracelet really sticks in my head. Lovely stuff!

  161. So many things to love, but I would definitely snap up the falling leaves necklace in gold. Adore!

  162. I love the silver interconnecting hearts necklace. It would be perfect to represent me and my new baby girl!!

  163. I would love the turquoise cross for my granddaughter. It is sooo beautiful.

  164. I love the gold Tiny Twig necklace! I actually already have it in silver, but I’d love to add the gold one to my collection!

  165. I’m torn between three! The “connected” necklace, green grass stud earrings, and the “fine feather” necklace. I would love to own all three! Such beautiful jewelry

  166. I love love love the “gold full circle earrings.” I would selfishly keep them for myself because I’m bad.

  167. I have been eyeing up the My treasure necklace lately but her fair trade line is cute too! Like the Long Wrap Sunshine necklace…cute, cute!

  168. I love the sterling dewdrop necklace! So beautiful! Not only perfect for names of those you love but comes with two beautiful gems along side it!

  169. I like the fine feather necklace. I know the perfect person for it. She is a home gardener with chickens.

  170. Hmmm…too many choices. Love the twig necklace and the word of the year necklace—breathe~

  171. I love the fresh cut necklace and many items from the fair trade line, especially the red bracelet!!

  172. I love the “Sweet Pea” necklace. That’s a nickname my father gave to me as a young girl. And he still calls me that!

  173. Linked this on Twitter! Good luck to everyone. This is really beautiful jewelry and I look forward to supporting this business!

  174. I would definitely get the Sunshine necklace for my daughter. I used to sing her to sleep every night with that song.

  175. I love her stuff! I am in love with “love is my anchor” bracelet. Perfect Mothers Day Gift.

  176. Ooh, so many pretty things! I love the tiny squares necklace and the ruby red bracelet.

  177. I shared this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. “love is my anchor” bracelet is my fave!

  178. I love, love, love the Turquoise Stones Necklace!!! I know my Mom would love it as a Mother’s Day gift

  179. I bought the tiny squares necklace for my sister, but I always wanted one for myself as well. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  180. I love the My Sunshine necklace. I always tell my niece that she is my sunshine.

  181. Love Lisa Leonard and her jewelry – I have several of her pieces! I’ve been crushing on the turquoise stones necklace for a long time, but haven’t been able to afford it. So if I won, I’d be ecstatic! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and the chance to win!

  182. I love the Sterling Silver Sugar Donut Necklace (it would be for my granddaughter – she’s crazy about anything sweet, so this would be perfect for her birthday!).

  183. Love the Ampersand Necklace! My Husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage this next weekend and I would love to get something like this to commemorate it. Great giveaway!

  184. Love the Sterling word of the the year…breathe necklace for me and the gold bunting necklace for my daughter!

  185. Lisa’s stuff just keeps getting better and better. I love the personalized ring, and would keep for myself! I love the pewter wand too.

  186. I am an earring freak…love the gold hammered full circle hoops! Also, the leather cuff bracelet is would be perfect for a summer look with a simple tank. Would love a win!

  187. Such cute jewelry! Can’t just choose one – I LOVE the “brush your teeth” wall hanging (for me), soaring heart necklace (maybe for sister bday, but I like too) and the connected necklace (for ?). Love it all!

  188. I love the “gold from any angle” earrings and the “connected” necklace in both the silver and the gold! Maybe I’d wear it and then the first person that really “ooohed” over it would get it!

  189. Love the connected necklace and the little tree trunk necklace with the initials.

  190. I love the daisy chain bracelet & would personalize it for my daughter.

  191. As a surfer, and a lover of the beach, I simply adore the Hidden Treasure bracelet, would love that for myself, as it was just my birthday last week :) Thanks!

  192. Love it all! But the Turquoise Stones Necklace would make a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for my mom!

  193. I love the key to my heart charm. No cute way to show my hubby how much I love him!

  194. Oh boy. I love the Tiny Square Necklace, the Wildflower necklace, the Teeny Tiny initials necklace, the Sunlit Flower necklace, the My Treasure necklace… I could go on. :) I love them all for me… but then I could see getting one for my sister, my mom, a couple of wonderful girlfriends… maybe future bridesmaid gifts. Ahhh. Thanks for the opportunity!

  195. So hard to pick! I would have picked something as a gift for someone, but all my jewelry (other than what I had on) was stolen 2 weeks ago when our house was broken into. I like the tiny squares necklace, but I’d probably let my little ones help me pick one out to include their names on.

  196. Everything is so pretty, but I think the for always heart necklace is my favorite!

  197. This is all so beautiful! I truly love the tiny twig necklace. Thanks so much for the fabulous give-away!

  198. I think it’s a tie between the ampersand necklace and the turquoise beads. The ampersand is a sweet reminder of me and my hubby, and the turquoise is just beautiful. I think it would be a birthday gift to myself ;), but this style is something both my sister and good friend love, so who knows!

  199. I love the Faith, Hope and Love necklace and I’d give it to someone who is fighting cancer.

  200. Turquoise stones necklace is absolutely stunning! It would fine a fast home in my wardrobe…

  201. Turquoise stone necklace is the one for me. Love anything turquoise. Thanks.


  203. I’ve always wanted to buy a family necklace for my lovely friend with 4 kids, but it’s been, ahem, a bit expensive. The jumble of charms necklace would be perfect for her!

  204. I love Lisa Leonard Designs. I have several of her pieces already. The open circle bracelet and I just ordered the gold cross. Can’t wait to get it. I’m sure I can find something else, maybe the hidden treasures bracelet. :)

  205. Where do I start? The open circle bracelet, the teeny tiny initial necklace, the turquoise necklace. All of it! Such beautiful pieces!

  206. LOVE the “heartstrings necklace” for myself…I need to start rebuilding my jewelry collection again after our house got broken into last week. This wouldn’t replace the necklace my husband gave me that symbolized our family after we had our last baby, but it would help!

  207. Aqua Blue Scarf, my sister can never find the scarf she wants and her favourite color is blue. This would be an amazing gift for her.

  208. The “through my lens” necklace has been my favorite for a few years. It shows my love of photography but it’s dainty. One day I’ll actually own it! :)

  209. So hard to pick a favorite! I love the Turquoise Stones necklace for me and You are My Sunshine for my sweet daughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift certificate!

  210. So difficult to choose, but I would love to have the names of my six beautiful grandchildren engraved on the thin sterling cuff.

  211. share link

  212. Love this! It is hard to pick one piece, but love the ones with my boys’ names on them.

  213. I just love the gold pink quartz necklace! Thank you for this giveaway, I have coveted Lisa’s designs for so long!

  214. Thanks for introducing us to a great new website. It was hard to pick a favorite but I was drawn to the gold “you are necklace” . I would keep it to give to my granddaughter . I love her creative designs and will return again and again.

  215. Wildflower Necklace! Beautiful! I would definitely get it for my Mom on Mother’s Day. What a nice reminder!

  216. The All of Me necklace. Eight years, six miscarriages, one live birth and one amazing adoption – my two girls are All of Me…

  217. I absolutely adore her jewelry creations!
    A favorite of mine is her “Fine Feather Necklace!”
    Many thanks, Cindi

  218. The fine feather piece is so pretty and perfect for spring !I also love the turquoise stone necklace which would jazz up any outfit ! I would love these just for me because i have not shopped for months because I got laid off :( And I want something to brighten up my spring wardrobe without spending money!

  219. I love the sweetheart necklace. I would just keep it for myself. :) I haven’t had a new piece of jewelry in a while.

  220. I love the connected necklace. My husband & I just did a marriage study & it reminds me that we are two hearts made one, connected forever.

  221. The Connected necklace is my favorite–although it was very difficult to choose!!

  222. Hi,
    I love the “Row of Flowers” necklace in deep blue. It’s very hard to decide when there are so many beautiful things to choose from!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  223. I love the “This is Love” necklace! I would have to keep this one for myself.

  224. Lots of luciousness at Lisa Leonard Designs – I love green grass earrings — for me— a sign of spring!

  225. Everything is so beautiful that I’m not sure what I’d do with a giftcard. Love the gold bunting necklace for me or the connected necklace for my sis.

  226. I love the “Connected Necklace”. I have purchased before from Lisa but never for myself. So this time around for Moi!

  227. I love the “Connected Necklace”. I have purchased before from Lisa but never for myself. So this time around for it’s all for me!

  228. Wow! THis is some of the most tasteful jewelry and decor items I’ve seen! I’m loving most of the necklaces for myself or as a gift for someone else. My very VERY favorites are the Turquoise stones necklace, the Fine Feather necklace, the tiny twig necklace ….am i allowed to list more? I love the gold fall leaves necklace and the fine feather necklace too!!

  229. I love the Two Hearts Become One Caketopper. My brother is getting married in October and I would love to give them one for their cake. Thanks for the generous giveaway! =)

  230. I love the heartstrings necklace – would be great with all my kids names.

  231. What a great shop! I LOVE the tiny twig necklace. It is unique but still classic enough to wear every day and it’s perfectly delicate :)

  232. Love the designs. The chic geek inside me says the infinity bracelet is my favourite.

  233. Live the gold bee necklace! It’s simple enough to go with anything and a really modern gold look.

  234. I like the turquoise drop earrings, for myself or for my best friend, she’d love them too.

  235. I love the turquoise stone necklace and have the perfect blouse that needs it to finish the outfit.

  236. Love the Gold Wildflower necklace…for my sister. So many pretty things to choose from!

  237. My fave has to be the twig necklace, but they are all so pretty, and easy to pair with any look.

  238. I adore the fine feather necklace in gold. I would have to get two!! One for me and one for my sister. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  239. There are so many things to love here, but I think one of my favorites is the Sweetheart Tree Necklace. I love everything about it! I would love to say I would be giving away my prize, but if I won, I’m afraid I would have to keep it!

  240. Beautiful everything! I’d love the gold chevron necklace for me, I think.

  241. I love the gold connected necklace! It’s so cute. Would go so great with everything. (:

  242. I love the gold bunting necklace. I think it would work great with any spring and summer outfit.

  243. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the sweetheart tree necklace. The through my lens necklace is also adorable!

  244. Would love to give the gold tiny twig necklace to my mom for mothers day!

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