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By Kate Riley March 30, 2013

Easter weekend greetings all, just popping in to share some recent content over at the Better Homes & Gardens blog, click the buttons to read the articles!

bringing the beach home

style an entry

a touch of black

two tone dressers

beautiful neutral bedrooms

decorating with abstract art

Also check out these Pin worthy ideas on simple and elegant Easter decor.

And for all of you on Twitter, you’re invited to a chat I’m hosting with BH&G on Tuesday, the topic is spring decorating. Many of the bloggers from Style Spotters will be joining in too, it’s going to be fun -  cash prizes are being given away to a few lucky participants! 

On Twitter, follow both Better Homes & Gardens and me to join in!

april bhg twitter party


Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening and we’ll chat it up about all things spring!   

Have a Happy Easter !



  1. If only I had an entryway to style! Oh well, one less thing to clean right? Happy Easter weekend. Off to check out the beachy decor love that look extra during Summertime!!

  2. Just an fyi, I noticed a typo in the graphic for the Twitter party. Your Twitter name (handle?) is missing the S. Thought you may want to change that!

  3. ha Missy, I didn’t even notice until you told me, I’ll have the BH&G team fix it! Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Kate !

    I’ve been posting a comment on the BHG article about two-tone dressers, but it didn’t appear, so I’ll post it here.

    Two years ago, I found a beautiful tiny dresser at my local Salvation Army for 30euros, perfectly fit for my very small bedroom. It was perfect but the veneer on the sides and at the bottom was completely destroyed. I’m thinking that a crazy lion scratched it. I still loved the dresser and planned on sprucing it up later on. How, I had no idea.

    Flash forward, I’m reading your blog without commenting (I know, I know), and while randomly clicking, I discover that dresser you painted for your husband. Something clicks in my head and voilà! It took me two weeks (two years and two weeks), but I stripped the damaged veneer and painted the structure of my little dresser. I followed your instructions for the painting part, even though we don’t have the same products here in France, so I had to improvise a bit. If anyone wants to import chalk paint here, I’ll be your first massive customer.

    Here’s the dresser before (the text is in French, but photos don’t need translation !):


    And styled the best I could:

    I really wanted to thank you because it was you blog that really got me started. I guess I needed someone to tell me to roll up my sleeves and just paint that dresser ! I already have two candidates up for my next painting cession: some kind of side table with destroyed drawers, and a beautiful wooden suitcase that I bought for 2 euros at a garage sale. I can’t wait to paint those !


    (Sorry for my English, I’ve studied English for a long time but it still comes out weird sometimes)

  5. Wow, love the room settings. I wonder how do you hide the Easter eggs around that tidy places ;)

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