I’ll Have a Blue Christmas… Porch

By Kate Riley December 2, 2012

I was in the mood for modern, simple, and unexpected this year.  I’m back to my old favorites using blue and green on the front porch instead of traditional red like last year’s poinsettia porch.  Here is our porch all decked out for the season in navy and white with some emerald green thrown in for fun.

blue and white christmas porch

I moved the outdoor rug and pillows from the rear balcony to the covered front porch to enjoy them for a few months more in a different spot. Two white trees in urns and a preserved boxwood wreath on the door complete the scene.

boxwood wreath white tree with ornaments


My daughter and I decorated it together this weekend – she enjoys decorating during the holidays as much as I do. I just love her colorful mod dress!  She picked it out all by herself on a shopping trip with her Grandma a few weeks ago – the girl’s got style!

little decorator

The seasonal wreath is a preserved boxwood version found at Lowes and tied up with a navy satin ribbon.

preserved boxwood front door wreath

white trees on porch

Our kitty cat Coco’s job is to sit on the porch every afternoon and survey the neighborhood, cautiously studying the dogs that pass giving them her best stink eye and taking inventory on the bird population.

kitty on porch

guardian coco


kates blue christmas porch


More holiday related scenes coming up this week !



  1. What a beautiful front porch! If I came to your party, I’d savor over it and be excited to get in and see the rest! Also, I love your daughter’s dress, it’s perfect with the colors and theme. Great job!

  2. Love your blue/white palette – your porch looks fresh, sparkly and festive….what great memories you are making with your daughter……….I can’t help but smile when I look at your pictures – so fun!

    Cathleen in Kentucky

  3. Wow! What a stunning and creative color scheme! I absolutely love it! The idea of bringing the rug to the front porch just completes the look! I love it! Great job!

  4. What a beautiful welcoming entry…..and the kitty is the cherry on top. I want that dress for me! She looks adorable! Kate, did u learn to juggle yet? Haha, i will never forget that post!

  5. you girls did a beautiful job, i just love it!!! I have never really been a fan of the bright colored trees (if you can call white bright, i think?)….but this year, they are growing on me and you have just made me a fan!! nice. thank you!!

  6. THAT is the best faux boxwood wreath I’ve ever seen. And those are some exceptional photos you have there Missy! Love the blue and white. The rug makes it. Good job! ~ karen

  7. I love love love this porch blue is my favorite color. I have already decorated my porch for 2012 christmas but next year you can bet it will be blue and green. I love your site and look forward to seeing the new projects that you share it has me crafting like crazy and I have a ton of ideas from you that I can’t wait to try….keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  8. dude, don’t shoo the kitty away, she is part and parcel of the tableau :D she looks just like our Willie-Boo except he has one eye. LOVE that dress on your girl, and love the blue and green porch. I wish I had a porch, period, argh! have a great week! CB

    • Ha! Claudia you’re funny, it’s true, every time I went to snap a pic the cat was sitting right there… she loves that spot!

  9. What type of hook are you using to hang the wreath? I need a reliable hook to hang on glass. Thanks!

    • Hi Christina, that’s a Command hook I’ve had for years, it really does a great job supporting a wreath! The key is to let the adhesive “cure” for about an hour before you hang anything on it, or even a day, but it’s lasted on our front door’s glass window for years!

  10. I love your design aesthetic. The color of your door is gorgeous. What color is it if I may ask?


  11. There are so many things I love about this porch decoration that I don’t know where to begin. The colors, the rug, the trees in urns, sheesh…I’m overwhelmed! lol! Well done!

  12. Love the porch and the dress! Also, see that Coco has his blue on, too. He blends right in!

  13. Love your blue Christmas porch! Love your daughter’s blue mod dress! And Coco with her blue collar-snazzy!

  14. This is just so gorgeous ! I think blue is my new favorite color…and you do such a great job pulling it together with the white for Christmas. Stunning! I have got to get myself a boxwood wreath, they just look so lovely.

  15. Love the blues! The pillows are awesome, too, as is your daughter’s dress! The cat does look very serious…looks like a security cat. ;o) Merry Christmas!

  16. I love the blue and white- and the green keeps it interesting and not too typical! Beautiful rug too! Great job.

    I have a giveaway happening on my blog this week for a $200 gift card to Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm. I’d love if you entered- I’m sure you could do something fabulous with it!!

  17. Lovely! Just Pinned this one. :) The shots of the kitty are so cute. Our dog Emma always plops herself in front of the shot, but I got some nice Christmas tree pics with her last night. ;) I really like the way those white trees pop with the ornaments!

  18. Kate, I’ve had eye on that rug in black and bone for my interior entry. We live in a mountain town and get a lot of snow so I need something to absorb damp shoes. I’m afraid a wool rug would get ruined so I thought an indoor/outdoor might work but I don’t want anything too “outdoorsy”. Would this rug look okay inside and does it clean well?

  19. Is that one of those Command hooks holding up your wreath? If so, have you found that it works well? I’ve had some in my home that I’ve been less than impressed with. I haven’t used any outside, though.

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