Home Goals: How Did We Do?

By Kate Riley December 17, 2012

Every year in January I post our hopes for improvements around the house and earlier this year I posted our Home Goals for 2012.  Here’s the checklist on how far we got!

1)  Prettier powder room?  Check!  New beadboard wallpaper, darker paint for contrast, and a new mirror refreshed this space, full tour here.

kates powder bathroom


2)  Build a Bench.   Check!  I dreamed of a potting bench for years and Matt built us one this summer.  Woot!  All the snaps and the full how to here

diy redwood potting bench


3) Girl’s Bedroom Makeover.   Not a whole lot done here, this space is still a work in progress but she does have a new painted desk and some lovely new window panels.  More on the progress in this bedroom in 2013! 

lavender fabric medley in girls room


4.)  Storage in the Home Office.   I did grab two Expedits for this space earlier this year but truth be told I’m not totally thrilled with them.  I’m thinking a wall of taller bookcases will work much better in here and make it feel more like a library/home office.  I’ll find another home for the credenza too. 

expedits in office


5). The Hall Bathroom. Ugh.. this is taking forever!  But we did make serious progress this past year, reworking the vanity and installing wood countertops.  Completion in 2013 for sure!

bathroom counter


6).  Summer Seating.  Loved this project!  The balcony got some upgrades in shades of blue including freshly spray painted furniture and new DIY outdoor pillows

centsational girls blue balcony


7).  Courtyard Resurfacing.  We’ve been meaning to fix the courtyard surface for years, and finally invested in this outdoor project and we really love the results.  We’ll be sprucing up this outdoor area with furnishings and plantings in the spring.  Full story of the resurfacing project here.

resurfaced courtyard after


8)  Pantry makeover + organization and garage floor epoxy.  Total fail!   But hey, there’s always 2013…


But our most rewarding remodels this year were on behalf of our local Committee on the Shelterless and through the Alma Project efforts.  Thanks to generous sponsors, volunteers, and donations from many of you we transformed these four spaces and these are the projects we’re truly most proud of.  

alma project spaces

Kitchen Remodel 1Kitchen Remodel 2  -  Bathroom Remodel  – Playroom Makeover

It’s nice to look back and see that we accomplished most of what we set out to do for our own home and we were able to use our skills to help in other places too. 

Did you all make a home goals list this year?  How did you do?  Did you check a lot off your list or will the projects continue into next year? 




  1. That’s seriously impressive. That must feel really, satisfyingly awesome.

    Our “2012 Goals List” is, erhm… now referred to as “2013 Goals List.” But I’ll definitely be adding that bench to our list. Because we clearly need MORE things to do. :)

  2. You guys got a lot done despite not checking everything off your list! I love your powder room and your patio looks so inviting! We’ve only been in our new house for 6 months but we’ve been trying to check things off our never ending list ever since we moved in — we’re not doing so well haha I’ll have to keep a “home goals” list in mind for 2013 though :)

  3. 6 months? Ha, try 6 years and 6 months! But from following this blog I have had so much inspiration and my plans are coming together. Studying, working, children and general living have been getting in my way – here’s to a calmer 2013(?) so I can finally practice using some of Kate’s wisdom and guidance :-) Thank you for 2012!

  4. Dude, you did a great job, and the Alma work is priceless!!! If you can’t find a home for your Expedits, I will take them, you don’t even have to disassemble them ;D

  5. Perhaps if I write down what we want to accomplish and actually check them off, I’ll at least feel slightly more productive (smile). Looks like you, on the other hand, got a TON accomplished. Just need to sit down and make it happen.

  6. What a fun way to look back over the year and see all the progress you have made! It’s such a great idea…a way to set goals and then strive for them during the year. You had a very aggressive list, so way to go!

  7. It’s great to see one involved in hme projects with such a zest. After all, home is where the heart is. :-) lots of wishes for 2013 as well. keep us inspiring.

  8. Well firstly…. I gotta’ say your home looks absolutely stunning as usual. Cant see a thing wrong with any single thing you’ve got going or done there and I’ve enjoyed watching the process.
    Your ability to share these aspects is done with class and style despite the added pressures of increased viewers and duties.
    Of note – I’m TOTALLY JEALOUS!! House beautiful you….house “what the heck is this supposed to be” , me.
    I have accomplished a year of less painful illness and less medications required for said symptoms…resulting in my now being able to accomplish more. Hopefully 2013 will be the year of further health improvements and I can do a smidgen of what you do.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kate and stay well.

    Cheers from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

  9. I am an original follower, and it has been fun and inspiring to watch you along the way! You have amazing follow-through, in addition to fantastic creativity and blogging talent! My family says to tell you I am finally developing a bit of decorating flair, thanks to your beautiful examples! My next thing to follow is your monthly and yearly goal list and appraisal/evaluation. How motivating! Thanks for ALL you do! ~Tammy

  10. I always find that making a list inspires me to accomplish my goals! Nothing like the satisfaction of crossing off a task after a job well done :) Great idea!

  11. Still love the powder room makeover. Your #5 inspired me to re-do our too low sink in the masterbath *showed this one to hubby and he agreed* so that is added to the list for next year.
    Although I don’t have many things crossed off the to-do list for this year. And added tons to the list for next year. 1st. grandchild due next march so sewing a nursery is moved to the top of the list. I’m tired already.

    Thanks Kate for all the beautiful and helpful inspiration you’ve shared in 2012.

  12. I’m so impressed! I’m taking baby steps to improve my living space and I have to say you are so inspirational! I am blown away by the projects on your site! Lots of copycats to follow.

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