Scalloped Felt Tree Skirt

By Kate Riley November 20, 2012

So you’ve seen the kids’ candy colored Christmas tree, it’s time for the quick tutorial on how to make a scalloped felt tree skirt!  I chose felt because it’s a cozy fabric used so often during this season.  I used small pieces of 9”x 12” felt found at Michaels stores in bold teal and crisp white for contrast.

candy colored christmas tree skirt

Here’s the quick step-by-step on how to make a felt scalloped tree skirt!

make a scalloped felt tree skirt

What you’ll need:  small sheets of felt (I used the inexpensive 9” x 12” ones from Michaels) in varying colors, 34 of first color, 25 of second color; scissors, thread, small bowl for measuring your first scallop template, sewing machine, 54” piece of cotton fabric (not shown).

felt skirt supplies


Fold the felt in quarters and use a small bowl (no more than 4 ½ inches in diameter) to form the shape.   Allow extra room above the midway point for layering scallops on the skirt.  Hello favorite crème brûlée ramekin – you are perfect for this project!

use bowl as template

Mark with a pen on backside to form scallop template.

mark with pen

Cut your pieces two at a time to get four small scallops from each piece of 9” x 12” felt.  Cut enough pieces from your two colors to form the first two rows (approx. 34-36 scallops per row).

four pieces of felt


Next, take a piece of 54” square cotton fabric and fold it in quarters, mark and cut the outside edge so it makes a circle and then cut a smaller circle in the center to make room for the tree trunk (see dotted lines below)  It should look like a donut with a small hole for the trunk when you’re done.  Cut the fabric from the outside circle to the inside circle to create an opening like the dotted line shown below.      skirt cuts

54 inch cotton


Unfold your cotton fabric and begin sewing your mini scallops.  The bottom row will need around 34-36 felt pieces and you’ll use slightly less for each row you move up since they overlap closer to the center.  Keep the seam within ½” inch of the top edge of the felt scallop pieces to avoid the thread being visible when you sew the higher rows.

sew first row


For the second row, come up about 1½ to 2” on the cotton fabric above the lower row and stitch the second color of scallops on top in an overlapping pattern.  Be careful to cover the thread from the first row, or you’ll have to switch thread colors.

second row

Also pay attention to overlap which is sometimes necessary to keep the pattern even.  I messed up on this a few times but with all the repeating scallops it’s hardly noticeable.



Continue sewing a total of four rows of your first color and three rows of your second color and you’re done!  The sewing goes quickly, it’s the cutting of the felt that gets monotonous – I cut over 200 scallops, and that got boring fast.   If you work row by row, first cutting, then sewing, it’s not so bad.  The entire skirt took less than two hours so put on a favorite movie when you make it to keep you busy!

Cost breakdown:  34 sheets of felt to form 4 blue rows at $0.27 cents each sheet plus 25 sheets of white felt at $0.20 cents each to form the middle 3 rows.  59 pieces of felt = 7 rows.  Cost = $14 not including the cotton fabric.  Nice!

scalloped felt christmas tree skirt


It’s a modern flirty way to add both color and flair to your Christmas tree, enjoy!



  1. That skirt is sooooo cute! Looks easy enough, too. I like easy. It would be simple to add a sweet snowman face to some of the circles. I think i’ll give this one a try!
    Thanks Miss Kate. :)

  2. What a beautiful idea. I’m going to do this in my house. I’m thinking red and white! Thanks for the great instructions!
    :) Cait

  3. I Love Love Love this! I’ve been looking for an easy fun tree skirt. I am so making one!! Im not the good with a sewing machine, so I’m thinking of trying it with fabric glue. Love the tree too!!

  4. This is way too cute! My girls would love this! We usually put a very small tree in their bedroom, so I think I would only need a few sheets of felt; I think I’ll do it. Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  5. This is such a creative idea! I’m a bit intimidated by the sewing part though. I wondering if there is a way to make this no-sew?

    • Hi Leah, you can do what another reader suggested and use hot glue! Fabric glue would work as well but it takes longer to dry, up to a few hours.

  6. very cute, I have all traditional colours for my tree and would have to start from scratch for this colour scheme but love it.

  7. OMG! This is so beatiful. I love the colors and the design. The tree skirt seems to add some “weight” to the tree and I love that.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I made one last night – same colors – LOVE it! But, what did you use underneath it to get the skirt to drape like that? Mine looks boring flat on the floor. Thanks!

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