Candy Colored Christmas Tree

By Kate Riley November 20, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Michaels to decorate a tree with their ornaments this year as part of a Dream Tree Challenge.  I’ve shopped my local Michaels for so many years and especially during the holidays, so I readily accepted their invitation!

Our family buys a flocked real tree at our local tree farm for the living room every December, but the kids loved the idea of a Christmas tree to call their own.  We came up with a bright candy colored version decorated with some new ornaments and also some of their favorites from the past.

colorful candy tree centsational girl

The three of us went shopping together at Michaels and their bright eyes quickly settled on a “candy and disco balls” theme – it was a glittery candy garland and a set of faceted disco ball ornaments that set the color palette for our tree and we got to work!

candy garland

mini disco balls


colorful candy theme christmas tree

A few large scale snowflakes are suspended in front of the art gallery, and over the weekend the kids completed their annual tradition of decorating houses from gingerbread kits.  I helped cut the fondant but the rest of the candy patterns are all their designs, so cute!

colorful candy tree cg

sleigh and gingerbread houses


No kid tree is complete without their personal favorites on display like Mr. Krabs, the Cowardly Lion, the Abominable Snowman, and other handmade ornaments created over the years.

mr crabs

cowardly lion

abominable snowman

paint swirl ornament

We had a lot of fun together breaking out the Christmas playlist while we decorated and they savored their first (of many…) candy canes of the season.

colorful candy tree centsational girl


A favorite critter Mr. Teddy looks smashing sitting next to the tree in a pink ribbon tie.

bear with pink tie

Coco the cat is no fool – she knows the best place to curl up for a nap is next to Mr. Teddy on top of our cozy lambs wool pillow cover.

coco with mr teddy cg


To top off the tree, we attached glittery ball swags with floral wire and it was done!

colorful tree topper

colorful christmas tree sleigh and gingerbread

We love that this colorful tree is the first view when you come down the stairs each day.

staircase view

Thanks so much Michaels for including our family in the Dream Tree Challenge!

colorful candy theme christmas tree

Details on how to make a scalloped felt tree skirt coming next… tree and ornaments for this display courtesy of Michaels Stores.

Wanna see all the Dream Trees?  Check them out on this Facebook Page and on Pinterest too!




  1. We don’t do a tree, but my girls have picked out very similar ornaments (I love how bright they are!) to hang in their bedroom window. After they clean their room.

  2. You’ve probably heard it nine hundred times already but your RSS feed is definitely on the fritz! It worked for a minute there but not now.

  3. I kept staring at the tree skirt the whole time! So glad we’ll be getting more details on that. I have been hunting for a new skirt but nothing is to my liking. Maybe making one is the answer!

  4. I love it! Your tree is so colourful and fun – who says Christmas has to be red & green & gold? :-) Great decorations too. I’m sure your kids had a blast making their gingerbread houses :-)

  5. Love,love looooove it! Kate, you always knock it out of the park! I’m doing a pink, red and apple green theme in my family room and was planning on making a tree skirt… I love the graphic element to yours! Can’t wait to see how you put it together!

  6. How fun! That tree brought a smile to my face! It’s so bright, happy and whimsical. Coco has the right idea! Love that glittery tie on the teddy bear. Beautiful photos Kate.

  7. Your munchkins did a great job of picking “stuff” out. Love the tree and the colors rock. The skirt is adorable.

  8. It’s beautiful! The new, glitzy stuff in a limited color range is gorgeous, and I like the way you’ve added the nostalgic things as well. — the crab and snowman and lion. Mr. Teddy Bear looks so smart with his tie on that it’s no wonder Coco snuggles up. Looking forward to the skirt tute.

  9. Gorgeous! As much as I love neutral Christmas decorations, there is something to be said for bright, happy colors at Christmas time too! I’m sure your kids adore it. ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  10. Kate, it’s beautiful! I know you and the kids had so much fun with that one, it turned out great. I can’t wait to drag my Christmas bins out too. I have a multi-colored tree as well. they are so fun!! See you soon!

  11. Your tree is beautiful from the colored balls to the candy canes.
    The gingerbread houses are a great touch.
    I especially like the teddy bear with the kitten , so cute
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Kate, this tree is MAGICAL. I’m sure your kids are thrilled with how fun it is, too, which is so great for them! LOVE IT! And your photographs always amaze me. I’m going to learn (ha ha) one of these days.

  13. Melissa. I went to pinterest to look at all the other trees, and I must say, yours is the BEST ONE by far! I love all the bright colors that you used and the candy theme. ADORABLE! I have a small 3 foot white tree that Im going to decorate in your color scheme for my little 2 yr. old grand daughter. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. OH Kate – WHAT FUN!! I bought a few turquoise ornaments last year on the 26th trying to inspire me for something similar. You have done it.

    P.S. Were your ears burning last week as Layla and I whispered sweet words about you? :) Yep, all the way from Peru.

  15. What fun Kate..Every child should have a Christmas tree..It is a magical time for them and decorating a tree is a wonderful memory for the rest of their lives..I always made sure my son had his own little tree in his room as well as our large tree..It makes kids feel very special as they are..I see Coco has grown into a pretty little lady..There is nothing more relaxing than watching a kitty sleep..Have a fun Thanksgiving Kate & Family!!

  16. Tree is amazing! Curious though if you went in with a budget, and if so what it was.
    If those 6 mini ornaments were 3.99, your total Michaels bill must have been in the hundreds?
    Or were you able to find some great deals? Would love to set up a tree like this, but not sure of cost.

    • Hi Bethany, I spent about $75 on ornaments and garland with the gift card… they were all on sale at the time which is typical of Michaels plus they have great coupons too. :)

  17. Wow! That’s totally do-able! You can make a tree look like that for $75! I’m totally inspired! :) Thanks!

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