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By Kate Riley September 9, 2012

September is my most favorite month, it always brings the best weather and two special dates too.  I celebrate both my anniversary and my birthday this month and I’m soaking up every lovely moment as the sun gets softer and the autumn breezes usher in the beautiful fall season.  Can you feel it in the air?

For your Sunday reading, there are a few new articles over at my Better Homes & Gardens blog, just click the buttons below to get caught up!

decorating with a brown sofa

choosing kitchen cabinet hardware

versatile ikea pieces

decorate with fall leaves

Also, a reminder that the four Fall Link parties start Tuesday, September 18th and run through September 27th, we hope you’ll join us by getting creative and sharing your autumn projects! 

2012 fall link parties


Today, we’re finishing up the bathroom remodel over at the Alma Project house, hope to have pics to share tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. glad to see a post on decorating with a brown couch! I’ve been going back and forth on how to update my family room (and we have brown leather couches). so timely. can’t wait to go read it!

  2. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I too have my anniversary and my bday this month, not to mention 3 other family bdays this month. September is a little crazy, but fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Kate, I hope you enjoy your day. Can I feel it in air??? Um, yeah. I woke up this morning and the temperature in the house was 59 degrees – YIKES !!

  4. Hi Kate

    Happy Anniversary and Birthday! I loved reading your “Decorating with a brown sofa” post. On my blog, I’m currently doing a Friday series called Designing with Fall Colors and brown was my color of choice last Friday. I’m looking forward to participating in the Fall Link parties.

    Have a nice day,

  5. Kate,

    Is there any way to get the source on one of the photos that you feature in your
    “Decorating with a Brown Sofa” article? Specifically, the sixth photo down? Sure wish it felt like fall here in San Diego…unfortunately, it is pretty darn warm! Thanks so much…

  6. What about the hall bath remodel you were doing? Last I remember you had added feet to the vanity cabinet and were selecting tile for the wall. Just searched to see if I missed the post about how that turned out, but doesn’t look like there was one – how did it turn out?

    • Hi Em, we’ve put it on hold while I’m working on some other spaces for our Alma House, so we’re living without that bathroom, but it’s on my list! The big holdup is new countertops, I’d love marble but it’s pricey and I’m on the hunt for a good solid surface solution.

  7. I absolutely love that article “Versatile Pieces For The Home” and how you’ve placed that nice white unit off the wall, so u can see through it. Amazing visual!

  8. Fall is my favorite time of year! And like you, I also have my birthday and anniversary this month. So September is quadruply awesome! Happy September! :)

  9. Hi Kate, thanks for getting back to me. We are about to do a kitchen remodel and I really want to open up the wall that divides the kitchen from our family room. This room is an inspiration to me because it is exactly what I envision for my space… I love the way the rooms transition and have the open concept look but it still feels like two rooms! Just wondering if their might be more pictures from those two spaces out there because I’m having a tough time convincing my family that taking the wall down will work.

  10. Hi Kate, Love your blog and have been following you for a couple years now. I was interested in your BHG article on Decorating with a Brown Sofa but for some reason, none of the photos were available. All the was there was a square with the Internet broken graphic icon. Can you tell me where I could view the photos? In particular, the ones under the Cool It heading. Thanks.

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