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By Kate Riley May 9, 2013

Matt asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day and I told him “something I can only give myself” and he said “what’s that?” and I replied, “time off!” So I’m checking out early this week, taking today and tomorrow for a little extra rest and relaxation! Oh, and a nice brunch in Sonoma on Sunday was my second request at one of my favorite restaurants (read about the perfect day trip to Sonoma here).

pink roses in bloom


Meanwhile here are my latest articles over at BH&G.

how to modernize your dining room

family organization ideas

accessorizing built ins

decorating with animal print


Wishing all of you moms a very

Happy Mother’s Day !


*top image from a recent botanical garden tour, will share pics soon




  1. I like that idea. And, I think I’ve just officially decided to quit working on this Saturday’s post :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you. Enjoy your well deserved time off.

  3. Sonoma is my favorite place in the world – and I live in Indiana! When we visit I head to Basque every morning for coffe and a pastry. And Girl and the Fig is an all-time favorite restaurant. Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

  4. Good for you for taking some time for yourself and getting to relax and rest!! Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!!


  5. All work and no play make Kate a dull girl . . . Enjoy your well-deserved rest and relaxation.

  6. A friend and I got some time off yesterday as part of our Mother’s Day Weekend. We headed to Disneyland for the evening, kidless. So much fun! 30 min lines seem like nothing. We made a point to eat our way through each queue so we bought a munchie before each ride, including a glass of wine on one of them. Something we can never do with the toddlers. Yummy food and no Fantasyland rides were such a perfect combo. :)

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Hope you had some great “off time” on your day. I know you are one hard-working momma. I got a paper locket that seals with velcro made by my kindergartener, very sweet (and stylish and cool). This year I decided to write my kids a letter on Mother’s Day. Sitting down and thinking about what I specifically love about each kid made my whole week better.

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