1. Congratulation!! That is quite an honor but your blog is so beautiful and informative that I am simply not that Surprised! :D Heading over to check out thier write up on you and congrats again…that’s terrific!!! Have a great day…or should I say have an even GREATER day!!! HugsXO

  2. Congratulations, Kate! You are MY favorite blogger so I’m not surprised at all! She did a beautiful write up on you! So well deserved! Congrats again! XO ~ Virginia @ LiveLoveDIY

  3. Congrats..what a honor! I found your blog about 2 months ago and love it. I am a newbie at DIY and slowly starting to do some easy projects. Love all your tutorials and inspiration and easy layout of your blog. Thank you!

  4. Had to grin at the ‘infamous’ reference in Kayla’s article. You are the BADDEST blogger and I love everything you do! Also love your living room carpet…where did you find it? Please?

  5. Yay! Censtational Girl :-) I am so excited about your continued success. You truly are an talented inspiration to us all! Hey – they featured “our” chair! I feel like a winner to call you my friend.

  6. So exciting! You are the best design blogger out there! I absolutely love your sense of style!

  7. Wonderful news! Your blog was my introduction to the world of blogs. I admired yours from the sidelines quietly for a good year before swallowing hard and diving in myself. I know you’ve been a major inspiration and resource for so many, including me.

    Congratulations and enjoy your well-deserved honor! Heading over there now to check it out.

  8. Congratulations, Kate! You deserve all the accolades you receive! Keep inspiring! :-)

  9. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! So well deserved ~ I adore your blog and all the inspirations it delivers!

  10. Congratulations Kate. Very well deserved! I’ve been following your blogs for over a year now. You are so talented and creative! Thank you for being an inspiration to us!


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