7 Essential Pieces

By Kate Riley June 6, 2012

The other day I sat down to read a book I’ve been wanting to read for a few weeks. The mother and daughter design team of Suzanne and Lauren McGrath have answered one of the most important design questions we all ask about making the right furniture purchases for our home – what are the choices you can make that will last a lifetime?

In their informative book Good Bones, Great Pieces: Seven Essential Pieces That Will Last a Lifetime, they explain in great detail why their seven choices are so versatile and timeless they actually will last for decades and through several phases of life, even if you give them a few makeovers over the years!

good bones great pieces book review

I’ve been reading the blog Good Bones, Great Pieces for a year now, and I’m always impressed with this dynamic duo.  Suzanne and Lauren are constantly on the go, hunting down incredible finds at flea markets and antique fairs and featuring the best trends in design.  Their spaces keep popping up in all the shelter magazines too, and rightfully so, these two have fabulous taste!

dynamic duo mom and daughter


As I was reading this book I had to smile, I felt so validated when I realized those same seven timeless and versatile pieces are actually present in my house, some from retail, others from second hand sources.  So what is the McGrath philosophy when it comes to choosing furniture?  It’s not about chasing trends but instead committing to certain pieces that have the ability to live in different spaces as you move through life.  And for someone like me (and you too?) who shops my house, constantly moving things around, having those pieces makes that “redecorating on a whim” possible. 

What are the 7 essential pieces?  Ha!  I won’t give them away, but I completely agree with their choices!  The book is written for all stages of life, from your first apartment to your dream home, whether it’s filled with family or just you and your spouse or simply just you!

Here’s what you’ll find inside, 190+ pages of…

stylish interiors

The book is filled with Suzanne and Lauren’s helpful glossaries and resources for finding those seven great pieces.  They also share seasoned design tips and advice for those wrestling with decorating decisions in the home.

design advice

You can buy Good Bones, Great Pieces: Seven Essential Pieces that Will Carry You Through a Lifetime on Amazon, or find it at your local bookstore.  I also have one copy of this lovely book to giveaway, simply answer this question in a comment on this post to be eligible.

1) What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home and why?

Leave a comment before Friday June 8th at midnight, US and Canada only.  One winner chosen at random.  Thank you Lauren and Suzanne for writing such a helpful book and sending a copy my way.  It’s a most welcome addition to my library!


Giveaway closed, Winner: #165 Linda Southworth





  1. It looks like a fabulous book. I’ll have to look for it at the bookstore.

  2. Looks like a good read! I really like our nightstands – I got them from the Restore but still need to refinish them.

  3. My favorite piece is a $60 craigslist hutch that I had painted cream and distressed. looks like a great book!

  4. My FAVORITE piece is an antique dresser that was a Craigslist freebee. It had fabulous bones, then I refinished it in walnut.

    It’s an unusual size — maybe 2 feet wide and standard depth, so I have used it as a dresser in the bedroom and a console table in the living room. LOVE IT and it was totally FAH-REE!!

  5. My favorite piece in the whole house, would have to be our sectional in the family room. I spend most of the time on that, in fact, I think I see my imprints :(

  6. This book looks amazing! My favorite piece is my new king headboard I got for my bed…love it!

  7. Great giveaway! My favorite piece of furniture is my midcentury modern bookcase. I got it for a steal at an estate sale and I can have fun with all the different compartments.

  8. Ooooo…. now I have to read the book and find out the seven pieces! My favorite thing is my grandmother’s china cabinet. It’s not super high quality, but it’s got a style I like, cool door insets and I remember her painting it every other year when i was younger. She LOVED restyling her house! I removed the paint a few years ago (and most of my skin. with zip strip) and cracked up over some of the colors. Pepto pink! 60’s turquoise! Fake wood grain! She would have loved Annie Sloan. Once I got all the paint off I liked the patina and ended up just coating with some leftover waterlox. Right now it houses my magazine library in my home office, but it’s served as a dresser, armoire, kitchen storage and even got drug out into the yard to hold all the glassware when I got married a few years ago.

  9. Our favourite piece in our home is a reclaimed wood coffee table that we bought at a local antique market. We hope to give it a nice long life!

  10. My favorite is an antique wooden carpenter’s chest that we put on casters. It has been all over the house; end of the bed, end table, and is now currently serving as our coffee table (filled with board games)!

  11. I have a lot of furniture that my grandfather made and it’s all expertly crafted, but my favourite are a pair of wingback chairs and an ottoman that he made but that belonged to my other grandparents. Now I have something from both sides of the family.

  12. I need this book! My favorite piece of furniture is a simple drop front secretary my dad made for me. It will never get a makeover!

  13. In my current house I do not have a piece that stands out to me. If I had to choose something it would be my king sized bed. I love it even though the frame hasn’t been built yet(Farmhouse Bed by Ana White). I just love a well dressed bed. It spells accomplishment besides well cleaned floors. I love how a well made bed, with all the trimmings, can give a room life. I love my bed because all six of us, myself, my hubs, my two sons and two daughters(all 6 and under) can fit in this bed. It’s amazing to have such a safe place for them and closeness as a family.

  14. My favorite piece is the bed that my husband and I bought for our 6th anniversary. We had been looking for bedroom furniture for a few years and couldn’t seem to find something that we both liked well enough to spend the money. The funny thing is that after we bought it, I found a picture of our bed in my “things I like” notebook that I had compiled 6 years earlier. Should have looked there first!

  15. I love our Hollywood Regency nightstands. They had that yellowish-speckled finish and I silver-leafed them and painted the tops black based on some Horchow inspiration. I love them how they turned out.

  16. I love our dining room table. It was a discontinued model from world market and I am so glad I found it!

  17. My bookcase is slowly filling up with home design books, especially those that are reviewed its always good to hear someones opinion about what they really thought of it. Thanks :)

  18. My current favorite piece of furniture is my new desk I recently purchased from the flea market. It use to be a dresser of some sort and was refashioned into a desk. It matched beautifully with my antique rolling office chair. It is in my new office and I just love how it looks. It is amazing that one piece can change a whole room.

  19. Sadly, I don’t have any favorite pieces of furniture! I really need to find some great pieces.

  20. Our entryway dresser is just fabulous, it’s oil based white and shiny and looks way more expensive than it is!

  21. I splurged on a super comfy upholstered rocker when my older son was born. I’m so glad I did, as I spent a lot of time in that chair, and it can be recovered once we outgrow the little babies stage and be comfy cozy somewhere else.

  22. My favorite is actually a vintage sideboard I found on the curb!
    Love those two ladies and would love to read this book.

  23. I really like the console I have in my front hallway. It is long enough to hold plants, boxes, tray of green glass pears and a green bowl. I like to change these pieces around especially to celebrate holiday times. This piece is the first piece of furniture that guests see and get a glimpse of the rest of the house.

  24. I really like my sons dresser. It’s real wood that we picked out as a piece that can grow with him ( he’s only 13 months now).

  25. I own a massive 20 drawer printers cabinet. It’s from early 1900s and was pretty beat up. Since there is no way and hell I would ever part with it I stripped it, restainned a bit darker and then gave it 3 coats of shellac. It’s freaking amazing!

  26. My favorite piece of furniture is probably an antique poplar pie safe that once belonged to my grandparents. I also have an antique church pew that came from my childhood church and is at least 125 years old, very unique. And lots of other fabulous antiques from my grandparents, some of which belonged to their grandparents, and some of which were built by my ancestors!

  27. My antique Morris chairs and the matching child’s chair. they came from Osbourne House when it was converted to house British Hovercraft back in the day. I still marvel that at such a young age my taste rocked has remained pretty constant. I try not to worry if it’s fashionable or not today; I consider them a classic. At the other end of the spectrum, I also love my egg chair, the original uphostery, not so much.

  28. I bought an amazing armchair for ten dollars (!) from my local thrift store, it has great yellow fabric, simple legs, and is all around incredible. I still can’t believe the deal I got, and even now I think that I will find something wriong, but it has been the best furniture purchase by far, and has made every room I have put it in look fabulous. I realize I am gushing about a chair, but that is how much I love it!

  29. My favorite piece of furniture is a wing-back chair that my husband bought at an auction (for $3) right before we were married 38 years ago. It has been recovered going on four times, but is still comfortable and timeless.

  30. My favorite piece of furniture is the headboard and footboard that I painted (reclaimed from a neighbor). Would love to win the book.

  31. Favourite piece right now is probably our bed. Frame is higher than normal and I love how you have to almost climb into it.

  32. This book sounds fabulous!

    My favourite piece of furniture in my very-new, first-ever home is an old coffee table from my (late) grandmother. I painted it white as one of my first DIY/makeover projects, and the dainty legs with the colour give me a thrill every time I walk past it!

    BTW, thanks for all of the fab advice Kate!

  33. My favorite is our big, slouchy, navy blue couch. I didn’t want it when we bought it, and we even tried to replace it with something a little more chic…but we keep coming back to ol’ blue.

  34. This is crazy – I literally went to the bookstore before dinner tonight to buy that book and they didn’t have it. :( I actually sat down at the computer to order it and decided to check a few blogs first – this is fate, no? Ha! My favorite piece of furniture is an antique bow front dresser we inherited from my hubs grandmother. It was part of her bedroom set and when I pulled out the drawers to clean them I found a few of her handkerchiefs in the back. We used it as a changing table, a dresser, and now it lives in our family room as a console table. Anyhow- I would LOVE to have this book!

  35. My favorite versatile piece is an iron bed. It has survived 3 homes and has gone from my bedroom to my guestroom to my daughter’s room.

  36. The coffee table my husband built. Its perfect for our family room and I love that my husband worked so hard on it.

  37. My favorite piece of furniture would have to be the lingerie chest my mom passed down to me. It’s solid wood, has already been restained a number of times, and has found itself in many different functionalities within my home. Currently its working as a night stand in our master.

  38. My favorite piece is the antique desk my parents gave us as a wedding gift. It doubles as my nightstand right now.

  39. My favorite piece is a hutch my father built for my grandmother. I inherited it when my grandmother passed away 6 years ago. When I look at it I think of both of them… and my mother, who helped me refinish it to suit my tastes.

  40. My favorite piece of furniture is the bed. Because it’s super comfy and everything else in our house is a placeholder, haha

  41. This book looks fabulous! For so many reasons, I’d have to say my favorite piece of furniture is my comfy cozy upholstered bed.

  42. Either my piano, or a little black hutch that I bought the summer I was getting married. I’ve sold every other piece of furniture I’ve had, (because of a move usually), so I do love this little black piece that has stayed with me.
    @ Creatively Living

  43. This sounds like the perfect book. About to move into my own apartment with my boyfriend so I am looking into gathering pieces that can live with us forever.

    My favorite piece of furniture in my house is a vintage dresser that I got for $25 that I am currently refinishing.

  44. My favorite piece of furniture is my drum table. It came from my great grandmother and I have fond memories of it being in her living room with a framed photo of my dad as a young boy on a pony displayed on it. Aside from the memories, it has beautifully carved legs & an inlaid mahogany top with drawers, so it definitely is a statement piece. I love the idea of this book, thanks so much for the chance to win!

  45. I need this book because the thought did occur to me to make pillows with my left over curtain fabric. I need help! I so far don’t like anything in my house. Just finished years of schooling and now have a house with a bunch of cheap, used, hand me down furniture and I can’t wait to replace each piece with something I love!

  46. I would LOVE to read this book. We recently built a new home and are still trying to furnish it. Right now my favorite piece in my home is a custom chair that I had made for my family room. It is big and comfy and it is the best reading chair. I can sprawl out on it with a good novel, or I can cuddle up with my kids and read about Lego pirates and strawberry shortcake.

  47. This looks like an awesome book. My favorite piece of furniture is a buffet table I found at an antique store. It had ugly red-ish brown paint on it. I stripped the paint which revealed beautiful wood (not sure what kind though). I put a natural stain on it. Now it sits in my dining room. Sure wish I knew the history of the piece.

  48. My favorite piece is a grey Ethan Allan sofa. I’ve had it for 9 years and it still looks great and is super comfy. It was not cheap, but lasting this long and looking this good has certainly made up for the cost.

  49. my favorite piece of furniture in my house is the Channel back chair that was my grandma’s, that my Aunt didn’t want any more. I wanted to keep it in the family since my mom has the other matching chair. And hopefully I’ll get hers someday too!!

  50. An old trunk that belonged to my husbands grandmother. It is in desperate need of a makeover, but a great trunk nonetheless. And I really need this book as we are moving next week and will be adding onto our furniture collection!

  51. Our bed! My husband and I decided to purchase an Amish-made bedroom set and we love it! I love our bed because it is beautiful yet so comfortable (or maybe I just love sinking into it after a long day with my little ones!).

  52. I love the farmhouse bed my husband and I built together. We used the pattern from another favorite blog. Thanks for offering me the chance to win this beautiful book.

  53. An oversized red leather chair that was gifted to us. It is the best place to curl up with a book (perhaps even Good Bones, Great Pieces…) and a cup of coffee.

  54. My Kitchen Bar Cabinet! I actually just purchased it today, so your post is timely! I have never been so excited about a piece of furniture, EVER! We live in a 1950’s home that is in need of some TLC, but we are not ready to dig in just quite yet. The reason why I love this piece SO much is because it is what I’ve been wishing for forever, and even though it is new, it has attributes that actually go well with my old kitchen. The real butcher block counter matches my fake butcher block kitchen counter tops and the rich redwood stain on the rest of it goes well with my deep red painted kitchen cabinets. It has a place for seating on one side (which is good, because our hand me down dining set got sent to the garage today) and on the other there are many different sized drawers, shelves and a removable wine rack. It fits in wonderfully at the moment, but it will look even better after we remodel, can go with us to our next destination and is versatile enough to go anywhere in the house we see fit. The best part about this piece is that it is a Broyhill and I snatched it up (with the tags still on) at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for 25% of the normal retail cost. It normally sold for $1400, and I got it for $375. I think I’ll be on cloud 9 for the next 5 years!


  55. Hmm it would be our bed,or the Pb inspired round table my husband built .

  56. My favorite is my sewing table. It was a vanity but I painted it and I love it for my sewing table!

  57. My piano. :) It’s over 100 years old! My grandmother purchased it, and I inherited it from my mother. It’s beautiful, sentimental, and in our home very functional.

  58. Our bed. It’s my best friend when I need comfort and it’s the gathering place for cuddle time with my growing boys before bedtime. After a long day, it’s a welcoming place where we all relax and enjoy each others company. My happy place!

  59. Our piano is my favorite piece of furniture in our home. It originally belonged to my great grandparents and then my mom. My mom gifted it to my family three years ago and it holds many special memories.

  60. This looks like a really good book. My favorite piece is the big brass bed I got from my mother.

  61. I love their blog, too! Can’t wait to check out their book!

    My favorite piece of furniture is my son’s mid-century walnut bookcase headboard. A fabulous craigslist steal!

  62. My favorite piece of furniture: A beautiful wood cabinet that we finally bought that serves as a media center under our hung flat-screen TV. It’s versatile with its shelves and drawers, so if we ever decide to do something different with the TV, it could be a buffet in the kitchen or large sideboard in the dining room.

  63. My bed is amazing! My husband and I both fell in love with it when we were shopping for our new house. We don’t often like the same things furniture wise. He’s “Bonanza” and I’m not!

  64. … a settee with a button tufted back that my mom bought from an estate sale in the 60’s…. it is due for new fabric and refinish the wood… if I can ever decide what I want to do it in…

    then there are my Tropical ( Danny Ho Fog) rattan club chairs from 1978…they were origianlly designed for a hotel on Waikiki Beach.

  65. I bought an expensive slipcover couch that worked well for me in the showroom, but doesn’t really work for me at home because I have short legs and buying a sofa is a major pain! So I bought a chair off the showroom floor, in the same line, not slipcovered, in a print that doesn’t really match in my home. BUT IT FITS ME! And I exclusively sit in this chair! I could really use a copy of Good Bones, Great Pieces: Seven Essential Pieces That Will Last a Lifetime

  66. my dining room table is the only piece of furniture I can see us keeping when we decide to move out of an apartment into a house

  67. We have a large round ottoman that sits between two love seats (at the moment) in front of the fireplace. They get moved seasonally, but we use it as a footstool, table, do puzzles, etc. It really brings the family together.

  68. Couch slash lounge area, in a custom gray fabric. Not only it’s my first piece of adult (read: not from ikea) furniture, it’s also where I nap with my dog or do side by side web surfing with my bf. :)

  69. Favorite pieces are two rectangular coffee tables that have a shelf. Put together they make a square and great storage space. I can place 3 baskets to hold our son’s toys, puzzle boxes, a serving tray, and more. The surface is large enough to place appetizers and drinks. I love the fact that we can hide our clutter in baskets.

  70. My favorite piece of furniture in my home is an antique sofa table I found at a thrift store for $15. She’s banged up in some spots, but still pretty and by far my most versatile piece. We’ve had her in three of our homes now, first serving as a bar/buffet table, second as an actual sofa table (shocking I know), and now she is currently an entry way table. Definitely worth the small investment!

  71. My favorite piece of furniture is our solid wood dining table. It was a splurge at almost $2000 but it is worth it. This is a piece if furniture that I will have for the rest of my life and a hand me down that kids will want.

  72. I have a coffee table that is wood, slate, some really heafty twisted iron and large turned wooden legs. It is pretty rugged but I like it. The colors are warm and the piece is sturdy.

  73. My Desk- As a med student, I spend a lot of time there! It’s a huge 72×48 L that I’m in the process of refinishing.

  74. My leather sofa because it has survived three boys and still looks good and very confy.

  75. Boy do I need this book. I dont totally love any of my furniture. Except maybe the kitchen table it’s a basic table from World Market but it is highly functional and looks modern and rustic totally my style.

  76. my leather sofa because it has survived my three boys and still looks great

  77. A large, vintage server is my favorite piece of furniture. We have used it as a server in the dining room, a dresser in the bedroom, and it’s currently being used as an entertainment center in the living room.

  78. My favorite is tied between my teal 1966 $10 garage sale couch and my 1970s chair that I recovered myself. Hmm…. probably the couch.

  79. My glory box (hope chest). My grandfather was a carpenter and we shared the same birthday. He made it for my grandmother when they became betrothed. It is beautiful, made from Kauri (native to New Zealand where I am) but more than that it is a piece of our family. Made with love, protected with love and greatly treasured.

  80. Thanks for the opportunity. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique wire vegetable bin from a defunct small grocery store in Muleshoe, (Jenny Slipper) Texas. It’s shaped like an obelisk with feet and made from wire. I bought it in my Grandma’s hometown on the High Plains of New Mexico when I was visiting. We always drove through Muleshoe on the way to her house – so as well as being a cool piece it has a sentimental value.

  81. An antique trunk that I grew up with in my parent’s house. When I bought my first home, they gave it to me as a housewarming gift.

  82. Oh thIs is so exciting I want to scream! My favorite peice of furniture is a velvet chesterfield sofa that I just got couple months ago. I’ve been married for almost nine years and this is the first fashionable couch my hubby got me. It was an awesome surprise. Over the past years it’s been an interesting hodgepodge of a collection but now I got me a real proper comfy sofa! Yay! I hope I win this book!!

  83. I love the extendible coffee table that was my grandparents. It’s dark wood and sits low to the ground so my husband hates it but it’s so timeless and I get so many compliments on it that I love it!

  84. Our dining room table and its benches. It’s old, it’s rustic and fits 14 people for when family gets together..We just love it!

  85. My favorite piece of furniture is the china cabinet I inherited from my grandmother, whom I was named after and we shared the same birthday. I love that it sat in my mom’s house when she was growing up and it resides in my house now that I’m all grown up!

  86. I pezzi da cui non mi separerei mai sono un lampadario liberty simile a questo:


    e una credenza del 1900 in legno di ciliegio con i vetri piombati.

    Sono eredità dei miei nonni. Per la credenza mio nonno partì dall’abbattimento delle piante di ciliegio, fece la stagionatura e diede al mobiliere il legname per fare la credenza; come potrei disfarmi di questo pezzo della storia della mia famiglia?

  87. My favorite piece is my sofa because it has a delicious chaise attached where I plan on spending all my time laying on.

  88. The first piece that my husband and I spent real money one 26 years ago—-a farmhouse kitchen table. I’m only slightly sad that my daughter will be taking it to her first grownup home!

  89. I have an old sideboard that was handed down through the family. It was in my dining room for years. I was shopping for a piece for the foyer for over a year when it finally hit me. Try the sideboard there. It is perfect and looks great in its new location!

  90. I love my round teak table from Bali with the carved pedestal base. It’s the one piece that I hope to pass to the next generation.

  91. My favorite piece of furniture would have to be a small table my husband pulled out of a dumpster for me. It’s an old piece made of solid wood and the detailing/carving is incredible. It started as a night stand and currently holds our TV. I can’t believe someone was just going to throw it away!

  92. My favorite piece of furniture is a Mission style antique buffet that my Great Aunt Selma gave me. It’s strong and beautiful, just like she was, and I love seeing a daily reminder of her in my home.

  93. I have a brown leather ottoman I adore. It travels from spot to spot in
    my home because I just can’t decide. It really works well in several rooms.

  94. I have an antique fully hardwood coffee table. It is walnut-stained and has dove-tailed drawers. I got it off CL for $175. That was spendy for me at the time but I found something similar on the ‘net for 800 bucks!

  95. My favorite piece is a small four drawer table/stand. My mom picked it up at a yard sale years ago for me to paint and paint I did! It’s been three different colors so far, and is now the perfect hues of Mystical Shade and Mid Day Mocha to fit in my living room. The very coolest thing about it is that when you pull out the top three drawers, there are game boards painted on the insides of the drawers (a checkerboard, Chinese checker board, and backgammon). The last drawer is to hold all the pieces. I love this piece so much, it’s such a unique little guy.

  96. I know this may sound unconventional but I am going to say our pool table.
    It is beautiful plus I get to watch my husband teach our 8 year old daughter how to play.
    Beautiful time together.

  97. An inlaid mahogany quadra-fold screen my grandmother brought over from Hong Kong in the 1930s. It has beautiful floral images representing the four seasons, and it reminds me of her.

  98. My favorite piece is my leather couch with brass tacks. It’s a classic. Sit on it every day. Use it for naps. Stack books on it that I’m reading. Eat on it. It envelops me. I even love cleaning and conditioning it.

  99. My antique trunk. It gives my living room a bit of an earthy and chic feel :)

  100. My favorite piece is my gorgeous dresser-turned-entertainment center in my living room. It’s amazing and I love that it hides all of my ugly television components so nicely!

  101. My couch is my favorite piece of furniture. I had to live with my husbands grandparents hand me down couches for 11 years and over six months without a couch before I got one I want, and I love it.

  102. My bed is what I love best! Unique and great lines :) Thank you for hosting this great giveaway!!!

  103. My Baker center swan table is my favorite. I’ve had it for years and used it all over the house….in the entry, as a tv console, as a large side table. It’s beautiful and is so versatile. The books sounds like a good one!

  104. My favorite piece of furniture has to be the sofa. I love the option to change things when I want and I have the slipcovers that go with the sofa in different colors. So nice when the season changes to change the slipcover too!

  105. My favorite piece of furniture is my buffet/sideboard table. It’s the one thing I bought for our house that actually spoke to me in the store. 10 years later it still makes me happy every time I look at it b/c I think it has that timeless quality.

  106. An old dresser painted in Annie Sloan’s Paris Gray, with original hardware, of course. This piece is filled with 5 drawer spaces with compartments and 2 cabinets. It’s the perfect storage for my “very important” things such as design and thrift magazines, fabric clippings, sketch pads/colored pencils, measuring tape, tools, and battery cords to fuel Internet browsing for all things Apple! When I’m feeling creative, I head to this piece, pull open a drawer and inspiration comes alive! Since we are building a house, it’s nice to have a beautiful furniture piece in our current living area that is within arms reach (while watching a Sunday marathon of HGTV) to house design trinkets my husband calls clutter! Soon, we will move in to our new home and he will see that the gobs of furniture and decor I’ve collected and painted (currently crowding our apartment) will be exquisite and well planned for our home, in my opinion at least :). All design elements including wall color and fixtures stemmed from painting this thrifty dresser turned fab storage with Annie Sloan chalk paint, discovered on the Centsational Girl blog!

  107. I have so much hand-me-down furniture I’m ho-hum about that, sadly this is a pretty tough and eye-opening question. I don’t actually love most of my furniture. I think I have to go with the thrift store bureau I bought for my daughter’s nursery. It was the first room I thought out completely from start to finish, style-wise, and the shape and style of the bureau fit in perfect. I also put some elbow grease, paint and hard work into it, which I’m sure increases my connection to it.

  108. My favorite piece of furniture is a buffet I bought on craigslist for $75 and then painted a deep teal color with the tips on this website. Thank you, Centsational Girl!

  109. My favorite piece is a buffet I recently found in an antique store. My mother had one exactly like it when I was growing up. Unfortunately, she did not keep it when she moved to a smaller home years ago. This one reminds me so much of my childhood and all of the happy memories of dinners and holidays spent around that piece of furniture. Although this one is not the original it still brings back a cherished time in my life.

  110. My favorite piece is a BAR CART. It is so versitle. A casual or elegant little “taveling” bar. A buffet cart for brunch or lunch gatherings. Roll out the Tea Parties and Dessert Soirees. And I have used it just as a design statement with a flower arrangement and little porcelain figurines OR a “bookshelf library”. That is to say a cute area for a few books and a small flower vase! Can’t live without it! A must in every apartment or home and I see so many fantastic examples available these days!!!
    Timeless for sure.

  111. My favorite piece of furniture right now is my sofa. It took me months and months (seriously) to find something that hit all of my requirements and that was in my price range. I’m still so excited to be sitting on it instead of my old cheap sofa!

  112. My favorite piece of furniture is probably my sleigh bed. It’s huge and really commands attention in my bedroom! And all it takes is new linens to completely reinvent it.

  113. A pair of beautifully proportioned chairs that I had covered in toile over twenty years ago that I never tire of. This would be a wonderful book to win — thanks for the chance!

  114. My dining room table. It belong to my great grandparents. I love knowing that my daughter is sharing a part of a long family history when we sit down to dinner every night.

  115. My favorite piece of furniture is the small, old, $15 dresser I bought off Craigslist. With some new paint, wood ornaments, & glass knobs, it has a new look & a new life in my entry way! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  116. Sounds like a great book! My favourite peice of furniture by far is my bookshelf. It’s tall, dark and handsome and not only is it filled with great books but all my treasures sit in front of the books. I swap them around a fair bit for different looks and I love the way it’s functional but also a major feature of the lounge because the book spines are like a kind of art installation.


  117. My skinny hall table. It took forever to find this treasure…due to the snug entryway.

  118. My favorite furniture in my house is a set of dressers that I recently salvaged from the shed at my mother in laws house. Two years ago she offered them to me, but I turned my nose up thinking they were ugly and dated. Now, while trying to decorate our first house on a budget I see the beauty in free, solid wood furniture. I painted them an antique white and distressed them a bit and now I’m in love.

  119. How exciting! My most fav piece is an old sexy secretary desk and chair I found curbside. It is in wonderful shape and has the most gorgeous curvy legs! I love furniture with scrolly designs and flair… I’m thinking of painting it but I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of her!

  120. My favorite piece is my giant four poster bed that conveyed with my house. I feel very “princess and the pea” when I am in it.

  121. It would have to be my dining room table. I bought it at an estate sale, solid wood, round without leaves, but we have it oval, straight legs, beautiful for $400 with 8 chairs. I sold the chairs for $200. The table was a challenge, it smelled like smoke. I got rid of the smell, but then hated the finish. I had it professionally spray painted in a soft white. The table is gorgeous, lights up the room, gets lots of compliments. It has a white matte finish with a lot of protection, so we don’t need to use tablecloth anymore. It’s fun to set the table. So versatile.

  122. My favorite piece is the drop leaf table that was given to me by my mother. It was originally my grandmothers. It now serves as a sofa table with the leaves down. It is just large enough to handle homework and snack time without taking up too much space. If my nieces are here, one side comes up to accommodate art projects. During the holidays, both sides are up and the extra leaves are added to accomodate 8 guests for dinner!

  123. My favorite “piece” is actually a set. The bedroom set we have belonged to my husbands grandparents. It was bought for them as a wedding gift in the 1920’s. I’m grateful to be able to preserve a bit of family history.

  124. I love our bed. It’s big and solid, dark wood and it’s the first thing we purchased as we were planning our wedding and building our first house.

  125. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique dry sink we inherited from my husband’s parents – it is beautifully and naturally aged, and I would LOVE a look like that for much of the furniture in the rest of our house!

  126. I love an old, small buffet that I picked up at an antique/flea market. It was in horrible shape. The seller told me if I didn’t buy it, he was going to paint it with crackle paint and increase the price by $50. I knew if I didn’t take it home, I would regret it. Now, after a complete refinish, it is the star piece in my dining room.

  127. My favorite piece(s) are my cream slipper chairs in my living room, primarily because when I bought them I thought that I would love them forever, they were so beautiful. They have been recovered once in a new modern cream pattern-on-pattern fabric and I love them even more.

  128. My fav piece of furniture would have to be my dinning table. I love entertaining and having everyone sit for hours after a great meal.

  129. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique dresser with mirror which I bought for $40 out of a barn full of furniture many, many years ago. It is in my diningroom and features framed family photos. Timeless!

  130. My favorite piece of furniture in my house, is my gray and white little nightstand. It was my very first furniture painting project. I think it came out pretty!I love it because I Painted it!

  131. My most favorite piece is actually my long entertainment center. I’m fortunate I had room for it in my new home. Very elegant but not overpowering with its horizontal size.

  132. My favorite piece of furniture is my 17th century half canopy french bed. It has hand carved elements and feels so regal. The best part is that there is a little hand carved “Madeline, 1764” underneath the bed. So sweet!

  133. An large antique pine armoire, that comes apart in 9 pieces. (for easier moving?) When I brought it home 25 years ago, my then 8 year old said..”Oooh, that’s pretty, can I have it when you die?”

  134. My coffee table is pretty awesome. It’s big but not too big. Sturdy real wood. Has a lower shelf great for quick clutter clean up when surprise guests stop by. Most of all, it was super cheap because one leg had a scratch.

  135. I would have to say that it’s my solid wood table. It’s round, has beautiful heavy claw legs and it has 2 big leafs that allows for a huge table if I need it. I had to wait and save for a long time before we could afford to buy such an expensive piece but it was worth it. Almost 20 years later it’s still beautiful. I refinished it last year and get lots of compliments on it.

  136. Ooh! It’s a tie between my couch and my bed. I love my couch’s clean lines and the fact that its a gathering place. My bed on the other hand is so cozy and relaxing.

  137. My favorite piece of furniture is my dining room table, which I only purchased about 2 months ago. It’s reclaimed wood in an ash finish, beautiful!

  138. Our master bedroom bed is by far my favorite piece of furniture. We recently bought it from Room & Board, but the cost was justified by knowing that this all solid wood construction bed was going to stay with us for the rest of our lives!

  139. My favorite is a French Louis style chair that was left in an apartment I used to rent when I was younger. It was upholstered in ugly avocado green fabric. I’ve recently refinished the chair and am searching for just the right fabric to make this piece shine!

  140. My favorite piece of furniture is my Antique china cabinet. It is filled with my late Grandmothers antique tea cups that I inherited. I love how the glass doors show off all of the pretty colors and designs of the tea cup collection. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the wonderful times I had with my Grandmother sipping tea and eating cookies.

  141. The new Danish dining table we just purchased for our new house – finally a table that fits our family of six comfortably! Meal times are my favorite time now!


  142. Our Bed. It is the first piece we ever bought together and still great after 18years.

  143. An antique china cabinet. It is so old and beautiful and far from perfect but I still love it!

  144. I’m so lucky to have a round walnut table from my grandparent’s house. It has carved spindles and curved legs with a small shelf near the bottom and at first glance looks very formal. It looked appropriate in the very traditional living room of their ’20s colonial and it looks perfect with a clear glass lamp balancing the modern elements in my home today. I remember sitting on that little shelf when I very young watching my grandfather read his paper. I absolutely treasure it!

  145. My favorite piece of furniture is an old, lacquered-red Asian trunk. It is currently serving as a coffee table in my living room and is so unique. The shiny red paint is chipped and scratched in places showing its age, and there’s gorgeous brass pieces engraved with traditional Asian motifs, like lotus flowers and birds. I LOVE this conversation starter! And the best part – it only cost me $25 at a yard sale. The lady who sold it to me (who appeared to be in her 30’s) said she had bought it at auction when she was 16 years old. So, I am guessing it is at least a vintage piece, if not antique. So TODAY this is my favorite piece of furniture in my house – until the next discovery!

  146. I love the console table in the living room. It fits perfect, and just right for the space. I can also see if elsewhere in the house. That was money well spent!

  147. I love our small kitchen table. It came from my grandmother’s house and I love having a piece of my grandparents with me in my home.

  148. My favorite peice of furniture would probably be my nightstand. And it’s actually the only thing I have bought for our house so far. The rest of our furniture is hand me downs. I’m exciting to conintue looking for new pieces .

  149. My favorite piece of furniture has to be our entertainment center/TV stand. I snagged a vintage buffet from Craigslist that has quatrefoil screens on the front instead of doors. It’s perfect for hiding away electronics and DVDs yet allows them to be accessible by remote. Lovely & functional = my kind of furniture!

  150. The kitchen table- it’s been through 14 years of military moves and we’ve had many memories building relationships around it.

  151. Our bed is my favorite, because my husband made it. :) Looking forward to reading this!

  152. The curio cabinet from my grandmother. It’s understated and timeless, and by far the best quality piece I own … so far.

  153. I love the new England Louis chair I bought. I had been eyeing it for a long time and finally took the plunge. It has a very unique look but is uber-comfortable. I love sitting down and reading a book in it on the weekends.

  154. My favorite piece is an antique buffet that my mother-in-law gave me 20 some years ago.

  155. The kitchen table that I found on kijiji and my boy friend and I painted white!

  156. It is my grandmother’s loveseat which I use to hide under when it thundered outside. It’s a classic piece from the 1940’s and although I prefer contemporary I had it redone so I could display it proudly in my living room.

  157. My round dining table with a leather top – from my brother’s office conference room. It can sit at least 10 people, which is nice when you have 5 kids (:

  158. I would have to say my farmhouse table. I have had it for 23 years, it is getting it’s first makeover soon, i still love it!

  159. My red leather chairs. Buying them was a huge leap for me, but they make me smile every day!

  160. A china cabinet that has been in my family for over 100 years. I love it!! :)

  161. I love my mother’s dining set- table, chairs, sideboard and china cabinet.

  162. My favorite piece is my dining room table – a farmhouse table that we can add breadboard extensions to so that we can seat 12. Or, add my grandmothers Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table too and seat 16! Its so nice to have the whole extended family in the DR together!

  163. I think it is my bed. It is from Lexington (Arnold Palmer Collection) and one of my true good finds from Craigslist so far.

  164. My favorite piece of furniture is my old worn out, over stuffed, corduroy lazyboy I snagged from a friend in college who didn’t want it anymore. It’s a weird shade of blue that doesn’t match anything but is so gigantic and plush that I have fallen asleep on *many* occasions in it…..a little piece of heaven in a chair :) no matter what, hubby can’t make me get rid of that one!

  165. This book looks amazing – and I’m about to move so a little decor help would be awesome!

    My fav piece of furniture is our kitchen table… it’s big and pretty and has lots of good memories!


  166. My favorite piece of furniture is an accent chair in my bedroom. It is a vintage piece I had reupholsteted in a pale turquoise velvet. It’s so comfy to sink into after a long day!

  167. Beauty wise I love my glass door bookcase, use wise I love my son’s Ikea Kura bed with the star canopy

  168. My favorite things in my home are the built-in shelves that my dad helped me build along the window-wall of my bedroom. They are beautiful and fun to style!

  169. Just added their book to my Amazon wish list! It sounds great!
    Incidentally, I don’t have a favorite piece of furniture. We recently settled into our ‘forever home’, and none of our old furniture really fits or is nice enough to want to hold on to. I can’t wait to read tips on picking up the RIGHT kinds of pieces!

  170. My favorite piece is my large kitchen table. This book looks great!

  171. My big upholstered easy chair and ottoman. I can read for hours there.

  172. My absolute favorite piece of furniture is the mahogany Hepplewhite style sideboard that has been passed down through 3 generations in my family. It moved around my mother’s house throughout my childhood and I have memories of my brothers racing matchbox cars around the legs. My mom refinished it when I was in high school and when I moved into my house, the sideboard came with me. It has held everything from the television to Christmas dessert buffets and one drawer houses all our dog’s paraphernalia (leashes, brushes). Whenever something relatively small can’t be located within the house, you can hear me yell, “Look in the sideboard!” My nieces are already arguing over who will get to inherit it from me!

  173. My favorite pice of furniture is a unique square leather chair that previously belonged to my mother. It’s really comfy and could be dressed up or down to suit any room. Best of all, it reminds me of my mother and gives me a gentle hug on days when I’m missing her.

  174. My favorite piece of furniture is my kitchen table. We had it made from a cube of granite to match our counter tops and topped it with a piece of glass. At first, I was a bit hesitant to have a glass top on a kitchen table (my kids are 2 and 4). However, it was the best decision ever! Our table has seen some of the worst our kids can dish out — from finger paints to spills to upset tummies (trying to avoid TMI here) — it’s a real workhorse. Things that could ruin a wood table wipe up with ease. Finally, on the rare occasion that we entertain, it looks unusual and beautiful — with no trace what may have covered it earlier that day.

  175. My favorite piece of furniture is a black leather chair my husband bought when we got married. In all homes we lived this chair stayed always in his office. It is my favorite piece because i seat there with my cup of tea and talk to my husband and he can’t escape as he “listens” while he works. At least he tells me he is listening…:-)

  176. My favorite piece of furniture in my house is the butcher block table we bought for the kitchen. It was the first real piece of furniture we ever purchased, so it will always have a special place in my heart. The table sits right in the middle of the kitchen and has been the perfect place to gather around for cooking and conversation. I oil it weekly and love the lemony smell it fills the house with. Oiling the table is one cleaning ritual I actually look forward to. This table is truly the center of our house. :)

  177. All of my furniture was handed down to me from my aunt when I moved into my first house, and the only new piece I have she bought for me too. My favorite piece of furniture is my chaise lounge. It is my favorite because of its color, it is a great burnt orange color and is lovely in my sunroom. I just love having a piece that I can rest my feet on comfortably.

  178. Choosing a favorite piece of furniture is like “which child do you love most”…nearly all my furnishings have a story that makes for “special”. My favorite “story” is a large, half-round cabinet bought at department store clearance center. I bought it with several glass panes broken, the glass shelves and hardware missing. It was delivered by the in-house furniture repairman (!) and it was perfect! Literally perfect. When questioned on whether a mistake had been made, he answered he wouldn’t let a busted-up piece leave his warehouse for delivery to a customer! I am reminded of his pride & sense of fairness every time I pass the cabinet–which is its real beauty.

  179. My favorite piece of furniture is a settee from the 60s. I have recently bought it and gave it a nice makeover. My family thought I had lost it when I walked in with a brown with gold velvet settee, but I knew I could make her beautiful again!

  180. I wish I could say I have a favorite piece but we are looking to move to a new house and I need some new furniture! I have a dining room table and buffet that belonged to my step father who passed away 20 years ago, this is probably the closest thing to “favorite” that I have that will move with me. Sounds like a great book!

  181. My favorite piece of furniture (okay, two pieces) are my queen ann side chairs that I rescued from a second hand store. They were painted hunter green, and needed a big update with fabric. They are now bright white, with a great royal blue ikat print fabric on the seats. They work perfectly as side chairs in my teeny-tiny living room.

  182. My favorite piece of furniture is an old rectangular dining table, which I am currently using as a crafting/sewing table. It was given to me by my husband’s aunt, who got it from her grandmother. It’s dark stained wood with lots of character and history (read stains and nicks), but it is so versatile. We have used it as a dining room table as well, and I’m thinking of using it as a desk next. I love furniture with a past!

  183. My favorite piece of furniture is the farmhouse dining table. Actually this is the only piece of furniture I truly love. It is made of reclaimed wood and for months my husband was afraid we’d spill wine (I have a love affair with red) and ruin it because it was unfinished. So he made it his project to find the right product to protect it. He purchased several samples of mono coat oil and we spent an afternoon trying different tones under the table until we found the right one. Now it looks gorgeous and I can spill wine in peace!

  184. My favorite piece of furniture is my big, farmhouse kitchen table. It is sturdy and holds up to my 5 kids, so I don’t have to worry about spills, etc and I love that it allows our lage family to sit together at meals

  185. I love my upholstered love seat that was bought for our first home. It has been recovered three times in 30 years. I just can’t imagine ever parting with it. The seat is not too deep, which this 5ft 1in woman appreciates. And it’s just right for me to curl up for a little nap.

  186. I’m in the process of weeding out the lean college years furniture so options are limited! I scored a pier one coffee table on craigslist about 2years ago for $25 and by far, it is in my love it never wanna give it up keep pile. It’s suare shape, rounded/bowed legs and dark cherry finish had me at hello! Who knew a coffee table, of all things, could make my heart go pitter pat?

  187. My favorite piece of furniture is our sectional – it’s our first grown-up couch! I have to keep it covered with blankets to avoid dog/cat hair from our four animals, but everytime I uncover it, it’s like opening a gift for the first time!

  188. My favorite piece of furniture is a solid wood entertainment armoire where the doors slide back into the piece. I got it about 15 years ago when I was a teenager. It was not expensive and is solid wood, not veneered … why can’t you find good reasonably priced furniture that will last?

  189. My favorite piece of furniture in my house is in my living room. A old stock room shelf from a shoe store. It is great on its own but it displays some of my favorite things too! And the 8 feet of height compliments my 14 foot ceilings SO WELL!

  190. My grandparents had a buffet that was passed along to our family – I love walking into whatever room it’s in and seeing it there!

  191. My favorite piece of furniture is an early 1900’s Hoosier Cabinet from my Grandmother’s back porch. It has the tall glass flour container/sifter behind a door on the left side of the top of the cabinet and etched- glass front doors on the right side. Also has the old metal top for rolling out dough and bottom cabinets with pull-out wire shelves. (And we thought pull-out shelves were a new idea!

    It is used to display special, memorable pieces from both sides of our family. I removed 6 layers of paint to reveal the beautiful oak wood and one day – in my dream nest – I will actually have it in my kitchen as a usable piece (just like Granny did).

  192. My favorite piece is a round oak dining table from the 20s. The leaves were lost long ago, but the simple design of the pedestal is elegant and timeless. My mother found it second hand in the 60s, and I insisted on taking it when they “upgraded” in the 80s. NOw my daughter has insisted on taking it when I am ready to let it go. This lovely piece holds generations of conversation.

  193. I also have a buffet that was in the family-my husband’s grandmother had it. They had a fire, and it survived, so it is extra special.

  194. My favorite piece is an upholstered rocker from my husband’s great-grandmother’s house. When we would visit her house, I would rock my babies in that chair and when his great-grandmother passed away three days short of her 100th birthday, I brought it home and had it recovered in a wonderful black/gold spotted chenille fabric. Such a great reminder of our memories visiting in her living room!

  195. My most favorite piece of furniture a campaign style desk I found for $25! I plan on painting it green.

  196. My favorite piece of furniture is my grandparents’ round oak dining table with the huge carved claw feet. I used to use vintage oak chairs, got tired of those and switched to contemporary upholstered parsons chairs with a leafy green upholstery – it looks great either way and will always be a family treasure!

  197. My fave piece is an antique secretary I picked up at a garage sale for a song. Thanks for the giveaway, I saw these ladies in one of my magazines (Country Living I think?) and enjoyed the article, would love to read their book. :)

  198. My black nesting tables that my mother bought us as a wedding gift. They have groves in them so it adds texture to the room, but over the years my kids have abused them so it is time them to be made over….but I still love them nixs all :-)

  199. I met my husband when we both worked in a furniture store…and there was this gorgeous little chair, bedroom sized, that fit us both perfectly. It had rolled arms with georgeous carved wood details and beautiful turned legs. One of the first things we purchased together was this chair and custom chose the finish, the nailhead trim, and the fabric. We hand selected creamy chenille and a deep stain for the wood finishes (which is the perfect combination of us both). It sits in our bedroom currently. I’ve sat many hours with babies in my arms there. (scotch guard has now gotten us through the toddler years.)

  200. A Ikat print 3 way folding screen I purchased at Pier 1 when I had my first apartment and very little money. I loved to browse stores and get ideas. Back then I wasn’t as crafty as I am now but I still had some skills. This beauty was out of my price range for sure at $325 (back in 1994). I went in to a different location one day and there she was again. I went over and saw a clearance tag on her. She was $100 and was missing two screws on the hinges that held her together. Two screws equates to $200 bucks off – Crazy I thought. Bought her up – put the two screws in and voila! It was meant to be! I’ve never regretted the purchase and have proudly displayed her in every apartment and she resides in my “lounge” in our current home. I love it!

  201. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique dresser that I purchased at a garage sale for $5. I refinished it & stained it a deep cherry. It has a rounded front, sits flush on the floor, has a strip of intricate carving just underneath the top that I painted over with black and then wiped off and again with a burnished gold that I also wiped off leaving just a touch of color inside the carving to accent it & vertical fluted molding on molding on the ends. It is very beautiful.

  202. My favorite piece is the large dining table we have. It was a hand me down from my boss. It was my first piece to completely refinish on my own.

  203. I’ve just recently started living on my own again after getting divorced, and since my ex kept most of the furniture we had while married, I don’t really have anything that I LOVE. Most of my furniture is a collection of random pieces family members weren’t using & donated to the cause.

    The one thing I did splurge on for myself is my lovely, incredibly comfortable queen size bed; it’s like sleeping on a cloud! That bed EASILY wins favorite!

  204. My favorite piece of furniture is my side table in my living room. It has a gold metal base with a glass top. It looks so striking next to my white armchair. I was in love when I saw it at World Market and I am still in love with it today.

  205. My favorite piece(s) of furniture are my grandparents two dining chairs that I refinished. They’re from the 40’s or 50’s. They are very simple and sleek but still have a traditional feel. They were originally black laquer with minty lime green vinyl upholstery on the seat and back (funky, right?). I found them in my parents barn (in terrible condition!) and decided to refinish them since they were still sturdy and definitely my style of classic but modern structure. I painted them black and recovered the seat and back with white and black, leaf printed, linen look-a-like, clearance fabric from JoAnn’s. These were the first pieces of furniture I refinished and it was great fun! These chairs are simple but so much fun. They have a lot of meaning to me and bring me great joy. I never knew my grandparents but we have a LOT of their furniture. Their collections are disbursed between all my family members, and my parents have quite a lot of this simple, midcentury furniture. I grew up with it and it was always the one connection I had to my grandparents. Now, I have my own pieces of their furniture that I got to add my own style to. It’s like having a piece of them with me still and reminds me of them every day!!

  206. My favorite piece of furniture in our home is the rustic wooden bench that sat on my grandparents’ back porch for decades! So much love, history & character displayed in one piece!!

  207. My favorite piece of furniture is the table in our entry. It was my great grandparents’ and it is beautiful! I would love to win this book! My mom and I love junking together (as we call it). She turns trash into treasure! I have 4 little boys at home so I’m just happy to find the time to go junking with her!

  208. Twenty-three years ago, my mother-in-law gave me her nine piece dining room suite that she had bought before her marriage from an older couple who were downsizing. I refinished all the pieces and recovered the chairs, and over the years, we have had many, many happy family meals around the table. She passed away last week, so it is all the more special to our family now. When picking photos for her memorial photoshow, it was amazing how many photos were taken of the extended family around that table…wonderful memories!

  209. My favorite piece of furniture is our entertainment center. My husband built it from scratch and it envelopes an entire wall from floor to ceiling. It’s amazing!!!

  210. That book sounds amazing! A must buy if I don’t win a copy for sure. My favourite piece of furniture is a toss up between a huge credenza that I bought on kijiji and made over with many coats of white paint and new hardware, and my faux bamboo end table from Pier 1 that I bought in as-is condition intending to repaint it because it has three spots with no paint on the top. It’s still in as-is condition and it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic at all; it’s just an airy, stylish, versatile piece! Love both these pieces and they are the stars of my home.

  211. My favorite piece of furniture is actually three pieces–three bookcases in my office, which were originally dark wood (2) & painted black (1), but which are now white. I painted them myself, & was so proud of that. And so happy with the transformation, especially with the bright orange that now covers the back of two of them. I just wish I had had your blog to advise me on technique back then! It would have been a lot easier & quicker–& better–but still, I’m really happy with the results.

  212. My favorite piece is a chest that I am using beside my bed. It has a pretty serpentine front and inlaid wood and could be used anywhere. Wish I had a big entry to put it in but I love it beside my bed too.

  213. My favorite piece of furniture in my house is a chair that I bought at an estate sale and just had reupholstered.

  214. My favorite piece of furniture are our wicker chairs that I just repainted to spruce up our front porch. The were handed down to us from my husband’s grandmother.

  215. I love my china hutch passed down from my grandmother. It will always be in style!

  216. The book is already in my Amazon cart. Either way, I will be purchasing it (one if I win, so I can gift it or two because I need it for myself too!!!)

    My favorite piece is… a tie b/w two Antro pieces: I have their Beatrice Chair in a very pretty coral floral and their Amelie sofa in distressed black with linen cushion.

  217. My favorite piece of furniture is a glass breakfront cabinet that I bought from a fellow employee when she decided to move across country. Her loss was my gain. This isn’t something I would have ever been able to buy new, but she gave it to me for a good price because she decided she was moving on with her life, literally and figuratively. I have a polish pottery collection that I used to keep in my cabinets, and now I can display several pieces of it in this breakfront. It makes my heart sing every time I see it.

  218. My favorite piece of furniture is a chair I bought from a garage sale for $2. I refinished it and reupholstered it and it now resides in my bedroom. The design of the wood frame is absolutely beautiful!!!

  219. I think I would have to choose our kitchen island! It’s really nothing special, but we purchased it from an unfinished furniture store during a big sale, then stained and sealed it ourselves. It is perfect for the space.

    What’s sad about that question is that I really had to think hard for an answer! I could probably get rid of every item of furniture in our house, and I wouldn’t be upset about it.

  220. My favorite piece is a little mid century buffet table that used to be a record player table. It is a beautiful teak wood and the lines are just amazing.

  221. My favorite piece or pieces are two bookshelves that a dear friend gave me a few years ago. They are stunning, beautiful carving!

  222. My favorite piece is our coffee table in the family room. It was the very first piece of furniture that I ever bought and it was classically stylish then, and just as beautiful and classic 7 years later. :-)

  223. My favorite piece is a wonderful sofa I purchased from Craigslist. It is from Norwalk and is very comfortable. It is in dire need of a slipcover, and I hope I am brave enough to tackle that this summer!

  224. I love my antique fold down desk/curio that was purchased with money my absolute favorite grandmother left me when she passsed away. Everytime I walk by it I think of gram and smile a little smile.

  225. my fav piece….the hepplewhite mahogany curved front dresser in my bedroom. it is the from the set my mom and dad bought before they married back in the mid 40’s! it is a beautiful piece in almost perfect condition. it makes my heart smile!

  226. This is somewhat difficult to choose! After thinking about it I would have to say my hutch. It is a good solid piece (and huge) of furniture and was actually a craigslist find. I love that I can change out pieces to display and decorate for the holidays. In my opinion it is also a timeless piece that has an incredible amount of storage.

  227. Either my huge sofa or my antique china cabinet. Really hard to choose.

  228. My fav piece of furniture is our piano – does that count? It’s been with us since we moved in and feels like it’s a part of our family.

  229. My favorite piece of furniture is my Ikea sectional. It was inexpensive, yet can be white on Monday, greeen on Tuesday, red on Wednesday, brown on Thursday and floral on Friday. Talk about versatile!

  230. Oh, this is harder than I expected! I think my favorite piece of furniture is an old mahogany dresser with mirror that my husband and I bought together just before we married almost 33 years ago. We found it through an ad in the paper and it was sitting on the bank of a river under a tent when we went to look at it. The owners tried to take it down the hatch of the old tugboat they were living in and it wouldn’t fit. Their loss was our gain. That piece of furniture is currently sitting in our foyer but has served us well in a number of different rooms over the years during our frequent moves with the military. I have three daughters, all in their 20’s, and this would be a very helpful book as they set up their homes. Thanks for hosting this give-away.

  231. It would have to be my Grandmother’s cedar chest. It’s a beautiful piece I’ve had for over 30 years.

  232. I love my dining room table and chairs. We used money from our wedding gifts to purchase it, and I spent over a year scouring the internet and shopping for the perfect set!

  233. My favorite piece is my grandmother’s cedar chest. It’s an arts and crafts period piece with copper accents that I refinished to a deep cocoa color. I use it for a coffee table in my family room.

  234. My favorite is actually my bedroom set because it’s the first piece of furniture I picked out for myself!

  235. My fave piece is our sectional. It’s the second piece of furniture we bought retail and the only piece since! I love the sea mist color and it’s oh-so-comfy AND aesthetically appealing. :)

  236. Favorie piece of furniture has to be an old dresser I picked up for $20. I painted it bright red and it sits behind my sofa in my living room. I love the unexpected pop of color and using it in an unconventional way. The best pieces are the “finds” and using your own hands to make them new again!!!

  237. My absolute favorite piece(s) are the 2 small mid-century sofas that were my grandmothers. I remember sitting on them in her formal living room as a child and thinking how cool they were!

  238. My fav piece is the farmhouse table I have in the dining room. I have had it longer (20+) years than any other piece of furniture in my house and love, love, love it still. It makes me happy!

  239. My favorite furniture (right now) is my DR chairs, a thrift store find for 10.00 each. The style is MCM and I’ve reupholstered the seats in a fabric that I really like. They’re just what I was looking for.

  240. My favorite piece in my home is my piano! I purchased it this year on Craigslist and really love it!

  241. My favorite piece of furniture is our antique oak table. Is it a pain to open and put the 6 leaves in when all of our family is home…yes! Do I want to pain it (even though my husband is not in favor)…yes! But you’ve heard the saying “if walls could talk”? Well, if my table could talk, oh the stories of all of the meals and conversation shared around it she would tell! Irreplaceable!!!

  242. Aghh-Oh, I just found out that I may have a bit of “humdrum” in me. I have a couple pillows made out of the same fabric of my curtains on our sofa. I do have three other fabrics on their as well, so it’s only half faux pax. End of story, I need this book!

  243. My favorite piece of furniture is actually a set of end tables. They have an oval top and are done in a rich, dark wood. Their is a second, smaller shelf down below. The four legs gracefully curve out and then in toward the smaller shelf and then kick back out at the bottom. The feet are capped in brass. The show stopping part though is the wooden cage-like detail that wraps the sides and back of the piece. I found the pair at a furniture consignment store when we moved into our first house and had dreams about them until I could go back and purchase them. The clerk told me the woman who was selling them purchased them from a friend who later came back to her trying to repurchase them. Evidently the tables were designed by a famous furniture designer, but she wouldn’t say who it was unless she sold the tables back. She refused and never found out who make them and their are no markings on either piece, so I guess it will always be a mystery. I love those tables and can’t wait to pull them out of storage when we purchase our next home.

  244. Favorite piece of furniture: an old maple curio cabinet inherited from my grandmother. It’s a really unusual color and shape. It’s followed me around since college!

  245. my favorite piece of furniture is our dining table…. i is not an old farm table, but made to look like one- rustic, warm, and the center of many family meals and conversations. it was also purchased with wedding gift cards and then my parents paid the rest for our one year anniversary…. so it is special to me that way as it is sort of a symbol of beginning our life together.

  246. We just bought our “forever” house, and I am so excited to move on from our IKEA house to a house with true character. I have an antique liquor cabinet that I have been itching to refinish, and now I have the perfect excuse.

    Thanks for the give -away, and good luck to everyone!

  247. My favorite piece is actually 2: a matched pair of antique barrel chairs that I bought off of Craigslist for $30 each. They were my first “major” reupholstery project. I’d done dining chair seats and a few very basic headboards before, but I had been dying to try something a little more challenging. It took me several weeks to complete them (I have 3 kids and also tutor 20 hours a week at a local elementary school), but I love the way they came out and so does everyone who sees them!

  248. My fav is my sofa and love seat. They have recently been recovered in a red denim with white piping and they are beautiful. I’ve kept them all these years because they are good quality and so comfortable.

  249. My favorite piece of furniture is an old armoire of my Grandmothers. I actually use it in my home office for storage. It holds so much stuff. Lots of drawers, lots of space. It needs a makeover, but I do love the piece. :)

  250. My favorite piece of furniture is the computer armoire I have for all of my craft supplies. With the doors closed, no one know the horror that lurks behind and everything looks nice and neat.

  251. My favorite piece of furniture in my house is a maple bedframe from Ethan Allen. I literally found it on the side of the road on garbage day! It was in perfect condition and had all the planks for under the full sized mattress. I polished it up and it sits in my son’s room. It’s a classic piece and I particularly like it because I rescued it from being buried at the dump.

  252. I have an awesome bookshelf that I’ve recently painted a vibrant shade of red, and I’ve wallpapered the back. Its a real eye-catcher.

  253. My favorite piece of furniture is a a French style cabinet. I have used it in my dining room, it has been in my living room and could easily be moved to my bedroom. It is classic and versatile and I love it!

  254. My favorite piece is definitely my headboard. I have just recently gotten into DIY projects and the headboard was my first big project. I found a tutorial through Pinterest for a distressed wood plank headbaord and I made a few minor changes to the tutorial but it turned out great! It means so much to me because my husband and I worked on it together.

  255. I have a bookshelf that I’ve just painted red and wallpapered the back. Its quite eye-catching.

  256. My English pine farmhouse table is one of my faves. It is our kitchen table and I because it is already perfectly distressed…I dont have to worry about wear and tear from daily use. I like the patina from all the nicks and dents from countless meals and school art projects by both my boys through the years!

  257. My favorite piece is my bed. It was made by a friend, and it’s gorgeous. It’s a patchwork of several different types of wood. It’s basically a functional piece of art!

  258. My favorite pieces are the twin beds that my husband and his brother grew up using, and now our two boys use them as well. Yes, they are a bit scratched, have a few stickers placed here and there and probably could use a makeover; but they are the best kind of pieces because they tell a story.

  259. My Eames 670 lounge chair and ottoman in black leather and cherry. It’s the one piece of furniture that my husband and I have owned continuously throughout our marriage and many moves. It’s classic, classy and comfortable!

  260. My favorite piece is our mitchell gold linen slipcovered sofa. It’s so comfortable and the neutral color makes it easy to work with.

  261. We have an antique settee and chair that both Hubby and I LOVE (and we generally can’t agree on design). We got them from a friend- they were his grandfather’s, then aunt’s, but when his aunt passed away, he had no place for them but hated to see them go to strangers. We got the set for the cost of making him and his wife dinner. The chair is currently in our living room in its original state. The settee is awaiting re-upholstery and will eventually live in our den. Can’t wait!

  262. A black painted secretary in my living room….holds books, pottery collection, and closed storage in the bottom. It looks old but it isn’t!

  263. My favorite piece is the Mastercraft brass coffe table I found at a second-hand store. LOVE it!!

  264. My “current favorite” is probably our big antique farm table, in our kitchen. It’s from Belgium, mid 1800’s and I can only imagine the conversations that have taken place at this table!

    I just spent a half hour at their site! Smart women! And another blog to follow!

  265. It would have to be my newly upholstered coffee table that I did myself! I bought a $10 coffee table off of craigs list, cut the legs down, added casters, painted it and added padding, poly, fabric, nail head trim and I even tufted it! Now it’s this amazing piece of furniture that my grandchildren lay on and scoot around on it because of the wheels! The fabric also adds an amazing pop of color to the room!

  266. My dining room table is my favorite piece of furniture! It’s lovely – a dark cherry finish with classic lines that will be in our home for many, many years. More importantly, I love that it serves a multitude of purposes – from quiet family dinners with my hubby and son to hosting festive dinner parties with friends, and crafting and sewing projects to cookie decoration and coloring. It’s the gathering place in our home and although it’s just 5 years old it already has a story to tell. I know there will be a lot more to come through the years!

  267. My favorite piece of furniture is our baby grand piano. It was my mother-in-law’s piano and she had such a love for music. She passed away this last year from a long battle with breast cancer.

  268. Hmm, I’d say this new sofa we got that is very low profile, modern, and chic. It would go in any room and never go out of style. Love it.

  269. Right now, it has to be the electric fireplace we just built. It turned our flat, boring living room in to an elegant space and is a beautiful focal point…. that I can move to wherever I want when we’re no longer renting!

  270. My favorite furniture piece is an Indonesian teak side board. We’ve had it in 3 very different homes. Contemporary city apartments and currently a 100+ yr home, and it’s been used in the family room as a tv table, housing board games and now in a formal dining room, holding our china. A great looking, functional piece!

  271. My favorite piece of furniture is a 1970’s office credenza that I restored for my son. He needed an dresser and I knew that the local Habitat for Humanity was selling one for $15. I primed and spray painted it red and replaced the hardware to polished nickel and my husband replaced the top with solid wood and stained it cherry. The first time my three year old saw it in his room, he smiled and said, “Is that mine?”

  272. My favorite piece of furniture is a chaise I have in my master bedroom. It sits right near a window and I keep my favorite throw on it and it has turned into a quiet reading spot at the end of a busy day.

  273. I have a beautiful dresser that I bought about 10 years ago with a tax return. It’s classic and will be around forever.

  274. My favorite piece is a large antique seaman’s trunk that I bought at a ‘mom & pop’ antique shop in a small town in VA. It’s worn from many years of use, making the wood look warm and slightly primitive. It’s so versatile that it fits anywhere in my home and provides fantastic storage.

  275. It’s hard to choose as I have several favorites all for different, but sentimental reasons. I suppose it’s a little wicker rocking chair that my grandfather bought for my mother when she was 2. My sisters and I all used it when we were little and now I have it in my home.

  276. My favorite piece is my china hutch. It was in my grandma’s basement growing up and was painted black. My uncle completed stripped and restored it and it is beautiful and one of a kind. It really makes my entire open living/dining room come together.

  277. I could go with a number of pieces, but I will choose the recliner in my daughter’s room. We used to have a pair of recliners squished into our small living room, and it never worked. Once we knew we were having a baby, I knew one chair would be perfect in her room for breastfeeding and late nights. Although my mother-in-law may never understand why I don’t have a rocking chair (I would love one, but we don’t have the space or the need, really), this piece has worked out just perfectly for us. Just a few nights ago I had the chance to hold her until she fell asleep and it was wonderful. She is nearly a year old and doesn’t need to be held very often anymore. I’m trying to drink up every last bit of “babyhood” before it’s gone!

  278. Two chairs that spin and rock, the fabric pattern is hideous but I spent hours in them on my Grandparents sunporch reading, talking and playing games! They are in my bedroom in front of my wall of windows where I can push my foot off the wall and spin back and forth, back and forth. Wonderful memories and they still are darn comfy!!

  279. My favorite is a classic chest of drawers that we bought (cheap!) 30 years ago to use as a changing table for our newborn. It was painted yellow at the time, and my husband restored it to its lovely warm wood self. The chest has been at home in our entry hallway for many years now, and I love it.

  280. I’m still in the process of acquiring furniture for my very first apartment. My favorite piece is my couch – my mom gave it to me! It’s way nicer quality than anything I would afford for myself!

  281. My favourite piece of furniture is my kitchen table and chairs that I bought off Kijiji for super cheap! Love them!

  282. My favorite piece is a beautiful watershead style tall dresser that I picked up at an antique mall. Beautiful tucked into a nook in my closet/bathroom area, and a beautiful way to store towels and hide all those potions and lotions that dont have a home in the medicine chest!

  283. My brand new chesterfield sofa. I’ve been to London twice, and it definitely reminds me of London’s sophisticated charm. Also, it’s really one of the only furniture pieces in my brand new home. I often get overwhelmingly stressed by all of the decorating I have left to do, but I know it will be an adventure. This weekend, we’re off to the flea markets to find a dining table (I’m tired of using the folding picnic table bought from wal-mart). Oh well, I’m from Louisiana, I’m sure the folding table will come in good use for crawfish boils. : ) Not sure if you’ll read this, but I absolutely love your blog as I am a new comer.

  284. my favorite piece of furniture is the oversized armchair I sat in to nurse my babies. It’s old and the upholstery is torn. It’s impossible to find a ready-made slipcover that fits, and it’s expensive to re-upholster. But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get rid of it!

  285. My favorite is a dentist’s cabinet that my husband found in an old storage shed and painstakingly refinished before we met. It’s beautiful, and all the little drawers are perfect for our art supplies. Also, I knew this man and I had compatible styles the first time I walked in his apartment!

  286. My dad built a Shaker-style blanket chest using cherry wood cut from the family farm. It was my wedding gift from him. To say it’s my most cherished heirloom is an understatement.

  287. My favorite piece is my antique armoire that I brought over from Germany seven years ago. It is squeaky and needs to be refinished but it oozes old world charm and on top of that it holds a ton of stuff for storage!

  288. Mine would be this awesome plantation style chair that’s perfect for me and 2 kids to hang out and read

  289. An antique ice box – it’s always the topic of conversation when we have people over and it’s so versatile it could be used anywhere for storage.

  290. My favorite piece of furniture is my vanity table from West Elm. It’s so classy and sophisticated!

  291. It’s very hard to pick a favourite piece of furniture at the moment. We are currently moving from a small apartment to a new house so we never really paid too much attention to furniture we wanted to keep until recently.

    I would have to say at the moment, my favourite piece of furniture in our home is our console table. It’s actually borrowed from a friend, but it is probably the most handy and most-used piece in our apartment.

  292. An antique dresser on caster wheels handed down from my aunt. I feel I can put this piece in any room and it works!

  293. A mid-century dresser I refinished and use as my sofa table. The lines are great and the function is even better!

  294. My nightstands – they are the perfect size and have four drawers, i love them!

  295. Definitely my dining set. I got an incredible deal on a beautiful solid honey oak mission dining set I discovered on Craigslist. The table, which seats 8-10, came with 6 chairs all for the ridiculously low price of $95! I love it.

  296. I can’t pick just one… My wonderful husband built me a beautiful desk, and two ladder style bookcases, but I also love the secretary from my grandmother’s house. My Dad used it to do his homework in high school!

  297. My favorite piece is the antique china cabinet we have, it’s so gorgeous and one of a kind with a very Japanese flavor. I just adore it!

  298. It would be my bed. Perfect place at the end of the day to curl with the hubby and review the day, get a good nights sleep, and be greeted by my tiny terrors in the morning. Works great on lazy days when we can all curl up together (break the rules) and eat popcorn in bed and watch movies …

  299. My favorite piece of furniture is our new-to-us mid-century dining table and chairs. I love it because it’s helping us move from a turn of the century style (thanks to living in a 1901 condo) to a more modern and ‘us’ 1945 two-storey.

  300. My favorite piece is a 10 ft long antique buffet from the ’40’s that was abandoned in my husband’s warehouse. It has drawers in the middle that are perfect for safely storing my serving platters & bowls, closed cabinets that I can hide DVD’s & video games & then these great end cabinets with curved glass doors that house our bottled liquor & decanters. In our next house (close next week!) we plan to use this as a media center with components going in one of the glass cabinets.

  301. My favorite piece is my buffet. Due to the lack of cabinet space in my studio apartment’s kitchen, I use it to store my dishes and glassware…and it makes a nice bar as well!

  302. My favorite pieces of furniture is my Ethan Allen Country Crossings bed and dresser. Still love them to this day.

  303. My taka trunk from Crate & Barrel about 8 years ago. I love the dark finish and it is great storage.

  304. My glass topped chrome legged dining room table is my favorite piece of furniture. It is so versatile. I have wood eames knock off chairs with it now but it also looks great with a bench, dressier upholstered chairs. it is also Kid friendly…playdoh and crafts wipe right up!

  305. My favorite piece of furniture is a 60″round kitchen table…purchased it 12 years ago, it could use a new paint job but I know it will be in my home forever more!

  306. My favorite piece is a cupboard bookshelf. It is a versital piece that I never get tired of looking at. The book sounds fun!

  307. My favorite piece of furniture is a large chair and ottoman I invested in 15 years ago…it has been recovered a couple of times…and the shape is timeless…I am already thinking about the next fabric I will recover it with. :)

  308. My favorite piece of furniture (which we’re slowwwwly acquiring – newlyweds/first time home owners) is our huge, comfy sofa. We bought it from a big box store but we’ve slowly made it our own with handmade legs and tons of colorful pillows. It’s the place where we can both just sit back, relax and unwind from the day together.

  309. My favorite piece of furniture is my Pottery Barn sofa, which was our first post-college furniture purchase. It’s just the basic sofa, but it’s slipcovered in a beautiful pewter velvet (it’s had phases of sage twill and denim – now that the kids are a bit older we can have something a bit more plush) and it makes me happy every time I sit on it :)

  310. My favorite piece of furniture is my kitchen table. It’s an antique, and the plus side is I bought it a great price (including six chairs) after seeing a newspaper ad. =) Completely love it!

  311. I love my “sideboard” in my dining room which is made from reclaimed wood and details from an old building.

  312. My favorite piece is a chaise lounge that has passed through my family for 3 generations now. I recovered it in Hot Fuchsia velvet! It has carved legs and all the rest is recovered with buttons doing the “quilting”. I don’t know the exact words to describe the term, but maybe you get my drift.

    It sits by my large bedroom window to read in and look at the view. (I am a wedding photographer, so I can always use it for a bridal session! Woo Hoo!) I just made a pillow for it in a heavy cream damask on one side and the velvet on the other with cream cording all around. Anyone need a portrait? : )

  313. my favorite piece is my grandfather’s desk. He loved it and it is part of many of my childhood memories. Now it sits in my living room :)

  314. My favorite piece of furniture is our headboard/platform bed thing. It’s dark leather (the debate still rages on whether it’s black or super dark brown), and the space behind each pillow is a little hollowed out, which is an incredibly perfect and soft and cozy backrest for reading in bed. And it looks so sophisticated and grown up — a very nice change from before we bought it, when our bed had no headboard and just sat on the metal frame right out there in the open.

  315. my favorite is probably my bed. nothing special. but it’s the first piece of furniture i’ve ever bought for me…… and my husband. but still. it’s my fave. i love how comfy it is.

  316. My favorite piece is the wall unit we had custom built for our kitchen/dining room. It finishes off a big blank wall and has bookshelves for my cookbook collection!

  317. My favorite piece is an oak rocking chair. I bought it new about 20 years ago and since then my family and I have speant coutless hours there. I rocked both of my children to sleep, read wonderful books or simply curled up and enjoyed watching the boys play. It is solid and classic in design. It’s moved with us over the years and suffered some scratches and dings. The boys are grown and gone but that rocking chair is still at home and a part of our family.

  318. Our marble-topped “Aunt Lolly’s Chest” has followed us around since the early days of our marriage. Not only was it our first “antique” piece of furniture, but it is came with several stories which are now cherished memories.

  319. My great-great grandmother’s dresser. It’s followed our family from europe to japan to the u.s. It still a beautiful, classic piece. Love it.

  320. My favorite pieces are the matching buffet and china closet I received from my mom when we bought our house. They were in my family home my whole life and my mom said I could have them for my first home. They have a place of honor in my dining room!

  321. I read their blog and am always inspired with their finds. They are a great duo, and really have an eye for style. I wish them great success with their new book!

  322. A small secretary that I just inherited from my grandfather. It’s not fancy, probably wasn’t expensive and probably wouldn’t even catch my eye at a consignment shop, but I love it because it was his. I treasure my memories of him and feel blessed to have this special reminder of him in our home.

  323. My favorite piece is a desk I am working on right now. It has such great bones, it was built with love and you can tell.

  324. My new bed! After 2 years of marriage, my husband and I bought a new platform bed with storage as a joint V-Days give this year. It makes me happy everytime I step in the room.

  325. I love my nightstand. I paid out the nose for it, but I love it–so I guess it was worth it. :) Oh, and I love my couches. I got them from a friend for $100 for all three—and they were practically new!

  326. my favorite piece is my giraffe chair that sits in the den. it adds that pop of whimsy to the whole set-up and i just love the artsy vibe that is coming into the room.

  327. My favorite piece of furniture is my hutch that I found on craigslist. It definitely needs a make-over, but my wine glasses look so pretty in it!

  328. 1) What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home and why? – My Outdoor couch. it is actually comfortable! And I love to be outside.

  329. I love the dresser that my TV sits on in my family room. I love the knobs and that it stores and hides a lot of things.

  330. My cute Glass bottle bottom doored china hutch my aunt gave to me as a wedding gift;) with 6 drawers and 4cupboards the storage possibilities are endless. And there is still room to add Decor on the top and middle areas.. It is definitely a essential piece in my world;)

  331. My favorite piece is my baby grand piano. It was a gift from my dad when I moved into my husband and I moved into our first house. I teach piano so it’s essential for my job, but it’s also beautiful to look at. People gravitate to that room because it’s an inviting piece. I love it!

  332. My favorite piece of furniture is the “Pooh chair.”

    It’s not what you think! It’s actually a really great, antique wood-frame chair that’s upholstered in a soft goldenrod fabric– kind of like Winnie the Pooh! :)

  333. My kitchen table & chairs. My parents gave us wedding money and said to pick out a nice solid wood table and chairs. They said this is the heart of the home and how important and wonderful it would be to have our family grow and change over the years at this table. I am so happy we listened and picked out a timeless piece of furniture. Thanks for a great question and post.

  334. I love a dresser I got from Craigslist. It’s exactly what I was looking for and a great price

  335. My favorite furniture piece is probably my large sectional sofa. My whole family can snuggle up together on it to read or watch a movie and it’s super comfortable!

  336. A trunk that sits on a metal ornate frame. I got it at Canton First Monday trade days about 10 years ago, and it has literally been in every room of my house at one time or another. I think I paid $25 for it!

  337. My cedar chest. It is beautiful anywhere in the house, and it was my grandmothers. She saved for months to buy it when she was 16 and I love the story behind it.

  338. My black/white/tan botanical sofa. It was my first ever furniture purchase. My mom helped me pick it out and aside from it being the corner stone to my style (classic, fun, clean and crisp) it reminds me of the fun my mom and I had selecting it. I love it because it isn’t the typical safe “neutral” sofa everyone recommends. Buts its totally me and not like everyone else.

  339. My king-sized dark wood sleigh bed. It was a surprise Christmas/anniversary present from my husband (that he picked out himself) and I love it! I think it is timeless classic.

  340. My favorite piece is a side/end table from Denmark. It has a wooden frame and the top is completely in-laid ceramic painted tile. I still can’t believe I bought it at a Philadelphia thrift store for $25!! Now to find a special place for it in my new apartment……

  341. i would have to say the buffet my mom use to own. I have painted it green and looks great in the dining room. I love the fact that everytime I look at it I am reminded of the house I grew up in.

  342. My two matching bookcases with glass doors and deep shelves. I bought them years ago and they have served many different functions in different homes. They have been separated and used as stand alone pieces and have also been placed side-by-side to serve as a wall unit. I have used them to store dishes, treasured keepsakes and collectables, linens, books and family photos. I know that I could move them anywhere in my home and they would look fantastic and be functional. My mantra is–if you love it, buy it–you will always find a home for a piece you love.

  343. My favorite piece of furniture is a solid wood dresser that was hand finished and stained by my late father. A great heirloom!

  344. The piece that would break my heart if something happened to it is the antiqued red secretary that once belonged to my grandfather. He owned a painting company in Alexandria, VA, and sometimes when folks couldn’t pay him in full, they’d offer him lovely pieces of furniture (we have quite a few pieces rescued this way). The secretary – which he refinished by hand and painted a lovely Colonial antique red – has been in our family since before I was born. When I bought my first house, my parents offered it to me and I designed my living room and dining room around its color. I am in love with this desk and often run my hands over its curved drawers whenever I walk by. It knows I treasure it.

  345. A few years ago while “junking” with my sister Nancy in the Pennsylvania countryside, we found a sideboard or buffet or whatever your part of the world might call it. It wasn’t too big or too little – the perfect size. She convinced me to buy it and I’m so happy I did. We use it for a bar when I’m entertaining, keeping all of the wine glasses, wine and beverage napkins on it. It also doubles as a dessert cart (no, I don’t move it). It has two drawers that keep all of my napkins, candles and placemats handy and close by. The sides can prop up to give me more room. I doubt it’s a priceless antique but it’s important to me. My sister Nancy passed away last November and I will never look at that little cart again without remembering that fun time we had and how much I miss her!

  346. My favorite piece is my big brown overstuffed chair. It’s not high design, by any means…but it’s seen me through many phases of my life and is always a comfortable place to lay my sleepy head.

  347. My favorite piece has to be our giant king-sized bed. Not only does it make for comfy, roomy sleeping for my husband and I but there’s lots of room for our two duaghters to jump in and cuddle!

  348. I’m in love with my Century brand dining table and chairs. It was a big purchase at the time and I fretted over it for weeks. We pulled the trigger and I’m in LOVE.

  349. My boyfriend would probably say his future LaZBoy… and I would say it’s a toss between my twin bergere chairs or my antique king louis caned chair I found at Urban Ore for $30! Or maybe it’s my curvy armoire… decisions decisions!

  350. My favorite piece of furniture is actually the four leather chairs we purchased for our hearthroom. They were not expensive considering leather chairs, but they are the most comfortable chairs we have in the house. Almost everyone who sits in them comments on how comfortable they are.

  351. I love our bed! It is a modern, simple design, made locally in Sidney British Columbia out of one piece of FSC maple plywood. Non-toxic stains and very environmentally friendly.
    And very affordable.
    We looked for a bed for a long time….. and then purchased this one instantly!

  352. my favorite piece of furniture is our white, mirrored console in our living room. it is a great focal point and adds a lot of visual interest to our small condo living room :)

  353. This looks like a great book! My favorite piece is my downstairs coffee table, it’s half trunk (perfect for cozy blankets) and half drawers (perfect to hide the remote).

  354. Mine is a gorgeous cedar chest that belonged to my great grandparents.

  355. A new thrift store find. It’s a mid century mod dresser that we’re using in the living area of our tiny 1924 home. Still acts as my husbands dresser but the guest room is much too small to hold it!

  356. My library table. I found it at an antique shop in Arkansas. I have used it as a kitchen table and
    at one house we were able to use it as a desk. Looks good no matter where you put it.

  357. In college I bought an Ethan Allen sofa from someone who was relocating internationally, and I scored it for $75! It had beautiful wooden feet, elegant curves, and a back reminiscent of a sweetheart neckline in clothing. Most beautifully feminine couch ever, and oh so comfortable! This piece quickly became the preferred sleeping space in our apartment, and remains so in my home today :)

  358. My favorite piece of furniture is an old rocker chair that had been my dad’s. It has been reupholstered a few times now, but I love the shape and it fits my body perfectly. I have rocked my babies to sleep in this chair for years (and even slept in it myself a few times!). I just had it redone in a coarse-linen fabric, and I’m in love with it all over again!

  359. I love my Mitchell Gold sofa and chairs. I plan to enjoy them the rest of my life!

  360. My favorite piece of furniture is our sectional leather couch. A perfect shade of dark brown, comfortable and great for messy kids :)

  361. My favorite piece of furniture is our kitchen table. It is an antique piece from my great-grandmother that we also used for a kitchen table when I was a child. My mom had it refinished, and it has held up wonderfully through the years!

  362. My favorite piece of furniture is the secretary desk that I purchase from my Grandparents estate sale. I have fond memories of it at their house, and I love that it is now in my home.

  363. My favorite piece is our walnut platform bed that my husband built…took 6 months, but it was worth the wait! :)

  364. My favorite piece of furniture is a small side table. A lady I used to work for in college gave it to me because one leg was broken and it was in rough shape, but there was something interesting about it, so I kept it. Later, a man from my church completely restored it for me and it is amazing- old, well made and really unique.

  365. My favorite piece of furniture is a comfy chair we bought from La-Z-Boy.

  366. Its touch to say, but I really love our Lounge couch from Crate and Barrel. It was a big investment to us as newlyweds, but 4 years later it looks great still and is the most comfortable couch I’ve ever used. It has modern lines but just seems to be very versatile (amongst my shabby chic and mixed pattern look). I would totally recommend this couch to anyone!

  367. I have a secretary desk that I bought at a thrift store for $15 over ten years ago. That thing has been everything in my house from desk to home bar to blanket storage to media cabinet and is now currently reincarnated as a home bar once again, replete with a DIY wineglass rack and recessed lighting install. A piece made out of good, solid wood will never go out of style!

  368. My absolute favorite piece of furniture has to be an armoire purchased here in Solana Beach but made in Indonesia. It is perfect and also reminds me of Bali, my favorite place on this planet (so far!).

  369. I don’t really own that many things that I really love just yet. I like my rug and I like some stools I have, but I’m not attached to anything just yet. I need some guidance from this book apparently!

  370. I’d have to say the patio chairs my mom just re-covered for me!! LOVE love love the fabric!

  371. My patio chairs – the legs wrap under so they bounce a little, they have nice thick cushions and ottomans. Perfect for bird-watching in the back yard on pretty days.

  372. When I delivered my 1st born, my husband gave me a “push gift” that was a mirrored buffet. It sparkles in my dining room.

  373. My crate and barrel dining table. it’s full of scratches now but they add to its beauty, in my opinion.

  374. My favorite piece is my big comfy couch. I sit on one end, my hubby on the other, with our dog getting belly rubs in between.

  375. My favorite piece of furniture is the only one that was totally free and not a hand-me-down. It’s a console table with turned legs. When I found it by the side of the road it had a light wood top and awful fake porcelain (read: plastic) knobs on the drawers, plus 3 (not 4) casters! I wanted it so badly I turned around and went to borrow my mum’s SUV in the hopes it would still be there when I returned. Now it is painted white and sitting in my living room. I know I’ll find a place for it in every home I go to.

  376. My favorite piece of furniture is a mid-century modern chair that I found at a consignment store for a steal. I reupholstered it with my favorite fabric and I love it!

  377. Kate,
    My favorite piece of furniture is an antique china cupboard, complete with beveled glass, that my mom gave to me years ago. It’s been in each house we’ve owned and I love it.

  378. Living room accent table made of 4 iron posts with pineapple finial tops, iron scrolling and part of an old door for the top. It’s unique, fun and I never tire of it!

  379. My favorite piece is a drop leaf end type table that my husband made. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  380. my favourite piece is this giant armchair from probably before i was born. it’s super comfy and is the perfect chair to sit in to read or watch a movie while snuggled under a blanket!

  381. My favorite piece of furniture is my king size storage bed- it is a beautiful wooden bed that is large for a comfy sleep while providing storage to make up for the lost room in the bedroom.

  382. My favorite piece of furniture in my home is a my kitchen table….where so many important moments of our daily life happen!

  383. My favorite piece of furniture is pair of bookcases from my parents.

  384. My favorite piece of furniture is a dropleaf table constructed of cherry wood. It was built by one of my ancestors in 1865 and passed down through the family until it came to rest in our home. It is both beautiful and serviceable.

  385. I favorite piece of furniture is a large cabinet my husband got me to display some of my decorative glassware. Well I have to glassware in it as I type this because ever so slowly he took it over to display his rock and mineral collection! I must say he enjoy’s the cabinet alot more than I would have. I love to see him stand in front of it lite up at night looking over is collection.

  386. How ironic. This morning I was thinking of what I loved in the house, what would I want to take if a fire, common here, threatened us. It’s not one of the 7 essential pieces, it’s my daughters’ black lacquer grand piano that no one plays as they no longer live at home. I still love the shape, the color, the mass and the memories.

  387. My favorite piece is a beautiful simple loveseat from the 1940s…good bones & great craftmanship. It is upholstered in rose-mauve velvet. I bought it in 1987~it was the first piece of “real” furniture I ever bought. I saw it in a consignment shop near my work. I looked at it every day for weeks, longing to buy it. It was way out of my budget. Finally I asked the owner if I could buy it on lay-away. She said yes! I finally paid it off in a little over a year. It has been perfect in all my homes. I never tire of it and I am so glad I bought it for myself!

  388. Easy! My bed. After a hard day of mommying and construction (we’re doing a DIY total renovation of our house), I’m ready for a good night’s sleep!

  389. My favorite piece of furniture is my reading chair, it’s slate blue, oh so comfy and I relax every time I sit in it.

  390. A yellow loveseat – given to me by my aunt. It’s moved around the house, but is a timeless piece that brings happiness to any room!

  391. My favorite piece is a sofa that I was given in a terrible state. I learned how to reupholster through reading books and asking friends. It is now recovered and looks like a gem in my front room! Hard work totally paid off!

  392. My favorite piece is my small French consignment-shop desk, precisely for the reason you mentioned–it’s so versatile! It’s served as a nightstand, desk, console table, and dining table–and I’ve only owned it for two years! :)

  393. My favorite piece of furniture in my home is the table I just refinished with my boyfriend. It’s a basic rectangular table with two leaves so it folds down to a square and four chairs. For now it fits in a tiny studio apartment nicely but down the road I can see it on a porch, in a library, or in a craft space. I love the idea of making it my sewing table some day…

  394. My couch! Because at the end of a long day, it’s great to come home to the amazing comfort and stylish pillows.

  395. I’d have to say my bed. It’s a big ol’ sleigh bed and its so comfy and such a retreat at the end of a long day.
    barbi 17 west at gmail dot com

  396. My husband and I inherited 2 Herman Miller Eames Chairs and an ottoman from his mom. They are incredibly gorgeous pieces and luckily totally my style. I know those chairs will go with us from house to house throughout out lives and be passed down through generations. They are also upholstered in a greyish green leather which combines 2 of my favorite colors and compliments the color scheme in our house really well. I love a good hand me down!

  397. My favorite piece of furniture is a vintage 1930s stove that my father-in-law restored for us. It’s a great conversation piece, everyone who sees it loves it, but also practical, I use it for storage. However, the love that went into its restoration is what makes it my favorite piece.

  398. My favorite piece is the 100+ year old hoosier that I received as an early “inheritance” from my parents when they retired in 1998, sold their house and most everything in it and hit the road in their motor home. The hoosier was purchased in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, lived on St. Joseph’s Island, Canada for at least 70 years, then lived in St. Louis, Michigan for about 15 years, then moved back to when I received it! Twelve years ago, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, so now it lives here! I’ve managed to have it for nearly 15 years and have never painted it and have absolutely no plans to – it’s already beautiful!

  399. My favorite piece is my grandmother’s piano. She was very dear to me and I miss her every day. Each time my oldest son practices his piano lessons, I can imagine her sitting in the room filled with joy to see her great-grandson play.

  400. My dining room table! It typically seats 6 people, but can extend to 12-14 people! It’s been great for big functions. The best part is that we can put the table leaves inside the table when not being used so that it takes up more space elsewhere in the house.

  401. A blue and white chevron chair that I reupholstered through a class I took. It looks good anywhere!

  402. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique shoe cabinet. It belonged to my Great Grandfather and my Grandmother left it to me. Throught the years it has been in many different rooms of my many homes and it is incredible how well it adapts to new spaces and uses.

  403. My favorite piece is a chair my grandmother gave to me. Unfortunately, it was gutted, but never re-upholstered, so I’m having the worst time deciding on a fabric. I still love the chair though. I just want to do right by it!

  404. My favorite piece of furniture is a little cabinet that sits in the hallway near our front door. I picked it up at home goods a couple years ago and put some lovely anthro knobs on it. I like to change out the accessories on top of it depending on season. It remains one of the few pieces of furniture we have bought since we got married and we love it!

  405. My favorite piece is a little table that I move all over our small apartment! Because we don’t have much room, nothing else can really be rearranged, but I like to move the table to new places and switch out the decor to keep things fresh!

  406. My favorite piece is an end table I refinished to match the wood on the fireplace mantel.

  407. My favorite piece of furniture is my old rocking chair from childhood. It matches NOTHING and looks completely out of place in most of the house, but I still remember the day when I was 4 years old and I went furniture shopping with my parents. My mother (brave, brave woman!) let me pick out one piece of furniture for my about-to-be-newly-decorated bedroom. I bee-lined for the rocking chair, and never looked back. It is mostly home to clothes, purses and the occasional sleeping cat now. Paint it, maybe, but part with it? Nope.

  408. My favorite is the stilt leg, 4-drawer dresser I grew up with. I can’t wait until I convince my husband that it would look so much better painted…an I have to decide what color to use! :)

  409. My favorite piece is a glass and tan metal etagere that I carried home from a store when I saw it. I live in Chicago without a car, but this thing was worth schlepping a mile.

  410. My favorite piece of furniture in our house are the dressers in our DS’ room because they were my grandmas!

  411. My favorite piece is my piano. I always had a piano in my home growing up and loved my little spinet until the sound board cracked! I cried and then thought, “Oh my goodness, now I can have a white grand!” I bought it and have never looked back. That was 20 years ago. It is my mood piece–it helps me work through life!

  412. My favourite piece of furniture is currently the chair I just painted and reupholstered :) I would love a copy of this book!

  413. My fave piece of furniture is a papasan! It’s been used as a sofa, sleeping couch, reading chair, cold nights cuddler! The boys have had fights over who gets to sit in it first!

  414. My favorite piece of furniture is our living room coffee table. My husband and I were not able to find “the one” so we set out to make it ourself. My husband designed it himself and cut it piece by piece. It is red oak and beautiful. I love love love it.

  415. I love my kitchen table. It was a hand-me-down from my sweet mother-in-law. It has three leaves and 10 chairs, with the chair legs and table base originally being country blue. She painted over the blue with forest green and once I got it, went from green to black. It looks great in my house, fits our little family comfortably and extends to feed the masses on special occasions.

  416. My favorite piece(s) of furniture is the custom (locally) reclaimed wood coffee and dining tables we had made! They were one of the first “big” purchases we made as Newlyweds!

  417. My favorite piece of furniture is a table that is in my entry way. It is my first piece that I redid. It took a lot of work but was so good looking when I was finished with it.

  418. My favorite piece is an antique side by side from my mom’s family. Although I like its looks (dark wood with clean lines rather than lots of ornate details), I love this piece for its history. Pasted on the back is an old shipping label that notes it should be delivered to my great grandmother. My mom had it hauled out across the country when her mother no longer had room/desire for it. My brother and I grew up with this piece in our house (my mom used it as a china hutch in our dining room). After my mom passed away, I moved the piece to my home. During the move, I found an old elementary school report card from my grandfather that had fallen behind one of the inner panels and was jostled loose by the move after hiding for the last 50+ years. While I doubt there are any more secrets this side by side has yet to reveal, I have great sentimental attachment to the piece and the memories it evokes.

  419. My favourite piece of furniture is an antique quarter-sawn oak library table with one drawer. I haven’t seen another one like it ever and it goes so well with my Stickley pieces.

    Luv the giveaway!

  420. Right now my favorite piece of furniture in our home is a walnut kitchen table that I borrowed (stole) from my parents’. It was a piece of furniture from the house on “Red Hill” that my Grandpa grew up in. I like that it has the soul of our family, I also have no idea where I am going to use it so it has so much potential right now and it is so much fun to play with ideas!

  421. I’m going to have to go with my green and white zebra print couch with silver nail head trim in our living room. Designers all the time will tell you (including this magnificent book!) to go with neutrals for the big pieces. This was definitely a risk, but I feel like I am young (35 :), and this is the time to be exciting. I’ve paired it with bold plum and orange pillows flanking either side and a silver lumbar in the middle. I think it is pretty darn fun. Thanks for the intro to this seemingly awesome book! I love all of the images you posted!

  422. My favorite piece is the one that almost got away! It’s a beautiful china cabinet with Neoclassic details that has lived in the Master Bath (House #1), the Living Room (House #2) and now the Dining Room. Thanks for asking; it reminds me I wanted to write up that story for my blog! :-)

  423. Our kitchen/dining room table. It’s a Pottery Barn stainless steel top. Found it on Craigslist. Love it and the clean look it has. Hope to win the interesting book!

  424. I’d have to say my favorite piece of furniture at present is my F/R armoire – I love the rusticness of it and the wood and the columns and all the details. Thanks for the chance to win the book. Can’t wait to take a look.

  425. I still love my 2-seater folding wood pew. I found it in a thrift store when I was a teenager (more than 20 years ago.) Ultimately it will go on my porch, but it still looks great in my house and provides extra seating. Not bad for $10.

  426. My absolutely favorite piece of furniture in my house is an old blue dry water basin that fits perfectly under my wall mounted TV. It is distressed and large and one of a kind! I knew this piece would be perfect and stalked it for about 6 months before buying it. With the help of remote control sensors, it can hide all of our TV components.

  427. My black armoire that currently holds our family room television and games. I know that armoires seem to be on their way “out”, but this piece standing 8 feet tall has such presence in the room. I think even if it didn’t hold the television I would keep it there. Also, because I couldn’t pick just one, my trunk that used to belong to my parents. We use it as our coffee table and it is trimmed with brass nailheads. Gorgeous piece! Thanks for the giveaway!

  428. my favorite piece is a big buffet that I use as a bar. I bought it from a furniture store but everyone who sees it assumes that it’s vintage and handed down from family. I love it because it’s so versatile and I know it will fit in with my lifestyle no matter how often my tastes change (which is a LOT). Can’t wait to learn about the 7 things… great post!

  429. My favorite piece is a hutch my husband’s grandfather made for us when we got married. I had seen a similar piece at zpittery Barn and he offered to make it for us. He had been a carpenter all his life and that was the last piece he ever made. He passed away a yr later and little did we know he was sick while he was making the piece and didn’t want us to know. He was a great man and I think of him Everytime I look at that piece.

  430. We bought a sectional for our family room that was quite a splurge! I wanted something that would last and something that the five of us could comfortably sit together on for movie night since they’re definitely not little enough to cuddle anymore! :(

  431. My favorite piece is my sofa sllipcovered in white twill. It allows me to change everything around it for a new look and the washable slipcover makes it possible for me to not lose my mind wiht 3 kids and a dog!

    The book looks great!

  432. My big red leather recliner from LazyBoy that I read in & when my husband is REALLY snoring, it’s my sleeping chair. Love it! Second would be my Grandfather clock. It is an old one that I found in an old clock shop. Love it, too!

  433. An antique record player/radio cabinet – complete with original vacuum tubes in the back – my husband I bought at an estate sale right after we got married. It was marked $75, we decided to offer $60 but before we could say anything, the owners said we could take for $40! Best thing was it still worked – got to listen to local radio with an authentic old-timey crackly speaker sound!

  434. I love love my old white washed looking bedroom set it looks like it’s made from old wood planks and bead board and just has the plain whitewash painted look to it..Love it!

  435. Kate, my king size bed because its beautiful along with the bedding. A couple months ago I started making my bed everyday so when its time to get in it, it feels like my own haven.

  436. My favorite piece would be an antique glass cabinet that I use in my dining room as a china cabinet. It’s large, with sexy curved glass and a lock with working keys! Practically anything I put in it looks fantastic.

  437. My favorite is a trunk that came over from Germany with my great-grandparents.

  438. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite piece(s) are a table that has a stored leaf to turn from a console table into a dining table. My in-laws refinished this piece when my husband was in high school, and it’s really lovely. Another favorite is a small accent table that my husband’s grandfather made years ago – it’s cherry and really lovely!

  439. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique sewing cabinet that belonged to my great aunt.

  440. My favorite piece is actually a set: a wood coffe table, an wood end table and a sofa. They come from my grand-mother, so it as a sentimental value for me. I will probably redo them soon, but the sofa will be a hard piece to redo.

  441. My fave piece in my home is undoubtedly the chair I’m sitting in right now. I found it online for $150 and it’s real vintage leather. It’s my office space, my cuddle zone and my reading nook all in one spot!

  442. My favorite piece is an old wooden steamer trunk that my Mom restored for me. It’s super functional for storage and is currently being used as our coffee table. It’s also special because she recovered the inside with old maps, which I personally think is very cool.

  443. My favorite piece of furniture is the white sofa I bought at the Z Gallerie Outlet for 1/2 off its original price. It must have been a return, because there was nothing wrong with it. It looks a bit formal, but the look is deceiving because it’s the most comfortable piece of furniture in my house. It sits just under my living room window and I love to sit there and read.

  444. My favorite piece is a recent acquisition. My parents gave me my Grandmother’s old china cabinet and I restored it to its former glory. It has an art deco feel and the colors are absolutely beautiful, if I do say so myself :)

  445. My favorite piece is a solid oak hutch that I found at a resale shop for $250. It perfectly matches my grandmother’s dining room table that I am having refinished as we speak. The dining room table is much to precious to refinish myself, and I’m sure will take the place of the hutch as my favorite piece once it is actually in my house.

  446. My favorite is a chest that I got in 4th grade when we lived in Turkey with the Air Force. It was my first piece of my very own, complete with an etched camel on it and my name (maiden name of course) etched in a metal piece the shape of Turkey. My husband says if the house ever burns down, that will be the furniture he tries to save, because it reminds him of me! So Sweet! Ha!!! :)

  447. my favorite is a small armoire for our computer that we got at a garage sale. my husband sanded, primed and painted hours to fit my mental image of what it should look like. i love it because it’s peacock blue (my favorite), because it’s relatively small, and because it hides the printer/computer/phone wires etc mess.

  448. My favorite piece of furniture I have right now is my black mirrored chest. Right now I’m using it in my diningroom with a bar set up on top. But it is so versatile, I can later move it to my bedroom, a future nursery, livingroom… it goes with everything.

  449. Love your blog, never comment but thought I would throw my hat in for the giveaway. My favorite peice of furniture is a coffee table with leather inlay and and two drawers, that I got at a “junk” shop for $40.00. The thing is indestructible and with with leather polish it comes up really nice.

  450. That’s a tough one but I think it’s our new couch. We waited so long to purchase the cozy sectional and now we finally have it. Hopefully, by Fall I’ll have the money saved up to decorate around it!

  451. My favorite piece of furniture is an old dresser with a round mirror on top that was my stepdad’s and came from his parents who came from Germany. It sits in my living room and is used for a lot storage and I love to periodically change up the decor on top. I would love to repaint it as I know is so popular right now but so far I haven’t had the nerve to yet!

  452. My favorite piece of furniture is my Clark sofa (west elm) because has the modern look that I love and at night could be a guest bed.

  453. My favorite piece of furniture would probably be my grandmother’s library table. Old things are so special!

  454. My favorite piece of furniture is the first (and only) dresser I have ever refinished, so far! I painted it light blue to match my duvet cover. I love it! I am also in love with the furniture I bought dirt cheap and is waiting to be refinished while sitting on my husband’s parking spot in our garage :)

  455. My favorite piece of furniture is my grandmother’s glider from the 50’s. It needs to be reupholstered but I’m waiting until I have a house and can find the perfect fabric for it.

  456. My favorite piece of furniture is an old chair upholstered in a patterned orange fabric. In fact, I told my boy the other day that I only love four things: him, his brother, his dad, and the orange chair. And I was only kind of kidding.

  457. My favorite piece of furniture is a solid oak sofa table that I bought with my first bonus at my first “grown-up” job.

  458. My favorite pieces are the ones that have been passed down in the family. My Nana gave my mother a wooden rocker when I was born, and I proudly keep it in my living room.

  459. My favorite piece my 1960s sofa from a consignment shop. I bought it for $300 and it’s perfect — a four seater that’s long and low in a mustard yellow. I plan to reupholster it in blue velvet with white piping when my kids destroy it.

  460. My favorite piece of furniture would be the desk that my husband and I share…from PB…it was a big purchase for us and will so be passed on to our kids! Plenty of work space and room to grow!

  461. My favorite piece is a pine corner armoire that my brother in law built for me. It hides the tv and other electronics but does not take up a lot of floor space.

  462. My favorite piece is a secretary that was originally owned by my Grandmother. It was mahogany when it was filled with her dishes and stationery. When she originally gave it to me, I painted it yellow and put it in my dining room. It is now a beautiful soft shade of white and is in my foyer. Such a graceful but solid piece of furniture. I’m so glad she gave it to me.

  463. My favorite piece is the single sleeper futon my grandmother gave me. It’s small enough I can fit it in the corner of my bedroom right next to the windows giving me the perfect place to read or pull out into a bed for friends sleeping over. It’s quirky, versatile, and functional.

  464. My favorite piece is an antique glass front cabinet that has resided in almost every room of my house that I purchased in Spain years ago. It’s probably not a classic, but it reminds me of the time we lived there.

  465. Our new dining room table — we found a guy on craigslist to make us a 7′ long distressed farmhouse table for $400 — we were looking at ones in catalogs for $2,000+ and wondering how we’d ever afford one!

  466. The rocking chair in the nursery (found in the living room, when I shopped the house), is definitely my favorite piece of furniture. It’s soft and comfortable, has great lines and a million great memories of reading time with my son, and there’s more to come with the daughter we’re expecting in July!

  467. My favorite piece is my sofa. Very traditional, great bones. I’ll never buy another one!

  468. My antique (?) drop leaf table…..Works as a desk, a bed-side table, an end table, a breakfast table, a computer table, a display table, etc., etc., etc.,

  469. My coffee table. It’s big, with metal legs and a beautiful red-brown hue. Lots of charm and elegance!

  470. My favorite piece is the buffet we had built by a local Amish carpenter…it’s beautiful…it replaces my old favorite piece that was ruined in a recent flood from the upstairs bathroom.

  471. I love the side chair in our living room. The simple lines and light blue color will last me through any design changes in the future.

  472. My stainless steel topped dining table! Still love it after 10 years.

  473. I have my great grandmother’s antique dining room table. It has beautiful lines, and a hollow base which my great grandmother hid booze in during prohibition! It’s waiting for some restoration, but is pretty enough (even while flawed) for me to proudly display in my dining room.

  474. My favorite piece of furniture in my home would be my new desk (new to me) that I got off of Craigslist. It is solid mahogany and has great bones and lines.

  475. My favorite piece of furniture is my buffet. It’s my first second hand piece, my 3rd piece of “real wood,” and my first Craigslist piece. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

  476. My craigslists find for $33. It’s a Bassett Furniture sideboard that I turned into our media unit/booze and game cabinet and and it is so much more beautiful than anything on the market. It was in pretty rough shape but I spent the next week sanding, re-staining and polyurethaning and voila! I did keep all the original hardware because it was just too beautiful to replace. I painted the interior with a pop of turquoise color. Nobody knows it’s there but me and I love it!

  477. My fave piece of furniture in my home is a $20 solid wood secretary table that I picked up from a garage sale that I refinished.

  478. The curved couch n my living room! So darn comfortable and my favorite seat in the
    whole house!

  479. My favorite piece is my daybed. I built it with a king size thriftstore headboard, some 2x 6’s and fence post toppers (turned upside down for the feet). Then I sewed the cover and all the pillows for it. I love it because its beautiful, comfortable, and I did it myself. Its the first thing I see when I walk in the room and it always makes me smile

  480. My favorite piece of furniture is my king-sized Stearns & Foster bed. It was a complete splurge but it’s the most comfortable matress and worth every penny. I always love going home to sleep in my own bed. Definitely splurge on the matress you’ll sleep on every night!

  481. My favorite piece is a red (yes, red) wingback chair with a very subdued pattern. It also happens to recline!

  482. My favorite piece of furniture is a bombay table that my aunt purchased in the 1930’s. It is really cool with a Moroccan scarf she bought on a trip to Morocco in the 1950″s. I’ve drug it along from house to house and placed it in different rooms, and I will never get tired of it.

  483. My favorite piece is a long buffet that my husband made for me. It is beautifully constructed and is a timeless piece of furniture.

  484. My favorite piece of furniture is the wrought iron bed frame we found on Craigslist. The headboard is made up of swirly, leafy branch pieces, and there’s a bird perched right in the center. The bed was a little bit banged up, and we needed a CA King rather than a King size, so my wonderful husband cut it apart, welded in new metal to make it wide enough, gave the whole thing a new coat of black paint, and then touched up all of the leaves and the bird with gold paint. I love it, and it cost us less than $100!

  485. My favourite piece of furniture is my oak table in the dining room because of all of the wonderful meals we’ve had over the last 19 years.

  486. My favorite piece of furniture in my home is my grandmother’s antique mahogany empire chest. I have it in my dining room to store linens and it reminds me of family.

  487. My favorite piece of furniture is definitely the head board I made for our master bedroom. It has a beautiful textures bone white fabric covering it and it the perfect back drop for fun pillows and accessories. It is so much fun to change out accessories and experiment with it.

  488. My favorite piece has been with me for over 40 years! I paid $1.50 for a junky dirty old antique trunk that I refinished in my home economics class for a project. I’ve always stored Christmas decorations in it and always looks good in any home or any room.

  489. I absolutely love my DIY headboard from the tutorial that you posted on your step-daughter’s room. I think that was the first time I stumbled across your blog. It turned out great and cost much less than other options!! Thanks for the idea :)

  490. My favorite piece in our recently purchased home would have to be our maritime brass wall clock we purchased at a local flea market. The chimes ring at different times signaling the change of shifts. Plus we have never seen it used in any decorating mags or blogs which makes it extra special!

  491. The navy blue cotton velvet wing back chair with tufting I just scored on Craigslist for $50! It needed a good clean up and new nail head trim, but it’s beautiful and makes me feel “grown up”!

  492. My favorite piece of furniture is our HUGE king-size 4-poster bed. My parents had it made from solid cypress from Louisiana. It is SO BIG. It’s way to big for our bedroom, but I cannot part with it. They had it for quite a while, then when my Dad’s Alzheimer’s started getting pretty bad, it was too difficult for him to get in and out of bed, plus he needed more space for his wheelchair, so they gave it to us. My son used to play under there when he would stay with them, and he would sometimes fall asleep and leave them searching the house for him. It has little marks on one of the posts that he put into it when get got his hands on my Dad’s screwdriver. It will be a piece that we hand down to one of our children.

    We also have a work table in our kitchen in place of an island, that they had they same guy make with more solid cypress, that they gave us when we bought our first little house. Never gonna part with it.

    BTW – Can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

  493. My favorite piece is an oak pedestal table that is our kitchen table and was the dining room table in my house growing up. My grandfather bought it at a barn sale for $25 over 50 years ago!

  494. The white sectional we have in our sunroom- best purchase ever! Can easily change the look with new throw pillows and it soooo comfortable – the perfect spot to kick back with a mag (and a glass of wine)!

  495. My favorite piece of furniture is my parents’ old hoosier from their newlywed days, and it was probably a hand-me-down even then. I’m stripping the old peeling paint off, so it’s a bit of a mess right now. I guess I love it mostly for sentimental reasons. It still has the flour bin in it also.

  496. I have a step back cupboard that was in the house of a family friend where I spent so many days with them and when I thought about painting the inside that was a very worn greenish color. When I came home with the paint that I fell in love with it matched the old paint that it was painted. How spooky is that. This cupboard is the center piece of my dining room and I see it everyday.

  497. My fave piece of furniture is actually three… The white-slipcovered Montauk roll-arm sofa and chairs that I scored at a second-hand shop. They are the anchors of my pretty, cozy living room and my favorite spot to chill out and look at my other pretties. They still make me smile!

  498. My favorite piece is a Korean knock-off Japanese step-tonsu. I has three parts and has been used in the traditional way, and separately with the two small ‘steps’ serving as end tables and the chest as a buffet. Very versatile as well as a conversation piece.

  499. It is a small side table that I found in a second-hand store for $35 about 20 years ago. It has made friends with many changes in sofas and chairs and it works every time. It is a dark stained wood (I think oak) and has 2 drop leaves. I have come within an inch of painting it several times, but always decided at the last minute to love her as she is.

  500. I love our pair of gray wing back chairs in the living room. So timeless, hoping to pass them on to our children some day.

  501. My favorite piece of furniture is a curved sofa that we got when we got married 24 years ago. It has been reupholstered once, and is so comfy we call it the napping couch. I’m sitting on it right now!

  502. My favorite piece of furniture is my small china cabinet which I keep in my kitchen. It’s an older piece of furniture, solid wood, beautiful, and it’s the first piece of GOOD furniture that my husband and I bought together when we were newlyweds. We even bargained with cash and were so proud of ourselves! I love changing the items I keep in the interior of the cabinet, according to season, holidays, or whim.

  503. My favorite piece of furniture is the pencil post bed that belonged to my Grandparents! It’s the most beautifully crafted piece of furniture in our home and every time i even look at it, I think of the many memories and oh so many nights the people I love slept in it!

  504. My Room and Board 98″ sofa in a textured woven fabric. I have three kids and it’s been thrown up on, had chocolate and peanut butter hands on it and been peed on and still looks awesome and every stain has come off! It was pricey but well worth the it!

  505. Our dining room table. It is a rustic farmhouse table that my dad made for us as a housewarming present. It is absolutely gorgeous and that fact that my dad made it makes it super duper special!

  506. My favorite piece of furniture is a rocking chair given to me by my grandfather. It originally belonged to my great-grandmother and I used to curl up in it to read for hours as a child. It now sits on my sunporch and I love looking at it and using it.

  507. My favorite is a small sofa that used to be my grandmother’s especially since I just had it reupholstered. I removed the skirt, got new legs and added tufting on the back. I had it through most of my 30+ years of marriage and think it will be with me till I die.

  508. I love a great couch that the entire family can curl up on to watch a movie.

  509. My bed! My husband and I bought the very comfy mattress for ourselves as a wedding present, and the headboard as our first “grown-up” decorating project.

  510. Love my comfortable, beautiful leather couches that I bought from a friend when she moved to a new house!

  511. A chair that I had passed down to me after my grandmother passed away. I’m about to close on my first place and can’t wait to have it reupholstered for my place!

  512. My favourite piece in our young home is a handmade walnut armoire I found at a Goodwill for $60. I love finding fantastic deals & it’s so gorgeous and full of character that I can’t help feeling all warm and fuzzy whenever I look at it. Right now I’m using it as a bar, but it’s one of those pieces that could fit in easily in just about any room; it’s one of MY great, essential pieces! I can’t wait to hear what these lovely ladies say about their essentials.

  513. I purchased a hundred year old china closet 30+ years ago before I was even married. I brought it from NJ to FL 24 years ago and now my daughter wants it for her home.

  514. My favorite piece of furniture is a hand-tooled leather cube that I had made in Colombia!

  515. My favorite piece of furniture would have to be my walnut antique secretary. It’s been in my family for five generations. Our home was destroyed in March…and this piece was badly damaged, but a trip to the antique restorers…and she’ll be as good as new. Is the one piece Of furniture that I made sure we saved even though it was so badly damaged. Some things…especially family heirlooms…there just isn’t a price tag you can place on them.

  516. My favorite piece of furniture is our master bedroom bed — beautiful sleigh bed!

  517. I love their blog too! My favorite piece of furniture is a buffet I bought from Thomasville a few years ago on a really good sale. Its not an antique or handed down by my grandmother or anything I refinished. Its just a good solid wood piece that is pretty, practical and functional. It’s a large presence in the room and has classic lines that won’t go out of style and is sure to be handed down to my daughter. We have affectionately nicknamed it the ‘Phoebe Buffay’ after one of our favorite characters in friends. However, because my husband never watched Friends, when he asks ‘where do you want me to put this platter’ I tell him ‘put it on the Jimmy Buffet’.

  518. I have an old glass door hanging above my bed as a headboard. My boyfriend and I found it on the curb in his neighborhood. I forced him to help me carry it all the way to my apartment!

  519. My favorite piece is an acrylic portrait painting I purchased at a yard sale the first year I was married. 8 years later I still love it!

  520. I love the new very soft comfy leather love seat I just got to replace an old chair and a half that was falling apart.

  521. Hmmm, this is tough. I think my favorite piece of furniture is probably my 12 foot church pew! :)

  522. I love our antique ice box that my dad found at a flea market 40 years ago and refinished. So special!

  523. My favorite piece of furniture is my sofa – a cheapo from Value City furniture but it’s got clean lines, has held up well for 6 years, and most of all, a gift from my mom!

  524. My favorite piece of furniture the bed in our guest bedroom… it’s a Stratton bed from Pottery Barn, but I designed a wall mounted headboard with bead-board and hard-wired sconces to fit it and the limited space in our room (it was my first design & build project) . This combination would probably not qualify it for an ‘essential’ piece, since the headboard is there to stay, but I’m still in love with it.

  525. It rather a toss up. I am in love with my new chair. It has a crazy floral pattern and just makes me feel happy. I am also rather fond of my bookcase. My dad built it years ago in shop class. It has been in my home my entire life. It once held my parents favorite books and now it holds mine. It will always be a special piece of furniture.

  526. My favorite piece of furniture is our uber-comfy couch–I’ve nursed 3 babies on it for hours and snuggled my husband. It is on it’s last back brace however, so this book would certainly help as I go forward in rethinking our “grown up” home design! :)

  527. My favorite piece of furniture is my desk chair. I rescued him (and his sadly broken twin brother) from a rainy Oakland sidewalk. After a little TLC (read: a cream paint job and a lovely, velvety grey cushion to hide the not-so-lovely old wicker), he’s a the perfect high-backed addition to my home office.

  528. My new sofa because it is my first real “grown up” furniture purchase and I love it!

  529. I love my chair, but sadly it is wearing out. I am looking for a replacement but have not found anything that suits me yet.

  530. My favorite piece is my chaise longue where I like to curl up and read! So comfy!

  531. I love my couch, so timeless, neutral and comfy too! I can see reupholstering it in the future if needed I like it that much!

  532. I currently love Caroline the most. She is a gorgeous Victorian era steamer trunk I found on Craigslist that I’m refinishing. Did I mention she is gorgeous?
    Close second is a reclining wing chair. Comfy. Lovely & perfectly sized for a corner in my loft.

  533. My half-round table in my entryway is my favorite piece. It has a bit of storage behind a door and in a small drawer, and I change the displays on top and on the side shelves whenever I want a new look. A faux-antiqued 70’s mirror wall is behind it. I can’t figure out how to get rid of the mirror short of calling in a professional, but it’s fun to play with the reflection of whatever sits on top of the table!

  534. My favourite piece(s) of furniture are two new modern wing chairs that we bought just a few months ago. They are chocolate brown velvet. They are classic and comfortable and will always fit my home. My other favourite piece is a cabinet I got from Value Village for $20, painted white and store display all my favourite china, cake plates and Royal Doultons on, many of which I inherited from my mother and grandmother. It makes me happy every time I look at it.

  535. My personal favorite is a scrolly wrought iron baker’s rack with distressed off-white planked shelves. It’s been with me now for over 20 years and I think it’s been used in evey room in my house, at one point or another! Still love it!

  536. My favorite piece of furniture is my antique (1928) dining room table. It’s just a beautiful piece of art that I get to eat on daily. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  537. Antique white tallboy from my Grandmother. It’s technically a child’s piece (my mom, aunt’s and uncle all used it when they were baby’s) but it fits beautifully in my guest room for now (until it’s time for babies).

  538. My favorite piece of furniture is an antique eastlake marble topped dresser from my great grandfather. I use it as a buffet and to store my china.

  539. I have the dining table that was in my parents home when I was young. It’s had new legs put on it, been used as a craft table, garage work table, kitchen table, desk – but it is still gorgeous (solid wood top) and sturdy and I wouldn’t part with it for anything.

  540. My favorite piece of furniture is a vintage china cabinet that I got from my grandmother. It really adds some charm to our dining room. My grandmother use to love to entertain and have dinner parties so everytime we entertain, memories of my grandmother come back to life. I’ll have it forever.

  541. My favorite piece of furniture…hands down….is a set of caned chairs that belonged to my husband’s grandmother. When she moved into a nursing home years ago every grandchild was told to go through her condo and take what we wanted. We went last and I expected to find nothing left…but there were these chairs…covered with light blue velvet fabric…and I DIDN’T TAKE THEM…at first. I didn’t think I had a place for them. After thinking about them for a day and talking to my mother (who knocked some sense into me…hello?) I went back and got the chairs. I had them reupholstered years ago and they spend their days in my living room (where I sit and sip coffee while gabbing on the phone). Nowadays, I walk by them and think…”creamy white paint and linen fabric are next for you guys!” I will definitely hand them down to my daughter…someday!

  542. Probably an antique buffet I purchased at an auction when i was in high school many years ago!

  543. My favorite piece of furniture is my entertainment center. It is extra tall to fit in our great room and made from beautiful wood (and very very heavy). I never get tired of looking at it.

  544. My favorite is a pair of dressers I found for $60, painted (following your sound advice on sanding, primers, and paint) them colors I love, and have in my bedroom. I love the shape of them and the amazing hardware, it makes me happy to look at them every day.

  545. Loving my mom’s Chinese deco table in our formal dining room. I’m refinishing the chairs and can’t wait to host an occasion.

  546. My favorite piece of furniture is an old sideboard that we acquired in England. It is versatile in that it can be used to serve food, houses family portraits, not too large and fits right into any style of furniture.

  547. My favorite is a sofa we picked up at an estate sale years back — when we got it we paid about $15 for it — but I could see it had amazing lines and just needed some TLC. We recovered it, rebuilt the cushions…etc…it’s now the amazing couch in our living room and I love it because it has a long history and we’re only part of it.

  548. Definitely my 6′ Shaker table, which was made for us at Bon Accord Farm in Guelph, Ontario in 1976. I remember the exact date because it was delivered the Friday before March Break and I flew out that night on my much-anticipated first trip to England and Scotland. Started to feel unwell on the plane and had swine flu the entire time I was away. No fun, but way luckier than my husband who was sick at home with our two young children. But I digress …
    This table has moved with us through four homes and has played a vital part in every family celebration over the past 36 years. As expected, it bears the scars of countless craft projects, board and card games, homework sessions, children and grandchildren experimenting with knives and forks, and the odd accident (a gouge where my Mom dropped a heavy pot, cleat marks where I cleaned my husband’s golf shoes — what was I thinking of anyway, cleaning my husband’s golf shoes?). It’s the centre of our happy home and a beloved record of our family history.

  549. My Ethan Allen armoire I received for my 16th birthday. I chose this over a beater car and am so glad I did because it is a piece that will last a lifetime – the old car would already be long gone. I’ve used it as a wardrobe, entertainment center, to store china and linens, as a game cupboard and craft storage. It has floated all over our home, is solid, versatile and looks beautiful whatever we put inside. I love it!

  550. An old buffet that belonged to my grandparents. We changed the finish and it sits in our living room. Funny, once we made the change, everyone else in the family wished they had taken it! I wanted it, but was afraid we didn’t have room. Wonderful hubby insisted we not let it leave the family and said he would work on it so we could make it work. It’s by no stretch an antique or a “fine piece of furniture” but I can remember it being in the dining room for all those Sunday family dinners and it connects me to the grandmother I love and miss so much…..

  551. My antique rocker from my grandmother. It was painted with a black gloss lacquer with a rose colored cushion when it passed to me. My mom surprised me when I purchased my first home and had the chair stripped down to its original wood and re-covered the cushion to better match my taste. It is a beautiful piece and I’m currently on the hunt for new fabric to update the seat!

  552. My favorite piece in my home is the dresser in my bedroom that I refinished. It was one of my first furniture DIYs and it turned out so great. It is a 50’s clean-lined solid, 6-drawer classic piece, and I got it for $30 on Craigslist. With about $20 more I had added more modern pulls and a darker finish. That was two years ago and I still think “I can’t believe I did that” when I look at it. :)