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By Kate Riley February 13, 2013

First of all, thank you everyone for sharing your opinions on bunk beds!  Wow, it is so great reading your insight (read 100+ fantastic comments here if you’re considering them too), I’m so grateful for your thoughts!

Second, I’d like to say thanks to This Old House for the feature in the March issue – they asked me to submit pictures of my DIY drying rack for their article featuring great ideas from bloggers (you’ll recognize several of your favorites!)

this old house drying rack feature


The rack is still one of my favorite DIY projects to date and I use it almost daily. 

diy drying rack

Find the full how to build it in this old post!


Exciting news, I’ll be updating the blog soon, giving it a more polished look, but all the navigation features will still be there (Project Gallery, Style Files, etc.) All of the ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ links will be categorized in an easy to browse gallery too, you’ll love that! Finally, I copied all the past magazine articles last night on my antiquated scanner (took forever) but if you’re interested you can read them all here – just click on the cover.

cg in print


Are y’all ready for Valentine’s Day? My daughter chose that day for her birthday party so I’ve got to get busy decorating… no school on Friday so we’ll have 14 little girls in our house tomorrow evening, crafting, eating, and watching movies. So romantic right?  Ah, the sacrifices of parenthood!  :)




  1. When did Valentine’s Day become a childrens’ holiday? Oh yeah, when my kids hit grade school. I’m spending Valentine’s Day volunteering in two classrooms. :)

  2. congratulations Kate, always a thrill to be published ( although I wouldn’t know much about that since I’ve only been published once, for a comment I made on Oprah ;-))

    Getting your projects or your house in a magazine is a dream come true, I know it’s mine. Just a quick question, a couple of months back TOH contacted me about our library make-over saying they wanted to feature it. I responded right away and haven’t heard from them since then, how long usually do they publish the article after they contacted you? thanks a bunch!

    Also, good luck with the party, I’m sure it will be fun, AND BUSY! Happy Valentines!

    • I’ve had that happen a lot too Vel, sometimes they’re interested and then they change direction. I’ve had submissions end up on the cutting room floor too, it happens. You might want to follow up with an email to see what happened to the article, usually editors are forthright and will tell you if they went in a different direction. Generally speaking, they contact you many months before publication, these images were submitted last year to be published in March. Good luck getting your library published soon!

  3. I made that rack using your instructions only a little bigger. It is truly the greatest; useful, sturdy, easy and cheap to make. Oh and it looks neat hanging on the wall. Congrats on being published.

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