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By Kate Riley June 13, 2012

You regular readers know from time to time I like to interview and feature designers or stylists that inspire me greatly, and the latest addition to my list of favorites is Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors.  I stumbled across her portfolio a few months ago and was so impressed with her spaces, I had to contact her and tell her so! 

Lauren’s room designs have appeared in several publications from New England Home to HGTV, and I’m sure we will continue to see much more of her work inside shelter magazines for years to come.  Lauren graciously agreed to answer some of my questions, so please enjoy our conversation and after seeing her designs, I’m sure you’ll be a huge fan too.    

CG: Hi Lauren, tell us a little about yourself, your background, your education, and how long you’ve been a designer.

LM: I started Muse Interiors in 2000 after going to New York School of Interior Design. I grew up and now live in Greenwich with my husband and two children.    

CG:  Your spaces are all so sophisticated yet casual, classic and still modern, filled with tailored yet livable furnishings.  What’s the design philosophy behind the look?

LM: The design philosophy behind the look is to maintain a transitional timeless style, rather than solely modern or traditional. This way the home stays current for years to come.  Like you mentioned, there is a balance to our work.  A mixture of clean lines and complex patterns with an elegant, yet livable atmosphere that is evident in the design.

 breakfast nook muse interiors

stripes and starburst in entry muse interiors  

CG:  I spy creams, blues, grays, and sandy tones in several of your gorgeous spaces.  Is this serene color palette at the client’s request or is it your influences that we see?

I’d like to think that each of my projects reflects the taste and style of both me and my clients.  Together, we choose a palette and scheme to generate a final product, it’s definitely a collaborative process.  With the way we all digest media today it’s so much easier for clients to share inspirational photos and ideas from sources such as Pinterest and Houzz.  Although my influence and fingerprint is evident in each project, my clients’ point of view is always essential to the mix.

master bedroom muse interiors

muse interiors mantel


CG: I read that you believe in choosing both beauty and function in your designs and never one over the other.  Explain what that means.

LM: My clients want their homes to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Many of my clients have younger children and so “choosing both” is especially important for these projects. I aim to create beautiful spaces that can be utilized and enjoyed in every day life.

 layered blues patterns muse interiors 

muse interiors bedroom


CG:  What do you believe to be the key to layering different patterns in rugs, furnishings, and fabrics successfully?

LM: That’s a tough one…it just kind of comes naturally. I don’t dissect it too much!

layered patterns muse interiors


layered patterns 2 muse interiors


CG: Give us your best piece of advice for choosing finishes in home renovation, especially in kitchens and baths.

LM: I try to stay away from trends in kitchen and baths you want them to be timeless, clean lined. I always ask myself when I am designing a bath or kitchen would this work in the 1920s-30’s.

muse interiors kitchen

classic bathroom muse interiors

CG:  Tell us really, how deep is your love for wallpaper and nail head trim?

LM: Wallpaper is great artwork. A lot of my clients have not amassed an art collection yet so wallpaper is a great cheat. You can create a dining room in a stunning vibrant paper and you don’t even realize there is no art on the walls.  If you can’t tell from my website, I cannot get enough of nail heads on banquettes, chairs, tables, no ones safe…

wallpapered bath muse interiors

 wallpapered dining room muse interiors

 muse interiors nailhead trim


CG: What are your favorite sources for fabric and trim, like the marvelous detail we see on the skirted sofas?

I use so many fabric houses that I love and am always inspired, by but if I had name the favorite go tos I would say Lee Jofa for fabric and Samuel & Sons for trim.

details trim on sofa muse interiors


CG:  For those decorating with limited funds, what’s one (or more) ways to achieve big impact on a tight budget?

Accessorize!  New pillows, lamps, and mirrors can transform a space. There are so many amazing options for reasonably priced good design… Have you been to a West Elm lately?  You could literally do a whole house.  When had my first apartment there were not options like that out there.

pulled together sunny sitting room muse interiors


Thank you Lauren for sharing your valuable insight today and inspiring us all with your amazing spaces!  Perhaps you readers can see why I’m so drawn to her designs, they’re both elegant and comfortable and with great attention to detail.   To see even more inspiring images, visit Lauren’s portfolio.  All images courtesy of Muse Interiors. 

What’s your favorite takeaway from Lauren’s spaces and/or sage advice?




  1. Thanks for sharing Kate!!! I love the gray’s, blue’s and creams Lauren uses in some of her designs. Light & airy!!! I love!!! I’m pinning some of these as well for my own inspiration. I love that Lauren wants her design to be beautiful and functional all at the same time. Why should anyone have to have one or the other now a days. ;)

  2. Beautiful! What I notice about Lauren’s designs is her keen sense of balance, whether it be color or object; it makes it possible to take in the whole room as a whole! Thank you for sharing.

  3. She does the perfect balance of traditional and comtemporary! I love the gorgeous clean lines and the subltle hues. This is similar to the direction I want to take my new home, although I need lessons in layering pattern :)

  4. wow, Lauren’s style is beautiful – I pinned a few pictures to use as inspiration in building the new home my husband and I just purchased.

  5. I love blue, but I can never figure a good way to incorporate it into our home, so these images were great inspiration to me. I also forgot, as she mentioned, how great West Elm is. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely interview! I love when you do Spotlight! Lauren’s portfolio is amazing!

  7. Does anyone know the name of painting (or where it’s available) in picture 7 (above the sofa)? I’ve seen it before in another article and can’t find it. Thanks for your help!

  8. What a talented woman! I can see why you’re a fan! I totally agree with her about transforming a space with accessories and staying away from trends in kitchens and baths!

  9. Absolutely beautiful…I could move right in to every room you feature! When I grow up I want to be Lauren Muse…or at least hire her to re-do my entire home!

  10. Lauren’s style is great I love the colors. The couch with the nail heads is great and I like the chandelier.


  11. Now, that’s a designer after my own heart. I am most struck with the sense of serenity she achieves in her interiors. Also, her work manages to include a good balance of the masculine and the feminine. Even though she gravitates towards light and airy palettes, I loved some of her darker, richer schemes.

  12. All the above pictures are beautiful, I totally agree with you, each room within the house all have a timeless yet elegant trend flowing throughout it. I see that you said you love wallpaper, do you have any suggestions for people when it comes to choosing a pattern? what to look for in wallpaper to prevent that clustered look

  13. love the table in picture #1, i think communal tables are great for the kitchen. You think the table could be a possible DIY?

  14. Hi! Where can I find the curtains you have in the photo with the beige couch? The ones with navy on the bottom? Love them!

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