Geology Lessons, Etc.

By Kate Riley May 18, 2012

Happy weekend everyone!  I’m on my way home from NYC today (saw some great stuff!) that I’ll share next week.  Meanwhile, I have to show you my latest home décor acquisition that I have to admit, is totally trendy!  Have you noticed all the home accents that are popping up everywhere that come from geological formations?  I couldn’t help but notice some rad ones on my latest shopping trip to HomeGoods, so they came home with me, check them out below! 

Today I’m giving a brief geology “lesson” and talking about jewelry for the home in the form of agate, quartz, and petrified wood accents over at Centsational Style.

blue agate bookends


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If you have any ideas for topics for me to tackle, feel free to recommend one. 

Enjoy, and have a great weekend! 

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  1. Uh! no fair! I have been DYING to get my hands on bookends like the ones you got at Home Goods! I think they are so pretty. I guess I better go look at Home Goods!

  2. I have a set of these book ends in our family room. My dad had a good friend when I was younger that used to collect all sorts of gemstones, large pieces of amethyst for his office lobby, etc. He purchased large pieces all over the world and would often give my dad some. When I was 11 I had bags filled with sliced + polished mineral rocks that I sold as coasters after adding rubber feet to the bottom. That was my first business. ;) To this day I have a few sets of the coasters in our house.

    I’ve always liked them because no two are the same! :)

  3. oh man! do i have to get those for my niece…she was obsessed with them in jr. high…not sure why, but she was. she will die! thx for the 411!

    m ^..^

  4. Oh, my… I can buy from any of the great choices at the Design Center or World Trade Market…
    but don’t you just love Home Goods!
    Always have a few odds & ends to round out just about any room. Great job- l am loving
    the “Rock” jewelry ! Very pretty.


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