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By Kate Riley May 10, 2012

Greetings and happy (almost) weekend everyone!  I’ve invited Michelle of Ten June back to be a guest contributor on the blog – she has an amazing eye for design and we both agreed that right now we’re big time loving the bold floral patterns reappearing in interior design.  These aren’t the itsy bitsy pastel florals of previous decades, in this century florals are bigger, bolder, and full of unexpected color combinations.  Please welcome back Michelle of Ten June and her five tips for bringing back floral into your home. 

Take it away Michelle!

Don’t you love when old trends make their way back into our lives? I’ll bet you thought you’d never see this fad again… floral décor!  Gone with the days of acid wash jeans and slap-bracelets was flouncy floral décor, right?  Think again! The use of big, bold flower patterns is making a big comeback in interior design these days.

If you, like most of us, love this look but are unsure how to bring it back into your home with style, I’ve compiled five fabulous tips for bringing back floral décor. Ready, set, flower power!

1. Use floral designs with bright, bold colors.

There’s nothing like a graphic pop of color to make floral patterns feel modern and fresh. Forget the pastels and let your flowers shine in bright pinks, purples and yellows. These hues show that you’re proud of your floral décor and you aren’t afraid to show it!

bold floral bedding design sponge



yellow wallpaper panel apt therapy

Apartment Therapy

decor8 bold floral rug

Decor8 via Flickr


2. Pair your floral patterns with contemporary pieces. 

To truly modernize and dress up a floral pattern, pair such with an unexpected contemporary piece. Outfit a boxy, sharp-edged contemporary sofa in soft floral or pair your floral pattern with another fabric that has a graphic, geometric shape.  One no fail trick is to layer sleek, glossy white contemporary furniture or light fixtures with florals to create a high-contrast dynamic space. 

floral sofa blue walls design sponge




At Home Arkansas


gold floral wallpaper emily henderson

Style by Emily Henderson


3.  Use floral patterns as a statement in a room, not the motif.

As is the case with any pattern, it’s best not to overdo floral décor. You certainly don’t want to create a room that has a floral theme or motif.  Instead, use your floral patterns sparingly around the space, creating eccentric corners or bright vignettes. By contrasting simple designs to your floral patterns, you’re sure to create a scene-stealer with your floral décor.

floral pillow kerrisdale designs

Kerrisdale Designs


marimekko floral cabana layla grayce

Layla Grayce


green floral wallpaper atlanta homes

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles via DecorPad


4. Don’t take your floral patterns too seriously; have fun!

Flowers are beautiful and colorful, so there’s no reason to make them serious once you bring them indoors!  Have fun with your floral décor- mix floral patterns, use bold prints and, by all means, feel free to be whimsical. Floral patterns should make you smile, so be sure to bring a touch of that into your home.

agent bauer floral runner

Agent Bauer

playful floral patterns flashdecor

Flash Decor

 sanderson floral wallpaper

Sanderson Wallpaper


5. Keep your floral décor fresh and modern.

Keeping in line with my previous tips, you want to make sure your floral décor doesn’t look stuffy or from two decades ago.  By using big patterns, bright colors, and fun designs, you can easily incorporate florals into your home. 

modern floral window panels meg adams

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


floral wallpaper in kitchen

Deco Photo Blog

By following these five design tips, you can incorporate modern floral décor in your home. It’s a fresh, fun trend that I certainly hope stays around for awhile! Now if only slap bracelets would come back in style as well, I’d be one happy gal!”

michelle pic Michelle is the author of the DIY and design blog Ten June and works during the day as an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia. Her passion is all things interior design and she describes her style as young traditional with classic, clean lines and hints of rustic and eclectic elements. 

Thank you Michelle for your five tips on bringing back floral!  Personally I’m a huge fan, and I’m on the hunt for the perfect large scale floral fabric for new window panels in the office.  Any I should add to my growing Pinterest collection

What about you?  Are you a fan of the modern bold floral patterns that are so on trend these days?  




  1. No discussion of large flower prints is complete without at least a small mention of Merimekko – the Finnish design company that grew famous in the 50’s and 60’s for creating this style. It is actually the flower design in the picture above captioned Layla Grayce. That’s the classic.

  2. oh heck no. too soon. I’m still enjoying the palate cleaning whites and grays. I liked some of the pictures, but none that I’d really want to live with just yet. Maybe I’d start with the Decor8 office (with the sweet yellow mantle in the background!) and ease into it.

  3. Michelle exciting images, really exciting, fun, fresh & oh so current!!

    Bravo on a great article!

    I have a feature Interview and Giveaway on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home…I hope you will visit


    Art by Karena

  4. Never been into florals too much because they always looked dated, but now that I’ve seen these gorgeous images, I think I might jump on the floral train very soon! Great post.

  5. I totally agree. I went out and bought these very vivid floral lamp shades to spice up my otherwise neutral room last week. Reading the book Rooms in Bloom inspired me a little. Florals don’t have to be 90’s! It made a huge difference and I love it!

  6. Slap bracelets? I’m on board! ;)

    This was a great post. When I think florals, my mind does automatically go to my Nannie’s flowered furniture from years ago. I think the photos today are excellent examples of making florals current. I can see how as small accent, they totally work…I just wouldn’t do an entire room in them! Good post!

  7. I am taken back to a time when design was at it’s best and I loved it. I also admire the blend of hues in the wallpaper, curtains, pillows (my favorite) and being aware of how they all work together in the big bold patterns. Great choices for your blog. Keep up the good work.

  8. I’m not really into florals, but I think I may have just changed my mind. Those throw pillows in that first photo… be still my heart!

  9. Love the use of floral as an accent in an otherwise neutral room. I prefer the larger scale with only a few bright colors to keep it fresh and modern. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I love the large watercolor-style florals that are in at the moment. And Marrimeko is fantastic (we have a Marrimeko quilt cover on our bed).

    You should check out Florence Broadhurst’s designs. She was an Australian wallpaper designer (as well as actress, painter and other things) who had a very successful company through the 50s, 60s and 70s. She died in mysterious circumstances in 1977. She was quite a woman. Anyway her entire back catalog was bought by Signature Prints, who have been reissuing them over the past decade, as wallpaper, and as fabric. Kate Spade recently used some of Broadhurst’s designs in a recent collection.

    Fantastic over the top modern design.

  11. Also … apologies for the 3 posts … check out You can upload designs and have them digitally printed onto your choice of fabric, or purchase fabric from designers who post there designs there. Excellent if you want something original. There are some amazing designs on there

  12. I LOVE the throw pillows & rugs paired with the more modern geometric prints in some of these rooms. However, I think the really bold floral couches are too much. This still has a strong 80’s vibe in my mind. It seems like that could easily send a room in the wrong direction.

  13. Kate,

    Sadly, my home is guilty of breaking Michelle’s 5th rule -keeping it fresh and modern. I’m trying to de-floral the home we recently bought. I just removed the seashells and roses wallpaper from my bedroom.

    As Michelle demonstrated, clearly florals can be done well. But I won’t be buying a floral couch anytime soon. :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  14. I’ve always liked the idea of florals, but could never live with them . . . and neither could the three men in my life. They are really pretty though as long as they are used sparingly.

  15. i didn’t think i was a floral person, per se, but i LOVE these images- they are bright, happy, collected… and make me rethink floral!

  16. I love the new florals, especially when they’re done well as in the above photos. My personal fav is the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles pic. Love the turquoise with the rustic bench. Great post!

  17. Everything is so vibrant and alive. The floral cloth patterns are eye-popping, but when flowers are on the living room wallpaper, as well, it’s just such a joyous feeling. Definitely my favorite room!

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