20 Creative Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

By Kate Riley May 9, 2012

You all know I love a great DIY project, and for Mother’s Day it’s so nice to take the time to make a Mom feel special with something handmade (or semi handmade).  Here are some ideas I’ve found around the web that I absolutely love and they all make wonderful creative gifts for Mother’s Day. 

creative ideas for mother's day


One of the nicest things you can bring to a Mom is something green and living, right?  Flowers are always lovely, but strawberries are tasty and last longer than a week!  This is a wonderful gift for the mom who loves to garden (or just eat strawberries, hey they’re a low maintenance perennial!).  Be sure to wrap them up in a charming tea towel like these from one of my personal favorite shops, StudioPatro

studio patro plant


Is Mom an avid reader? Make her a beautiful bookmark pairing vintage baubles and velvet ribbon so she’ll remember the page (and you!)

elegant bookmarks mothers day

via Country Living and Velvet Strawberries


For the baker Mom, wrap up some new culinary tools in a colorful mitt, perhaps she’ll invite you to her next home cooked meal.  :) 

oven mitt gift

via Sur la Table


Greet Mom in the morning with some gourmet coffee beans, honey butter, and baked banana bread, wrapped up in pretty packages.

mothers day brunch

via Everyday Occasions


Create some unique and pretty notebooks with scrapbook paper and gold leaf for a lovely addition to her desktop. She’ll always think of you when she goes to make her ‘To Do’ list!

gold leaf notebooks

via Eat Sleep Cuddle


Craft a silhouette necklace framing the profiles of her children to wear around her neck.

silhouette necklace nester

via Nesting Place


All moms need to be reminded why they’re loved, so write it down and hand it over to Mom in a keepsake ring to tell her she’s special. 

ten things i love

via The Creative Place


Find a glass vessel and make your Mom a pretty terrarium with tolerant succulents nestled in sand or soil and moss.  Like the ribbon suggests, attach a handwritten “I love you”.  Extra points for being clever with a “thanks for helping me grow” sentiment. 

open air terrarium vivaterra

Source: Viva Terra


Find a few pretty teacups in an antique store (or buy them new) and melt candle wax to make beautiful teacup candles.  I’ve made these personalized teacup candles for my sister-in-law with microwavable candle wax from a craft store, always a hit! 

teacup candles

via Everything Fabulous


Personalize a herb garden in glazed pots with chalkboard paint with the name of an herb or better yet “I love you Mom!”

chalkboard planter

via Better Homes & Gardens


Memories are preserved for daily viewing with these Polaroid magnets from Mom’s favorite snapshots!


via Ambrosia Girl


Press little fingers into sculpting clay to make a fingerprint keychain or charm

fingerprint charms kimbos crafts

via A Girl and a Glue Gun


If Mom has green thumbs, she’d love a custom gardener’s apron.

gardeners apron sew mama sew

via Sew Mama Sew


Extra Extra!  Read all about the World’s Best Mom award with this Mother’s Day newspaper printable

mothers day newspaper martha stewart

via Martha Stewart


Here are six more creative + crafty ideas from the archives to make Mom feel special!

mothers day craft ideas

From top left, lacquer box lookalikes; lavender sea salt scrub; clay petal vase; fabric lined tray; stamped tea towels; and personalized memory jars.


What’s the most creative gift you’ve ever given (or received) for Mother’s Day?





  1. Hello there,
    I just finished up a new bag for my daughter;s first Mother;s Day! Embellished a plain fabric tote with pretty ribbons to show off pictures of my granddauther (photo windows on the outside of the tote).
    Between fabric glue and a glue gun this was a no sew project. Brag photo tote for a special mom!
    It was so easy and turned out so cute!

    All the best,

  2. LOVE the bookmarks! My mom’s a big reader so I’ll definitely have to give those a try

  3. Such a great selection of ideas, thank you! I’m going to do a version of the coffee beans and gourmet foods basket for my Mum this year.

  4. Love these ideas! I am giving my mom and AJ’s mom a potted herb and some cloth napkins that I’m making. Blogging about it Monday. :)

  5. Some fabulous ideas! I love the strawberry one in particular and I would love to receive that newspaper from my daughter when she gets old enough to draw more!

    2 years ago I made an Inspiration Box full of inspiring and motivating quotes for my mom who can be a bit hard on herself; to this day she loves pulling out a quote when she’s having a bad day!

  6. I absolutely love the idea of the key ring! 10 things I love about you! Great for a Valentine’s day gift also :)

  7. OMG thank you for this post! My sister and I are not feeling very creative this week, and we have been scratching our heads on what to get for our mom. You saved us! I am going to do the coffee/banana bread/etc basket, and she is going to do the herb garden pots. So many awesome ideas all in one post! I am saving this in my Pinterest for next year too.

  8. I love love love the personalized glazed pots and the photo magnets! I think these will be great for any mom and I can’t wait for mother’s day! Thanks for the ideas!

  9. So many clever and sweet gifts for Mom! I cant remember anything quite this clever, done for my Mom. I recall my dad saved a poster I made for him with pictures, for fathers day, not all that long ago. He still had it when he passed away. Bottom line, parents just want to be remembered!

  10. Oh I was so thrilled to see my teacup candles included in your lovely Mother’s Day spread via Everything Fabulous (which I am new to). I did that project for a magazine in Australia and it has been the most popular post I’ve ever done by a country mile. Love your blog, it’s an inspiration.

  11. Great ideas! Thanks for posting. I’m going to make the 10 things key ring, my mom will love it!

  12. So glad you like my velvet bookmark baubles! You have such a fabulous list of gift ideas here, and I’m inspired to try some of these out!
    Thanks again. :-)

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