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By Kate Riley May 11, 2012

Greetings all, I’m down in Southern California for 36 hours (without the kids!) to catch some rays and hang out with some cousins I haven’t seen in years. I’ve been looking forward to this mini getaway for some time and finally scheduled myself some girl time, I might have to do a little shopping while I’m here, yahoo!

This weekend I bring all of you décor lovers a great giveaway brought to you by one of my sponsors, Décor Steals (formerly WUSLU, but upgraded!).  Décor Steals is a unique shopping experience that allows you to purchase home furnishings and accessories at a fraction of their retail price.  They offer a new home décor item or “steal” every day at up to 80% off retail.  To never miss a steal, sign up for their daily email alert!  Shipping is only $5 (in the 48 contiguous states).

Here’s a peek at a few of the cool items recently available in the daily “steals”:decor steals collage

Fantastic right?  This weekend, Décor Steals is giving away two $100 shop credits!

Eligibility to win one of two $100 shop credits to Décor Steals.

1.  Hop over to Décor Steals and name a favorite “steal” in a comment on this post.  It can be the daily steal, extended steal, or one of the pick steals – or name something specific you’re looking for that you’d love to see appear in a daily “steal” coming up in the future.

2.  Share this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter for a second entry.

Giveaway ends Sunday May 13, 2012 at midnight, two winners chosen at random, US and Canada only.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


Winners: #54 Lindsay (at) OfffortheSeason and #339 Sydnie Cunningham



  1. I want the ‘Love You More’ pillow! Would be perfect to giveaway as a wedding gift- and for myself!

  2. I LOVE the glass drink dispenser. I’m imagining all of the yummy drinks I can put in there this summer!

  3. THE CHICKEN WIRE GLOBE!!!!! I’m pretty sure I’m popping back over there to buy it, winning would be rad and I would just have to pick out something else.

  4. Love the metal jar rack! That would look great in a dorm room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. What’s NOT to love!! But my favorite is the Vintage Style Standing Mirror!! Also shared it on FB.

  6. I love the glass drink dispenser… I’ve been looking for something like that to hold my iced coffee!

  7. I like the chicken wire globe and am excited to get my emails with daily deals. I’ve also tweeted about this giveaway.

  8. DIE for the Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Holder Display!! It makes me want to entertain more often! What a great place for people to leave their keys when serving alcoholic beverages from the glass drink dispenser :D

  9. Obsessing over that “love you more” pillow && I hope they sell that framed map of the South. As a southern girl to the core, i would love to have that in my bedroom!

  10. Hard to choose, but I like the double milk crate pots. Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the {Warehouse Vintage} Rusted Feel Chicken Wire Globe

  12. SOOOO excited to stalk this site now. I Love it! And I love their pricing!! I am a map person so of course I would say I like the map first but I have so many ideas of how I could use the vintage hotel key holder! You seriously made my day, I love this!! Thank you!

  13. I want the daily steal!! We had one and my husband used it as a fish tank. There was shells nd foliage and it was actually beautiful and a great decorative piece. But he broke it by filling it with HOT water when the jar was cold. So I would love another one but this time it’s for beverages only lol.

  14. I wanted the “I love you like Biscuits and Gravy” sign that you posted, but I guess it’s not available anymore. Since I’m obsessed with biscuits and gravy, I want them to bring it back in their “daily steal”!

  15. Have been making lots of purchases over at Decor Steals – but would really like the drink dispenser for the lake house – Love most of their steals!!! Thanks

  16. I was disappointed when I went to look for the “i love you like biscuits and gravy” sign. THAT sign is pure love and already has a spot waiting for it. Hope they bring it back soon!

  17. The love you more pillow would be perfect in our master bedroom!

  18. I like the chicken wire globe! So neat.
    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  19. I’m looking for a turquoise ceramic garden stool, the tufted version would be great, but not too Asian looking, something simpler. Can’t wait to see more deals and steals, happy to sign up! Gonna share on fb.

  20. i love the map. mainly because i’m redecorating my boys’ room in a travel theme

  21. I don’t know why, but I’m kind of obsessed with the Rusted Feel Chicken Wire Globe…Love love love it…also this is my first time commenting on your blog, but I’ve read it for awhile. Love your home and style!

  22. As a girl with roots in Texas and Florida, I LOVE that map of the South!

  23. I love the glass drink dispenser and the milk crate style pots and….well all of it! :0)

  24. Oh my word, I LOVE the biscuits and gravy sign pictured above. They need to have that again so I can buy one!

  25. I love the glass drink dispenser, and seeing as how I really have been wanting one for a while now, it would be perfect.

  26. Can I do one better? I will share the last thing I bought. It is a metal crate with 6 glass milk bottles in it that I use for fresh flowers. One of the milk bottles arrived broken and their customer service was excellent, they quickly sent out another bottle.

  27. Loved the, “Love You More” pillow! So cute. I’m glad they updated the name of this site. The WUSLU was a little random.

  28. I really like LOVE YOU MORE pillow!!

    danibrooke42 at gmail dot com

  29. I love so many of their products but the wire milk crates and the metal letter box are favorites.

  30. The drink dispenser is great, especially for my sister’s upcoming bridal shower!

  31. I would love to see a “steal” for some vintage kitchen storage containers. I love the look of the stuff on the site, I’m looking forward to seeing offers come through my inbox!

  32. I love the Warehouse vintage rusted chicken wire globe. I adore Decor Steals!

  33. I love the double milk crate style pots, they would be so cute to put on a kitchen window sill with some pretty flowers or fresh herbs in them.

  34. I’m loving the chicken wire globe! I’d also like to see some fun area rug deals in the future!

  35. The glass drink dispenser would be a great addition to my July 4th bbq I host for the neighborhood!

  36. I like the vintage mirror and the “Love you more” pillow :)

  37. I would love to make the glass drink dispenser and chicken wire globe “steals” of my own! I’m thinking of adapting the globe into a ceiling light!

  38. I like the {Warehouse Vintage} Rusted Feel Chicken Wire Globe
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  39. I love the “love you more” pillow. My best friend often says that to me. I think it would be a great gift for her.

  40. Love today’s deal…..perfect for all the entertaining we do in the warmer months

  41. Summer is coming and that Utilitarian drunk dispenser is calling my name!

  42. thanks for sharing the site, bought the pillow to send to my daughter, it is a phrase we always say to each other. what a great site.

  43. Love the glass drink dispenser – how fun for a party to use several for different, colorful drinks!

  44. I like the chicken wire globe and the utilitarian drink dispenser.

  45. The drink dispenser would be perfect for my birthday party in a few weeks!! :) I might just have to buy it anyways if I don’t win this contest :)

  46. I would love the drink dispenser. It sure would come in handy for summer get-togethers!

  47. The Love you More pillow is really sweet, and would go perfectly with our style. In fact, many of the items listed would!

  48. love the “love you more” pillow because we constantly say that to each other in my family *blush* and love the drink dispenser, because once it gets warm, i make large quantities of fresh lemonade, as well drinks other citrus drinks and iced tea with fresh muddled herbs. serving them like this would be so much easier than sloshing pitchers!

  49. I love the “Love You More” pillow! That would be perfect for the our new den that we are working on.

  50. My daughters have been asking for this steal: {Utilitarian Charm} Glass Drink Dispenser! It would be awesome at our beach cottage filled w/ lemonade. Thanks!

  51. I love you more pillow. Vintage sack…
    Gave me a wonderful idea for mothers day gifts…
    Thank you

  52. steal!
    love the dryer. so french. and of course, i love you more,

  53. Hotel key holder please…love it! So glad to know about this website – thank you.

  54. i love the “Love you more” pillow. I would love to see more pillows with messages on them. I’m trying to help my parents redecorate their home and pillows are much needed!

  55. Love the Double Milk Crate pots but my favorite is the sign in your post that says “I Love You Like Biscuits And Gravy”. Love it. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  56. I love the drink dispenser. It would be wonderful for the summer. Thanks!

  57. I would love to see some patio cushions/decor. I love the style of everything they have now, especially the burlap pillow and the vintage mirror…

  58. I LOVE the chicken wire globe. It would look great in my son’s room filled up with momentos from his travels. He is coming home in 6 weeks from a yearlong trip to Switzerland, Germany, India, and Romania working with relief organizations. (This what he wanted to do his first year post high school….decorating his room is how I deal with some serious separation anxiety. LOL)

  59. i adore the framed map of the south! it makes me homesick for my mother- especially this weekend- since she lives in florida. and i do not. :o(

  60. Hi! I love your blog and I’d love to win this giveaway! I really like the drink dispenser- it would be fun to try different combinations of fruit and herbs in it.

  61. Love the drink dispenser and the “I Love You Like Biscuits And Gravy” sign. Love the originality of everything!

  62. love the counter stool and drink dispenser, great giveaway ty for offering it and Happy Mothers Day!!!

  63. I love this site…can’t believe I didn’t know about it before. The deal of the day, the drink dispensors are cute as can be.

  64. Love the current steal, the glass drink dispenser. Have been wanting one of those! Thanks!


  66. Oooh I love the “I Love You More” pillow! got the perfect place for it too!

  67. My favorite is the “glass drink dispenser.” I am having an outdoor party next month and it would be perfect for Sangria!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  68. I love the “Love you more” pillow! The vintage hotel key holder is pretty awesome too!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  69. Here’s hoping that framed print of the South becomes a steal soon. Love it, love them!

  70. I love the “love You More” pillow, as I say this to my family constantly ;)

  71. I love the “LOVE YOU MORE” feedsack pillow. My bestfriend always tells me that over the phone. I am going to have to get this for her.

  72. Love everything, but if I have to pick it would be the key holder. Not sure where to put it but I’m sure I can find a place!

  73. My favorite is the chicken wire globe…LOVE it! Very worldly…just my style. Shared Decor Steals on Facebook as well. Great giveaway Decor Steals!

  74. I love the style of all of those pieces!!! Love the pillow <3

  75. I LOVE the vintage hotel key display. Such an interesting way to display all those unattractive spare keys!

  76. This site is dangerous! I love the chicken wire globe and pinned that. I picked the vintage mirror! It is so lovely!

  77. I really love this – {Vintage Feedsack Feel} Love You More Pillow – but it had a close follower with the metal planters.

  78. I like the drink dispenser— seems great for entertaining.

  79. I am completely infatuated with the vintage hotel key holder display. I can just picture it in my office above my desk with pictures on ATC cards and little trinkets in between hanging from ribbon and twine from the posts!

  80. The drinks dispenser would be lovely! I can put it to good use at our next party!

  81. vintage style standing mirror for our hallway djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  82. Oh, I love anything with numbers. The big number eye chart caught my eye right away.

  83. How can anyone choose with so many great things to pick from. I love everything!!

  84. i love the chicken wire globe! i have never heard of this site before (decor steals)… thanks for sharing! :)

  85. I LOVE the mirror that is featured under the pick steals section. So cute!

  86. Would love to see more burlap, linen or cotton pillows with french words please.

  87. Love you more pillow is the best! I say that to my kids everyday! Just need a love you most one now…

  88. I love SOOO Much, but my next decor steals purchase would probably be the *HUGE* VINTAGE INSPIRED HOTEL KEY HOLDER DISPLAY — perfect for jewelry!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  89. Love the glass drink dispenser, especially the durable metal spigot! I want 2!

  90. Love the glass drink dispenser…it would be perfect for my upcoming rustic themed wedding :)

  91. {Utilitarian Charm} Glass Drink Dispenser – I’ve been wanting one of these for so long!

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  92. Ah, you are in my neck of the woods….I could have met you in person! Well, enjoy the beach, the sun a (when the fogs clears) and check out our shopping spots…

  93. Loving all your gifts ….the one that court my eye was the….. love you more…… pillow and my children would reply…. love you mostest….brought me back to when they were younger….. !!!!<3

  94. Thank you for turning me onto this website; I wasn’t familiar with it. I’m signed up and ready to shop!! My favorite item today is the *HUGE* Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Holder Display. I love items with “history”.

  95. The metal stools would be perfect for my kitchen!!! I need a little “oomph” in that traditional room!

  96. I really adore the I love you more pillow. I say this to my son who is going into the Army. I think this might just have to accompany him once he graduates boot camp!

  97. The ‘love you more ‘ pillow is great! I’m always saying that to my fiance’!!

  98. I like the Double Milk Crate Pots since I am always looking for new ways to use old things. I also like the I love you like Biscuits and Gravy.

  99. I’m loving the glass drink dispenser…perfect for summer parties!

  100. Love the double milk-crate container. Envision using something like this in my craft room.

  101. My Favorite item of all was a tray they had at one time. Runner up is the “Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Holder Display”.

  102. I like the current daily steal – I could use that glass drink dispenser at a baby shower I’m hosting!

  103. ooh..I want the glass drink dispenser that comes up on the main page–been wanting one like that for a long time!!! and i have so much mint to put in it!

  104. i looove today’s steal the “GLASS DRINK DISPENSER” it’d be great for summer parties!

  105. I shared on facebook as well! Have a great getaway weekend! Thanks again for the try! Laura

  106. I love the “Love you more” pillow… my husband and i always do that to each other when we say I love you… try to out do the other and actually for his wedding present i got him a watch that had “I love you most, always” written on it. :)
    Also I think Im just gonna have to buy that glass dispenser I’ve been looking for one for way to long so thanks for sharing!

  107. I love the Rusted Feel Chicken Wire Globe. So many decorating possiblities with that beauty!

  108. Wow – awesome giveaway! I especially like the framed map of the south! Thanks!

  109. Wow- love lots and lots of goodies – but I love the key holder and the clock

  110. Love the framed map of the south! Being a southerner, it is the perfect decor accent in our home!

  111. My daughters and I tell each other “I love you”, the response is always “I love you more”, and then “I love you most”. I love this pillow and am ordering it right now!

  112. the cupcake stands are super cute. I can think of so many things to do with those.

  113. A son-in-law loves biscuits and gravy so would love to give him the biscuits and gravy sign! Neat ideas.

  114. I shared on Facebook … this is such a fun thing. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Happy Mother’s Day,

  115. As soon as I saw the “LOVE YOU MORE” pillow, I felt a big grin coming on. To this day, my son tells me that as we say goodbye on the phone. I think it was the Chip and Dale cartoons? Fun site, btw, and I look forward to all the fun “steals”!
    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

  116. HaHa, I went to the website and what do I see? A pillow that is just right for my daughter. I ALWAYS say that to her “Love you more” so … I bought it! I would love a gift card to buy more. I did like the twin pots. Very cute :)

  117. I really like the double milk crate style pots, although my favorite would have been the stool in your collage here (I couldn’t find it on the site).

    Great giveaway!

  118. I am loving the cupcake stands! I always need another excuse to make cupcakes :)

  119. I love the Love You More Pillow for how it looks, but love it even more (ha, ha) for the description of how it will feel: not scratchy like real burlap but soft like linen. Sounds divine!

  120. Really like the Love You More pillow….can’t ever have enough throw pillows, eh?

  121. I LOVE the ‘*HUGE* Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Holder Display’! It would help with all my husband’s keys!

  122. Love that drink dispenser you featured! How fun would that be to have for parties?!

  123. Gotta have that “Love You MORE” pillow. I have two boys (10 & 11), who I ADORE, and we say that phrase in our house as many times a day as we say “I Love You”…and that’s a lot of times a day!!!

    Enjoy your mini-getaway this weekend!


  124. Great giveaway! I would like to see a large antiqued school map, or a vintage eye chart.

  125. So much to love there! I’d go with the hotel key holder display, but would be happy with anything from that adorable site!

  126. Love this site…if I had to choose I would go with the map or the cupcake stands or the glass jar holder..but the pillow…love you more is what I always say!

  127. My absolute fave is the Vintage Feedsack Feel Love You More Pillow!! My family has been saying this to each other for years!!! My daughters last name is Moore so we all add another “O” when we print it to her!!! Cracks her up every time!!

  128. I love the map of the states in the gulf area. I lived most of my life in Louisiana where I raised my children and used maps to teach them. Now I live in Arkansas now and will use this vintage map to tell my story to my grand kids!

  129. I think the mini cupcake stands are adorable! I also really like the “Love you more” pillow. Neat stuff and giveaway!! Thanks!

  130. A previous “Steal” was the farmhouse wire basket set. They were perfect!

  131. I always say “Love you more” to my girls. So this would be perfect for us!

  132. Love the key holder…such a great look! Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. The clocks they sell are to die for. There recently an amazing one for under $100!

  134. I would absolutely choose the love you more pillow. My mom died four years ago and those were her last words to me!

  135. I abs love those white cupcake stands…thanks for your generosity! Jean from south jersey…

  136. Why are choices so hard? I’ve narrowed it down to the drink dispenser or the upcake stands. I get their e-mail daily and the just have the best stuff! Have fun in sunny Ca.

  137. I would like to see those metal stools that you should a picture of them carrying.

  138. Love the antique white ceramic cupcake stands – they would be adorable used for a little girl’s birthday party, a baby shower, or any other special occasion!

  139. I love the standing mirror with vintage accents!!! Would go in my new walk in closet!
    kkseholm (at) yahoo (dot) com

  140. I also “shared” this on my facebook wall!!!
    kkseholm (at) yahoo (dot) com

  141. I love the vintage hotel key holder…would be perfect in my laundry room!

  142. I liked the milk buckets and vintage mirror. I’d love to see more things like that.

  143. The vintage looking key holder would be my pick. I think I’d use it as a jewelry organizer.

  144. My favorite: the *HUGE* VINTAGE INSPIRED HOTEL KEY HOLDER DISPLAY….I have the perfect spot for it; it’s fantastic.

  145. I love the pick steal standing vintage mirror. It is so cute and has so much character!

  146. So cute and loved them all. Seriously. Would love a framed map of the whole U.S., but that pillow that says Love You More…so cute!! Thanks for the chance and showing the site!!

  147. I love the “I Love You More” pillow!!! I always say it to my boys when we say “I love you” <3

  148. Love the love you more pillow and miniature cake stands! So adorable.

  149. I’m a southern girl at heart, so definitely the map of the south!

  150. It is so hard to choose between the clock and the pillows. Love this giveaway!

  151. I love love love the antique metal bottle dryer! So bummed I missed it. Thanks Girl for the heads up on this site. How do you find this stuff???

  152. I love them all, but the love you like biscuits and gravy. That is my live for my hubby and our baby boy and new baby girl.

  153. I like today’s steal..Chippy Black Side-table Stool With Storage. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  154. Cool site! I love the combo stool/storage table. Dual purpose items have always been a fave of mine.

  155. I love today’s Pick- The Chippy Black Side Table-Stool with storage. These would be perfect as side tables next to my sofa!

  156. I am loving the vintage hotel inspired key holder! So perfect for holding all those keys lying around the house!

  157. Since I have several of the feed sack pillows, I’m leaning towards the bar stools or the glass beverage dispenser. Such great stuff!

  158. Beautiful items! I love the cupcake stands and the love you more pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  159. I love so much of their stuff. The piece I missed that I still kick myself over is the dough bowl they had right before Christmas- awesome!

  160. Definitely the cupcake stands. I have a thing for cake stands & making cupcakes, so love those cupcake stands.

  161. I have the perfect place for the Key Holder – love it! I didn’t know about this site and signed up for their email notices.

  162. I love the milk crate style pots, but the love you more pillow is sweet too!

  163. Please, please!!! I hope it’s me!!! I LOVE decor steal!! I LOVE the clock but absolutely anything will do as I LOVE everything!!

  164. Love all their products, I get the daily e-mails and have ordered several things, great for my home and gifts as well! I love the cupcake stands..those would be fun! Sue

  165. I love the chippy stool. I think it would make a great bedside table for my son’s new dorm room!

  166. Love the glass drink container as well as many other things. I shop there often (too often really;-)

  167. Gosh, I love them all, but I think the Standing mirror with vintage style is my favorite. I could never have too many mirrors! :)

  168. Those cupcake stands are ADORABLE. They are calling for a bridal shower to participate in.

  169. Love, love, love the ‘Love You More’ pillow, and $16.50 really is a steal!

  170. I like the cupcake stands! I could use them for so many different things!

  171. I love the cupcake stands that are on an extended steal. I love when they offer vintage alarm clocks too!

  172. I would love the glass holder thing-y. Would look so nice on my counter! Thank you for the chance to win. Happy Mother’s day

  173. Love the double milk crate pots and the water jug from a couple of days ago.

  174. The cupcake stands are adorable. Also love the wire crate and pots. Fun giveaway-thanks!

  175. I’m super loving the VINTAGE INSPIRED HOTEL KEY HOLDER DISPLAY. I could be used for so many other little collections other can keys!

  176. I always want the little wooden pedestal with the glass dome topper – can’t for the life of me remember what it is called right now – must need to go to bed!

  177. I can’t decide which I like better – the vintage hotel key holder or the double milk crate style pots in the Pick Steals category…

  178. I really like the vintage hotel key holder and I also love the antique white ceramic cupcake stands!

  179. I couldn’t wait and had to order the “love you more” pillow…so cute! Will definately be ordering from them in the future.

  180. I really like the “Love You More” pillow! It would look great on my bed! Thanks for the chance to win.

  181. I would say the Love You More pillow. So many cute things , though. Hard to pick a fav!

  182. I would say the Love You More pillow. So many cute things , though. Hard to pick a favorite!

  183. The Antique White Ceramic Cupcake Stands are so cute! I would love to give them as a gift to my sister.

  184. I would love to see a bench for the foot of my bed or lighting of some sort! But I always love the clocks.

  185. That hotel key holder is awesome! I would love to see a steal on a some small stools.

  186. I would love to see some fun metal kitchen stools and maybe a cosy bergere for in front my fireplace!

  187. I love the little cupcake stands! So sweet and perfect for a party!

  188. I love the framed map! I wish I would’ve ordered it!! So mad I didn’t! :(

  189. I am seriously thinking of buying the feed sack pillow, because anytime I talk to my 6 year old grandson, he tells me he loves me, and I respond, I love you more and his comments is love you back

  190. I LOVE this site! I signed up for their daily email months ago and recently purchased a fab chalkboard for my kitchen. Another fave that I would love to have is the cupcake pedestals.

  191. It is soooo hard to choose just one thing! But since they don’t have the biscuit and gravy sign anymore, I think I like the antique standing mirror.

  192. I love this site! I’ve been on the email list for a while and have purchase a few things! I love the cupcake pedestals!

  193. I get their e-mails regularly and was very interested in the water dispenser, but when I opened it, it was a black wooden stool! I actually could use the water dispenser as I live in a cabin with no running water and must carry my water from a spring. Teddee

  194. I am absolutely loving the Antique White Ceramic Cupcake Stands!!! So darling!

  195. i love the steal of the day- the mirror with the bird. I also love the key display- so cool!

  196. I love the “love you more” pillow!! My kids say this to my mother-in-law all the time!!

  197. I would love to see a “bottle tree” on a Steal! Thanks for the opportunity to win :-)

  198. Absolutely the vintage hotel key rack – I’m picturing layers of necklaces on it that would just enhance the whole look!

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