Harvest Porch

By Kate Riley October 5, 2011

Well, it is finally done. Nothing like a series of link parties to kick my booty in gear for the autumn season. Sarah is hosting the final get together, so I added some autumn touches to the front porch.  Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy this season!

I’m completely embracing all of the fall hues this year with no regard for one color and no playing favorites. Bring on the all the harvest colors I say ~ burgundy, yellow, orange, green, and aubergine.  No muted or monotone color palette this year, I felt like throwing all of them together. Hey, if the rug can do it, shucks, so can I.

fall front porch centsational girl


I swapped out the white iron benches that have sat on the porch for years for my wine barrel side tables. I’m in a ‘use what you’ve got’ kind of mood and these came from the outdoor cabana which we retired due to the oncoming rains. The cabana will return next year, so I made use of the half barrels on the porch instead ~ how very harvesty of me.

fall porch left side barrel cg


I made a trip to the local pumpkin patch for some fairytale pumpkins and picked up a few more mini gourds at the local market. 

pumpkins on barrel cg

fall porch right side cg

fall porch pumpkin medley cg


Some lanterns from Lowes I found in summer are suspended from the overhang, we will light them up when visitors come over and on Halloween night!  On the door is my simple autumn berry wreath.

hanging lanterns on porch cg


Hey guess what?  Remember when I painted the front door and threshold?  Well that threshold is holding up great!  There are a few minor scratches, but no touch ups to date – so far so good.  There’s hope for any of you who want to change the color of yours if the mood strikes.

centsational girl fall porch


I forget what those whitish plants under the pumpkin are called, but they’re still thriving even though the summer annuals are gone, so I just plopped the big ol’ pumpkin in there for now.  I’m thinking I’ll carve some spooky eyes peeking out for Halloween night…mooo ha ha. 

wine barrel with pumpkins cg

I mentioned the rug earlier, it’s been around for awhile. I picked it up two years ago at Pier One, and bring it out every autumn.  You can see it in this porch scene with pumpkin topiaries from 2009 and under last year’s magnolia leaf wreath.

This rounds up all the fall decorating for the link parties ~ be sure to see all the fall mantels at Layla’s, door decor at Rhoda’s, and visit the fall crafts gallery with over 400 inspirational links, wow.

fall link party badge 2

Linking up to Sarah’s Outdoor Ideas Party


happy its fall

Wishing you all a lovely autumn season.

Happy Fall Y’all !!




  1. What a beautiful and welcoming fall porch! I got home from the hospital and my youngest 2 already decorated for Halloween so I guess I will be decorating in November. he he
    Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. Love what you have done and I especially like your use of “Dusty Miller” plants with the pumkins. My dad grew that all over the place and we used it all year long with seasonal decor. Sea Witch

  3. I’m glad to hear the paint is holding up, I want to paint mine. I painted the kick plate this weekend, threshold next! Love the colorful entrance and the wine barrels! It all looks great.

  4. Beautiful, I love those barrels. The white plant is dusty miller. Here in NC, it does well in the winter & a lot of people plant them amongst pansies.

  5. I rarely leave a comment, but I just had to jump in and say what a gorgeous porch this is! I have such a huge porch that it makes it hard (not complaining…Lordy I know everyone wants a huge porch and I am BLESSED!) to decorate for the seasons. I love the upside down barrels…it fills the space and doesn’t look like a bunch of little things. Terrific! Lisa~

  6. You always have the best & most gorgeous displays! Love it! Great idea using the barrels, I like the blue hue on them & the rug definetly ties it all together! Your pictures always look so good to! Have a great night :)

  7. Oh wow that looks gorgeous!! I especially love the barrels!!! I’ve never seen a “green” pumpkin. I’m going to the pumpkin patch with the kiddies tomorrow, going to keep an eye out for that:D

  8. Every color playing well together! Very pretty Kate.
    Happy Fall to you ….

  9. Your front porch looks amazing! I love that you mixed all the colors together. It makes such a lovely look.

  10. Oh my word, you did an amazing job!! I love your porch! And that front door color looks lovely with all the other color going on around it. Oh, such loveliness.

  11. Kate, I wish I were your neighbor! You’ve got such a lovely home and perfect decorations! I also wish it were warm enough here in Idaho to keep flowers growing all year round. Only things that grows here in the winter are pine trees!

  12. Oh my goodness, I was just telling Myra that your porch looks like it came from a magazine, or should be in a magazine for that matter. SO gorgeous I love it!!! Ahhh and your photos are just amazing, as always. :)

  13. It is all beautiful Kate!! I love your eye for design and balance.

    I hope you come visit & tell me what you think of my fall decor…..so far!


    Art by Karena

  14. Your front porch looks fantastic. I love that you used things you had on hand along with natural elements.
    I actually got some of the same lanterns at Lowe’s this summer. I had not really found a place for them yet, but I love the idea of hanging them outside. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I have just one question – do you eat the pumpkins? LOL (from Australia and not at all familiar with ‘Fall’) :)

  16. Looks very cute and fun.

    Those whitish plants are known as dusty miller or silver dust (scientific name senecio maritima).

  17. The whole display is gorgeous! I LOVE the colors in your rug. Want to share where you picked up that gem? :)

    • Hey everyone, the rug as I mentioned came from Pier One two years ago, I bring it out every autumn!

  18. Beautiful entrance to your home. So colorful and welcoming. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas…now, I need to get to work!

  19. Looks great!

    I planted those white flowers last year in my garden, and before I could get to them to remove them the snow fell. So they were stuck there through the winter. To my surprise this spring….they came back and got about 2 feet high!

    So you can keep them and they should come back bigger and better next year!

  20. I love your porch! My threshold is black but with a bunch of underneath wood showing! I need to paint it! Any tips? I’d really like it to last as lond as possible! I also love the photo of your kids!

  21. Oh I love the pumpkins. I need to get my arse over to the local mart and get some for Thanksgiving. Your porch is beautiful and I would love to see your neighbors’ faces when they see you dragging out the new stuff for the holidays…

    • Hey Di, I spend money on the pumpkins of course, they range from $1 to $8 each around here. The rug and barrels were already mine. Mums come from my local Lowes, they run $6 to $9 each depending on the size.

  22. FYI- your last post that came through my RSS feed was “Autumn in the Dining Room”. If I’m the only one then YAY but just in case I wanted to let you know.

  23. Gorgeous! As always, your colour choices and your use (and re-use) of items you already have are no inspiring. I love that you repurposed your wine barrels!

    If it was “my home”, I’d paint the door a deeper colour (deep red, russet, dark grey…..sumpthin’) as it looks “washed out” to me.

    It’s our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here in the Great White North and I plan on sprucing up the front of my home to celebrate this “holiday” season.

  24. Gorgeous front porch! i am in love with the use of the wine barrells out there w/the pumpkins! I too am hosting an outdoor fall decor party & would love to have you link up! xoox, racie

  25. Hello Kate, I remember seeing this last year & thinking it looked so pretty. Now I’m noticing that bhg.com has featured it again & it still looks so great. {My black & white damask pumpkins were also in the slideshow – such a thrill to be featured alongside you!}

    Warmly, Michelle

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