Fan-tastic! Hutch Makeover

By Kate Riley March 23, 2011

When Jesyka sent over this buffet and hutch transformation I was totally and completely wowed.  Refurbishing these old treasures is all the rage, and they are easy to prime and paint, but Jesyka created something really special with this one-of-a-kind makeover. 







I love everything about this piece!  Not only did Jesyka paint it the perfect robin’s egg blue (that she mixed herself), but her choice of three different knobs complement each other so nicely.  And that pop of gold paint?  Swoon.   How about that incredible wallpaper!  Love that wallpaper!  Psych.  Not wallpaper.  Shelf liner.  Brilliant!

Jesyka also added lighting and changed that fixed middle window into an operating door.   Jesyka, Jesyka, you’re just a girl after my own heart. 

LOVE this.



Don’t miss her birdcage chandelier hanging from the ceiling that’s a wee stroke of genius.   Go on, hop over to visit Jesyka and give her big props for this inspiring piece.  Bravo!




  1. Gorg-eous!! Every time I visit this site I want to take the living room makeover we’re working on to another level. Too bad we still rent. That would make me a fool! LOL! So instead I dream through your blog. Thank you!

  2. I have almost exactly the same hutch. It was dumped on me when an elderly aunt passed away and I have lugged it around for 25 years. I have always hated it, but hesitated to paint since I never really felt it was mine.
    Now maybe it’s time to take full ownership of it and paint away.

    I do have a question concerning the glass doors. How do you replace the rubber stripping that holds the glass in? I have another hutch I am about to work on but the rubber stuff is shot. Thanks!

  3. Boy, she put a lot of work into that! High 5 to her…great choice in color and knobs. Shelf paper, who would of thought!

  4. I’m melting looking at that piece.

    I can’t wait til it warms up here in Chicago, and I can take my old wine cabinet outside and give her a facelift.

    Archiving this for inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Kate!

  5. Lol sorry I think its hideous. I like the blue but the wallpaper is just too much for me. Each to their own though, and its certainly a beautifully finished piece.

  6. This look so beautiful! My mother-in-law has a similar hutch – I’m hoping she’ll tire of it and pass it along to me now! :)

  7. So amazing! I also have almost the exact same hutch sitting in my dining room right now – my grandma gave it to me when she moved out of her house. It doesn’t match ANYTHING in my house, but this makes me think all it needs is a little paint and shelf liner!

  8. When I first saw the before photo, I thought no way could you transform this enough to remove the dated look…but she did! This piece is gorgeous in it’s new outfit. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. wow! you are right – these types of makeovers are so popular right now, but she really did go the extra mile.i love the blue/gold combo! hey, by the way, i did a pattern similar to your trellis pattern yesterday! check it out. :)

  10. The colour is fantastic… I was fully expecting it to be painted white but was pleasantly extra surprised. The wallpaper/lining looks perfect with the hutch.

  11. Beautiful! I have a solid walnut dresser from the 40’s that I stripped…I want to paint it but I’m scared. This inspires me!

  12. I think it is stunning! Beautiful color (one of my favorites), the gold is a nice touch and the paper, very clever. I love the transformation. Jesyka did a wonderful job!

  13. I personally love how this looks, but it damages the wood permanently, no? I guess fear of covering really nice wood with paint just freaks me out… advice?

  14. OMG! This is totally AMAZING!!!!

    I would have passed that crappy thing up in a heartbeat–but after seeing the transformation I am banging my head on the desk:) This is so beautiful and I feel completely inadequate in the creative department when it comes to furniture.

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