Winter Willow Wreath

By Kate Riley November 20, 2010

Hiya folks!  I’m in the mood for something more whimsical, less traditional this year for the front door Christmas wreath!

cg winter wreath blue ornaments


Since we’re not hosting Thanksgiving, the fall magnolia wreath came down (held up all season!) and the wintery white wreath is up!  This one I made with three kinds of branches, faux snow, some springs and small ornaments found at my local craft store.  I’m mixin’ up the real and the fake, that’s how I roll.


cg winter wreath




Here’s the quick play by play.  I started with a $3 dollar grapevine wreath.  To the base, I added some borrowed branches from mother nature that I clipped from a shrub.

natural branches


I found some fun silver curly willow at the craft store, and clipped it to fit inside the other branches.  Completely loving those curls.


curly willow


Next came a bit of flocking or faux snow, this stuff is fun, but best to spray outdoors on a tarp.  I’m thinking our tree may get a dose of it for the first time this year.  You can find it at craft stores, I found mine at Michaels for $3 dollars a can.  It goes pretty far too . . I have about 2/3 of a can left, yay!!



Now is a good time to secure all your branches together with floral wire (should have done it before I sprayed the faux snow, not after!!!)

floral wire


I added a few wintery springs found at the local craft store . . .

  faux springs


Then some glittered pinecones and blue ornaments for a pop of color !


cg branches and pinecones


cg wreath blue pinecone


There’s my whimsical wintery white wreath . . .

cg front door wreath door open

  Total cost = $20 dollars !

  cg winter branch wreath


If you want to know how I hang my wreath, I use a trusty 3M hook ~ you can see it up close if you check out last year’s welcome wreath.


swirl snip

The Week of Giveaways starts tomorrow afternoon . .

So many goodies up for grabs ~ see ya then !



  1. love, love it, i will have to give it a try, i love the blue oraments on it. thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful…that is one of the prettiest wreaths I have ever seen. Love the pop of the blue against the white.

  3. Love the added branches, pop of blue, and light dusting of snow on the pinecones. It’s so fun to see a twist on the typical grapevine wreath!

  4. Gorgeous. Really lovely!! I’m loving white/silver this year too. Matter of fact, I’m working right now on the white one of three different ways to style my mantel this year. One of the ornaments I’m using keeps falling down. Good times. :-) shaunna

  5. So very pretty and just the right touch of blue. It’s mystical all silvery and snowy… I can feel the icy cold!

  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! And I spent 3 hours in Michaels today grabbing ornaments paints and other nicknacks to start our christmas baskets, looked at the snow spray but passed it up!!!!! Luckilly I’ll be back tommorrow so I’ll grab a wreath to make one for my mommy! :)

  7. I am not usually into holiday wreaths, but this is gorgeous! With the touches of blue and coat of white spray paint, it’s very true to your wonderful style, too :)

  8. Fake snow looks so modern. Who knew?! I am going to have to seriously think about my Christmas mantle. All of that white would look so good w/ the navy wall. . .Hmmmm.

  9. Very pretty, Kate! I love the dusting of snow with the pop of pretty blue and touch of whimsy! The curly willlow is fun. It really looks nice on your front door.

  10. Amazing. I am not a fan of the holiday blue but this wreath has just the right amount agains the snowy whiteness. I’m sold! Oh and I already picked up a can of snow a few days ago! And aside from the beautiful wreath I’m still trying to get my breath back from your stairs. I just love love love them! Have I mentioned how badly I can’t wait to be a homeowner again?! Soon…. soon….

  11. Yay! I was looking for a wreath just like this but they are all so expensive!!! I’m so excited to see this DIY version! Thanks for posting!

  12. So beautiful! I was looking for something just like this! Where did you find a grapevine wreath??

  13. Oh, I really love this! I love the addition of the branches and I might have to pick up some flocking snow too. Great job again!

  14. It’s beautiful! I am thinking of going with a silver and blue (white too of course) this year. I haven’t unpacked the Christmas boxes yet tho (I am hosting Thanksgiving) so we’ll see how my plan goes. Love the look!

  15. It´s absolutely gorgeous and the blue is just the right touch! I wish I could do something like that, sadly I think my 10 thumbs may give me trouble… :-)

  16. I am really drawn to the blue and white contrast. This wreath can see you through the entire winter season. Gorgeous! La

  17. I love it! Somehow I will incorporate it in my Christmas weath this year. Thanks so much for posting this.

  18. Just beautiful Kate! I too love the faux snow!! Be careful using it indoors on your regular tree, it can be flameable. I too would love a tree covered in it, but have been a bit leary after reading the can. We used it on wreaths, twigs and pincecones last year.

  19. Hi Kate! I used the snow because it falls ‘like snow’ on the branches and up close isn’t shiny like paint, more powdery. But white spray paint on branches is equally as glam, in fact, I’ll be using spray paint on other branches this season.


  20. Beautiful! I’ve never done wreaths much because of the storage issue… do you have any tricks? You must have many wreaths… do you store them all together? Do they need a little fine tuning each year when you bring them out?

  21. Hello Brooke! Yes, I have several wreaths ~ I use a canvas wreath storage holder I found a few years ago in an ‘after Christmas’ sale. It’s the perfect shape, and like a suitcase, so I just store them all in the holder in the closet! Places like Home Depot, Kmart, Walmart and Target have them.

  22. Love it and am going to do something similar this year. I’m sick of my silly old wreath and it’s sick of me! I also love the 3M hook….I am getting one as I have a door similar to yours. Yippee!!

  23. Kate, not to get off subject, but YOUR STAIRCASE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! We are in the looong process of rebuilding our farmhouse’s delipadated stairs and I have been invisioning something like yours! I was concerned about staining the treads so dark (beautiful!) until we are able to refinish our lighter oak floors, but now I know that we should go for it! Fabulous, girl!

  24. Gorgeous wreath!! I am on a wreath-mission this year! Have posted a few times myself about “Project Perfect Wreath” :) This is just lovely. Will bookmark for next year!

    I am new to the blogging world – am enjoying your blog!


  25. I love the blue fabric in those pillows on the couch “3. Hanging out with my munchkins.” Can you share where to buy those fabrics?

    Also — Can you tell me if you had to paint a primer on your recent kitchen FREE chandelier before you painted it “Shell white?” I have one sitting in the garage forever, and i really need to get some paint on it. But is priming absolutely necessary on brass?

    Thank you so much for the thoughts and inspirations!

  26. Super cute, I need to come up with a different wreathe, but I am going to wait until next week to do so. We are hosting Thanksgiving and Holiday decorating will come next after that!

  27. Ummm…..Thank You!!! I will certainly be making one of these this year! Love the snow idea. My mom sprayed this in the corners of our windows for the holidays. We don’t get much snow here!

  28. That is spectacular!! I definitely have to try my hand at this – I’ve used the same wreath for a several years now. Maybe it’s time to give it rest!

  29. GORGEOUS!! I love the white snowy look. Maybe because it’s been snowing here most of the day! Gives me a different idea for my front door this year.

  30. Just love this wreath…so refreshing ;) Especially since it’s not all covered with ribbon…I think I’m over the ribbon as the ultimate holiday trim…lol

  31. wow what a gorgeous wreath! i’ve been wanting to make a holiday wreath for a while now but never got around to it. this is inspiring me to start one!

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