Simple Pleasures: Climbing Roses

By Kate Riley May 2, 2010

A few years ago, we planted a Cecile Brunner climbing rosebush to cover a patch of fence.  This weekend it is in full bloom ! 

Flowers are meant to be shared, so here’s a few glimpses of its beauty:  


roses 11


roses 12

roses 6


roses 7


roses 3


roses 4


Cecile Brunner roses make wonderful climbers, and put on a show all summer long . . .

sunset cecil brunner Source


. . . and how irresistible is a vase filled with garden roses?  

cecil brunner rosenotes typepadSource


What’s your favorite rosebush in your garden ?




  1. Wow that rose bush is gorgeous! I have a few climbing roses that I planted last year. I hope they do as well as yours. Thanks for sharing your pictures, they make me smile.

  2. Beautiful!! Looks like a little cottage in the wilderness from a fairytale. Someday I hope my garden is as nice.

  3. Those are beautiful!!! I’m going to planting climbing roses this summer as well. Hopefully they’ll take and grow as beautifully as yours have.

  4. gorgeous – I have a Zepherine Drouhin climbing rose – it’s pink also but a brighter pink and just love her.

  5. Oh the Cecile Brunner has always been one of my favorites, it is just gorgeous, and your pictures prove it! The favorite rose in my yard so far is my Queen Elizabeth – its a fair pink at first bloom then leans towards a beautiful hot pink, and just smells lovely. Thank you for the beautiful pics!

  6. Oh, where do I start!
    I LOVE Margaret Merrill, a fragrant white hybrid/florabunda with shapely blossoms (I’ll never understand how Iceberg has romped away in popularity). Albertine of course, Cécile Brunner, Climbing Lady Hamilton just for the name!
    I have planted New Dawn but it doesn’t like the aspect, too exposed I think, but I’m sentimental about it as I had it in London. The big surprise for me is rosamutabilis chinensis which has romped right over my arbour even though it is supposed to be a small shrub!

    ANY David Austen rose: I just haven’t even tried them in California, my garden is rock at a 45 degree angle, south facing and very exposed to wind and salt.

    Have you noticed how beautiful the roses are right now in Marin and Sonoma and Napa, with the late rain?

  7. Kate, they are gorgeous, they appear to have grown so quickly!! Beautiful shade of pink!

    Art by Karena

  8. I have always loved Cecil Brunner roses. My mom had one when I was a little girl that grew up he trellis by the walkway. And so when I finally had a home of my own and was able to plant a climber, I chose this rose once again. It brings back my childhood.

    My own personal favortite rose tho is Double Delight and Ive left those at every house I ever had and hope to plant some here at my new home once again. Yrs. ago I had a Drs. appt. and when I walked in the office I smelled roses. I couldnt see them tho. But when I got to the nurses station I asked her about the smell. She pointed to 3 roses in a vase and I was stunned. They perfumed the whole office. From that moment I was hooked. They are pretty roses and very fragrant.

  9. I only have one knock-out rose bush! I am serious! I need to work on the outside of my house so badly! I want to plant a bunch of flowering plants so I can fill up the vases in my home. Just another thing on my list to do…
    Your roses look fabulous!

  10. Looks beautiful!
    A friend mentioned that the cold weather we’ve had so far this year in Northern CA has been very helpful for roses – something about keeping the bugs away, I think.
    We have a bunch in our garden (none as lovely as this) and they’re looking pretty nice, too.

  11. Beautiful display of flowering roses! What a successful planting that was! I am jealous!

  12. i love this rose. i have new dawns all over the place and they are great climbers. i just bought a bunch of wave thorn roses and am having trouble finding a place to plant them!

  13. Your rose bush is just beautiful!! I’ve been nurturing a few rose bushes (climbing I think) that were here when we purchased our home last year. It looks like they’ve been around for several years and just haven’t been taken care off. Do you have any tips on care, etc.? I don’t know a whole lot about roses, but I do pretty well with other flowers so I’m hoping to have the same luck with roses. I’ve pruned the dead off, but that’s about it besides watering. What would you recommend for climbing too? Thanks for any help!

  14. Gosh, those photos make me happy!

    I planted several multi-colored shrub roses last year. They are prolific bloomers with small blossoms in a variety of pink and peach hues.

  15. That is just gorgeous! I only have 2 scraggly ole bushes from the previous owner. I would love something like these hanging over our fence. I did give 2 cabbage rose bushes to my sister as a house warming, can’t remember the name. But boy do they bloom profusely!

  16. My favorite rosebush is the one growing in my imagination. ;) I would LOVE to have some rose bushes bordering my fence, but I’ve never worked with them before…not sure how much work they’d require. Love the climbers!!

  17. The stars must have all aligned this season because the crop of roses is nothing short of incredible! Your climbers are no exception. We started ours in the front and back this season and althoug they are tiny compared to yours, it is such a thrill to see new blooms every day. What a blessing!

  18. Gorgeous roses! I’ve had no luck with rosebushes…bought a book of of Amazon and everything :) Yours look great!

  19. We used to have a Cecille Bruner rose at our old house, but the darn thing bloomed quickly and it was allll over. Yours is lovely.

    Warm blessings,

  20. absolutely gorgeous, I am awestruck and want them all over my fence. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  21. OH MY MY! GORGEOUS! I really feel like I can smell them from here! Please write a post on what you CAN’T do. you are beginning to sound unreal! HEE HEE! (Please don’t say you can play the piano, violin, cello or sing. Please don’t show me your sports trophies. Please don’t say you can whip up a mean …anything!)

    But seriously, I love following your website… :))

  22. Double Delight (Jackson Perkins hybrid tea rose) It is creamy white to yellow at the base of the petals with red tips. Mr. Lincoln is my favorite red and Touch of Class is a very close second to Double Delight….okay maybe my favorite. It’s a pinkish coral color with petals that are lacy at on the tips and it grows without too much fuss and has a nice fragrance as well. The blooms are beautiful at all stages and the fragrance is amazing! My grandparents had a rose garden with 300 bushes in it, it is where my husband proposed to me. Needless to say I could name a few that I love.

  23. Wonderful pictures! I have a rosebush that’s barely living. I have a bit of a black thumb. Not sure what type of roses they are, but when they happen to produce a bloom, it’s beautiful.

  24. We currently live in a rental house but are so thankful that the previous occupants loved to garden so our yard is filled with flowering bushes, including 13 rose bushes! From deep rose red to true pink to yellow with the edges tinged the faintest blush pink, I love them all! But have to admit my favorite are the yellows :-) I’m a novice when it comes to roses and have no idea what their names are. I just enjoy them!

  25. Lucky lucky girl – they are gorgeous! We have not planted any roses, but these are going to have to be on the list!

  26. Have you seen the David Austin rose, “Abraham Darby”? Its petals shade from pink to apricot, and there can be over 80 petals on one rose! Their fragrance is beyond compare, and a few cut roses in my living room perfume half the house. I’m no photographer, but there are many fabulous photos to be found on the internet. I am fortunate to have a bed with three Abraham Darby’s, growing on 8 foot trellises we built ourselves. I wish you were here to see them in all their spring glory.

  27. My hands down favorite is Zephirine Drouhin; an old fashioned rose, nearly thornless and blooms with as little as 3-4 hours of sun! And the scent? Heavy, sweet, and raspberry-ish!

  28. Just lovely – thanks for sharing! Have you been to Vintage Gardens (antique & extraordinary roses) in Sebastopol? ( Check them out – I also love a pink climber called “The Fairy”.

  29. Cecille Bruner has always been one of my favorites. I planted one last year but it’s just limping along—may need to move it. One of my favorites is the John F. Kennedy with its huge white blooms and intoxicating scent.

  30. We have a very full rose bush in the front of our house with tiny hot pink blooms. It isn’t in bloom yet and since we didn’t plant it, I have no idea what it is. Yours is amazing!

  31. I have several hybrid tea roses that I love in my yard. Also, a lot of people have rose bushes here that are called knock-out roses, that are really pretty. Love your climbing rose bush. Very pretty! Love & blessings from NC!

  32. A friend brought me some buds from a Lady Godiva rose last weekend and they have started to bloom out today. I love the smell of those and they are very pretty also. But yours is a beautiful climbing rose! I may have to see if we can grow those here in the deep South.

  33. I bought a few small rose pots at the grocery store a few years ago and just popped them into the garden to see what would happen. The pale pink grows about 3′ high and is just full of beautiful pink fairy roses. The others are yellow and continuously bloom all season long with single yellow blooms on thin stems; just not to tall.
    Very, lovely though your pictures. My idea of a perfect rose bush….blooming and climbing up alongside a white house, in a pretty garden. Fairy tales!

  34. Gor.geous. Roses are my all time favorite flower and I was so happy that I posted all about my single bloom today because I was so excited. But after firing up the ole Reader and seeing these amazing pictures, I think I am leaving the midwest and heading to CA! Sigh…..just beautiful!

  35. I use to make ROSE PETAL CAKE with my SECRET RECIPE using the petals from a rose bush we inherited when we bought our heritage house circa 1890’s. It must have been as old as the house and I haven’t seen anything like it. I may share the recipe on my blog. In the meantime since I don’t have any roses now, I’m experimenting with another method to recreate the recipe. Man do I miss that old rose, and the cake! We use to make the cake and freeze it for very special occasions. We are renting now so I envy your beautiful climber and think I might just go out and buy one to plant in a barrel so I can transport it when we move.

  36. Absolutely Spectacular! I have never been a “flowery” person, but my mother passed away a few months ago and I decided that I would plant a rose in my yard in memory of her. Well, my daughter bought me a climbing rose for Mother’s Day and after seeing this post….I am VERY excited. I do have some flowers in my flower beds, but they are simple salvia and purple ground cover varieties. I live in the mountains, so I am just hoping this rose will do well. I am thinking I’d like to get a few others just like it and plant them around an arbor on the side of our home. Thank You so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your amazing climbing rose bush!

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