Scenes from a Weekend

By Kate Riley May 3, 2010

We had out of town family visiting for the weekend, so naturally it was filled with a little sightseeing.  With the fine weather, we headed to Kenwood and few favorite stops.

Gorgeous sunshine and great company made for a relaxing day out and about ! 

ch st jean duo

chateau st jean tree



chateau st jean indoors


This expensive glassware has me thinking of a DIY project . . .

diy project wineglasses

Gorgeous detail !


This is Landmark Winery, famous for their chardonnay 

landmark tasting room


The not-to-miss grounds which are so difficult to leave . . .

landmark outdoors


Because I could sit here in these perfect green rockers in the shade all day listening to that fountain.

Couldn’t you ?

green chairs


These critters were really good all weekend.

cousins smiling


Until they weren’t.  

cousins crazy

Perhaps it was the wine they were tasting ?  :-)

I kid.

I just adore my niece and nephews, and I’m kind of fond of that cutie on the right. 

And then my niece flashed her big brown eyes at me.

brown eyes

And begged, “Auntie, could you make me a pillow with my name on it ?”

I cannot resist this brown eyed girl.

So I stitched up this little pleated pillow for her.

ariel pillow

Oh, and I managed to squeeze in a little of this too. 

dark primer

Can’t wait to share !




  1. There you go again… making me add yet another project to my full-to-the-brim ideas folder… I must make that “expensive” glassware. That candle holder is so darn cool!

  2. Kate, that glassware is beautiful, I can’t get my mind off of it!!! Please, PLEASE do a DIY project and share with us, I’d do it immediately!!! Gorgeous pictures, your niece is a cutie, so happy with her personalized pillow! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Kate, you never cease to amaze! You just whipped up that little pillow, just like that!!! I am a relatively new fan of your blog (have been lurking for awhile, finally commenting) and have been enjoying it immensely. Your creativity appears to be endless….
    Love your site!

  4. You are a SUPER-MOM for sure!!! :) If you don’t give us a tutorial on that sweet little pillow, I will flip. Okay, maybe I won’t flip, but I will disappointed for sure.

    Can’t wait to see how you turn that gorgeous glassware idea into your own fab project.

    I love reading the posts about what you do with your family. My sister’s first baby is due in Sept, and I’m so looking forward to our girls spending time like this together….without the wine tasting, of course. ;)

  5. LOVE the glassware! I can’t wait for you to figure out how to recreate them so I can make me some! You better hurry though or I may have to try it on my own! :)

  6. I very much enjoy your posts about your trips out and about; makes me want to pack all my things and move to California. I can’t wait to see your DIY project with this beautiful glass inspiration or what your plan is with the painted piece.

  7. It’s official, you must never sleep, if you went to all those wonderful places and whipped up that totally cute pillow, all in one weekend!

  8. What a lovely and perfect weekend and the weather was perfect. I love your pictures and felt like we were with you. The pillow is perfect!

  9. Awww what a sweet aunty you are.
    I love that blue/grey paint.
    Looks like you had a beautiful weekend.

  10. i love how when you are taking a break you are looking form more projects!! what a sweet auntie you are!

  11. Such pretties :) !

    Need some tips on that pillow- it is adorable!


  12. Love the cute kids, but… I am on the edge of my seat about the painting project. I am in search of the “perfect” grey paint color. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across it? Guess I’ll have to stay tuned to see what you’re whipping up this time.

  13. Can’t wait to see…and when you make that vase with the wonderful base, make the tutorial very easy for those of us who are lacking in our crafting skills!

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