MirrorMate Love and a GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley March 31, 2010

Sometimes a girl like me just needs a good kick in the pants to motivate her to finish a remodel project she’s had on the back burner, but has been ignoring for quite some time.  Such is the case with my hall bathroom.  Our hall bath is your basic contractor style1990s bathroom, with plain honey tone cabinetry and cultured marble counter tops.

So when the folks over at MirrorMate contacted me with the low down on their product and a coupon code, I was completely intrigued.  I emailed them back.  You mean there’s a solution for that plain wall mirror in my hall bath that doesn’t require me to purchase and install a brand new mirror?  That same hall bathroom I’ve been meaning to makeover but just was avoiding for the longest time because it’s ‘just the kids bathroom’  ?  Or so I kept telling myself. 

After a few email exchanges, those same kind folks over at MirrorMate offered to send me a complimentary custom mirror frame for my space.  Yeehaw !  Yes Ma’am !  Sign Me Up !  I filled out their user friendly form, faxed it to the company, and three business days later, I had my custom MirrorMate frame Fed Exed to my doorstep. 

What a difference it makes!  Here’s a peek at my hall bathroom before and after my custom MirrorMate was installed. 

before and after

What a difference ! 

Such a difference it puts the rest of my *ahem* outdated bathroom to shame.  This custom frame was just that kick in the pants I needed to get motivated on this bathroom remodel.  So I’ve got a plan to makeover the entire bathroom this summer (see below), but first, let me tell you how easy this MirrorMate product is to put together and install.

They send you the very clearly written instructions and the supplies you’ll need:


You start by gluing your frame together.  Since I did mine on my floor, I made sure to use cut up Ziplock plastic bags to prevent glue from getting on the wood flooring. 

glue step

Then you pound the perfectly sized plastic corner connectors into the slots with a hammer or mallet:

mallet step

Then you carefully turn it over and wipe off any excess glue:

wipe away glue from corners

Then you wait one hour.  Waiting is the hardest part !

Then you install your frame in your bathroom with the placement corners and adhesive strips. 

level with corners




It takes less than two hours, and that includes the hour you need to wait to let the glue dry.

Look how gorgeous ! 

mirrormate from side


What a budget friendly way to invest in upgrading the look of your bathroom ! 

mirror mate side angle

The frame style I chose was the Cherokee in Brushed Chrome for its sleek modern look.  I really wanted to make this space feel more contemporary, so these clean lines were just the look I was going for.   

For another great review of this company’s product, head on over to visit my friend Lindsay, and check out her new custom mirror frame.  And for all the buzz on MirrorMate, including the features on DIY Network, This Old House and other home improvement publications, look right here


before crop


mirrormate after crop

 mirror mate side angle

I am not one to rave about any product unless I truly love it.  But let me tell you, I really do love this mirror frame, and they didn’t pay me to say this.  I love their friendly customer service, I love how quickly it shipped, I love how easy it was to put together, and I love the quality of the frame and the final look.   And, I’ll be completely frank, I love that all the frame materials are Made In The USA !

So here’s my plan to make a few more upgrades to this bathroom later this summer:

Hall Bath Makeover Numbered

1) A new bathroom sconce like this Vaxcel Fairfield from Lighting Direct;  2) A new shower curtain like this Waffle Curtain from Overstocks  3) Oceanside Glass Mosaic Treviso backsplash, plus new countertops 4) New modern faucet like the Treviso from Price Phister; 5) Some heavenly scented candles  6) Fresh new towels like these from Pottery Barn or a cheaper knockoff; 7) Perhaps a new bath mat like this Jolie version from Ballard and 8   paint the cabinets in one of three Benjamin Moore shades a) Cliffside Gray b) Silver Marlin or c) Gray Cashmere. 

Now forget all about my little bathroom makeover plans, cause here’s the best part !  One of YOU gets to get your hands on a $100 gift certificate thanks to MirrorMate !  Awesome possum people.  That’s right, one Benjamin Franklin bill towards the purchase of any MIrrorMate product for your home ! 

Here are just a few samples from the dozens of frames available:

samples collage


MirrorMate also has basic Pizzazz mirrors in 12” and 14” sizes for adding decor to your home – you can see those here

Eligibility for one winner to receive a $100 Gift Certificate to MirrorMate:

1)  Visit MirrorMate’s frame collection right here.  Come back and tell us in a comment which mirror frame you like to have the most.  

2)  For a second chance to win, mention this giveaway on Facebook, and come back and leave that link in a comment. 

3)  For a third chance to win, tweet this giveaway on Twitter with the link to the giveaway, then come back and leave your Twitter profile in comment, saying “I Tweeted”. 

That’s all folks.  Giveaway ends Easter Sunday April 4th at 8 p.m. PST.  One winner only.  Winner will be chosen by Random.org. 


Now if you don’t happen to win, there is still great news.  If you enter the code CENTS at checkout, you will receive 15% off through the end of December 2010 on any MirrorMate custom frame. 

This is NOT a paid product review.  Centsational Girl does NOT participate in any paid product reviews.  For any questions this site’s position on product reviews, please refer to the blog policies.

********  THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED  *********



  1. I’ve been looking at the MirrorMate site for a few months now knowing that they have the perfect solution for my large mirror.. I’m going to go with the Permaquid in Porcelain White.. love it!

  2. We have twin bathrooms (before)! So I know mine would look great with the cherokee in brushed chrome as well. I just painted the bathroom last month so this would be a great finishing touch!

  3. Oh my! You had me at hello. I read this post twice in amazement…what a FAB product! Thanks for the intro – we are going to be renting, but our new landlord is very open to improvements…this may just fit the bill! And we could leave it for him…oh la la – I’m showing him YOUR pics – they turned out great. Thanks for sharing and fingers crossed that we win!

    catherine s.

  4. I LOVE this idea and have been wanting to change my old ugly mirror for YEARS. I would definitely go with the acadia in oiled bronze! It will make my bathroom so much more tolerable, I just know it!

  5. OMGosh – I forgot to leave which one I loved…would have to be the Naples in Antique Silver…I’ve only been through the place once that we are going to rent, but I think this will go with the feel of it…and the landlord would approve :) Sorry about forgetting to mention which one I would choose before – I was too excited!

    catherine s.

  6. I’m very excited: enter me for the Acadia (Dove White)…perfect for the home landing strip!

    Thank you.

  7. I’ve been wanting to frame my huge mirrors. I would love the Pemaquid in black. BTW Yours looks awesome!

  8. I have so had my eye on these for a while. I’m loving the Acadia in oiled Bronze. It would look so great in my guest bath! *swoon*

  9. Soho, black matte, for sure, would be my pick.

    What an awesome jumpstart for your makeover!

    We are moving into our brand spakin’ new house TODAY and we already have plans to frame out the plain-jane bathroom mirrors. Not that we had a clue how to do it,

    BUT NOW I can semi-DIY it with confidence!

    Thanks for the AWESOME demo pics and for sharing this rave review! I am so pumped to tell my husband about MirrorMate!

    Love, love, love your blog!!!!

  10. I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers showcase this product. Why did it take so long for someone to come up with this idea? I love the Gramercy style if I had to pick one.

  11. I think I like the Pemaquid, but it’s so hard to choose. I’ve been wanting to try mirror mate for a while now!

  12. LOVES IT! I would love to have either the Porter or Pacifica. And you have inspired me to makeover my kids fugly 90’s bathroom too!

  13. i thought about this too…we have the same huge mirror in our bathroom and this product would make it much more manageable. i love the Grandezza in Aged Silver. love it.

    thank you for all of your great ideas!!

  14. Great decorative idea, how fun! I would choose Pemaquid Porcelain White. I’m moving in May and this could be a wonderful jumpstart to giving my new place my personal touch. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I like the pemaquid. I have been wanting to try this for so long. I just dont’ want to ruiin anything. Thanks for the chance to win the gift certificate.

  16. Personally, I like the Acadia, but if I won I’d get one to do my Mom’s bathroom and she’d probably prefer the Chelsea. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Mirror Mate and yours looks great, Kate! I have a new client that I’m doing 3 bathrooms with and I’ll bet at least one could use this.

  17. What a great idea for those huge and bare bathroom mirrors in my house! I love the Soho in matte black and also the Pacifica in silver sheen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Hi Kate! Awesome job!!! That mirror really makes a huge difference. I have a 1980’s bathroom that I’ve somewhat “remodeled” but my mirror looks hideous. I love the Permaquid frame in Porcelain White. This would match the color I painted the cabinets in there.


  19. Wow! My guess is this company will be getting swamped with orders! The answer to my prayers! I have HATED my plain builders mirrors, yet wasn’t ready to frame them myself—those corners and getting it right always scared me. This product is beautiful! i think I would go with arcadia! I love that you can order samples as well!

  20. Wow, that looks great! The Cherokee Brushed Chrome is perfect for my small powder room that I’m currently updating. One of those giant frameless mirrors…yuck! This would be the perfect solution!

  21. I’ve been looking at getting a Mirror Mate for some time. I have trouble deciding! I think I’d get the Cherokee in Espresso Walnut although the Naples Antique Silver is interesting. I’m sick and tired of our boring mirrors.

    I think your mirror looks awesome! What a HUGE change!

  22. WOW. Just… Wow. What a transformation!!! I am having one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Rats!

    I am torn between the chelsea and pacifica styles. And the colors would depend on which of our two bathrooms were going to be lucky enough to receive this sort of excitement ;)

  23. Your bathroom looks HAUTE! And that frame is exactly what I need to complete our master bath makeover. The builder’s plain mirror is absolutely hideous!

    Love your blog, btw! Since I don’t have Twitter, could I blog the giveaway for an additional entry?? I NEED that frame in my life ;)

  24. Love the SOHO. I have wanted to do something like this for a while. This is so much easier then buying molding and installing it.

  25. I love the Charlotte in the silver. This would be perfect for my bathroom!!

  26. I love this product…it is not only made in USA but also recycled material! THAT ROCKS!
    My favorite…welll one of them is Grandezza in Aged Silver.
    Thank you for the review and give away!
    I would love to win!

  27. I love this idea and would love to be able to try it!! I love the tribecca- I just redid my guest bath and would love to try this out!!

  28. ooh I could so use this!! This is an awesome product. I love the Acadia!! in white. Would look great in my beachy bathroom.

    p.s. I love your tile selection & bath towels..

  29. I love Mediterra in Glazed stone!! My parents would definitely love it too…

  30. What a great idea! I love Acadia in white. Your bathroom is going to be gorgeous! I love the color scheme you chose.

  31. I want to do this to my guest bathroom SO BAD…I would love the Grandezza in Aged Silver… <3

  32. Wow – what a great looking product! I have just started to work on plans for my master bath and didn’t know what to do with the awful mirrors. This is perfect! I think I’d choose the Soho frame in matte black (but it is hard to decide!). Thanks for the great resource!

  33. I really like the Acadia in brown. It’s so beautiful! I hope I can win. Thanks for the opportunity

  34. What a fabulous product! We have two of those mirrors in our bathrooms, and they are A-W-F-U-L. This is a great fix. I’d probably go with the Acadia, although they are all beautiful. (Kate–I’m surprised you didn’t go with the Charlotte considering your latest love for all things shiny!!!)

  35. I have a mirror that’s begging for one of these! I like the Acadia in Dove White- it would look great with the white trim in the room.

  36. this is exactly what i’ve been looking for! i like the pacifica (in silver). can’t wait to get one of these!

  37. I love the bronzed bourbon. I am really wanting to redo my master bath and that would go excellent with my bronze fixtures. I love this site and thanks for sharing!

  38. What a great giveaway! I fancy the Grandezza frames.
    Love the way the bathroom turned out.

  39. omg, there’s like a million to choose from! I mean, so many options: I just love it! I like Soho, Pemaquin, Pacifica, and Acadia! These are such a brilliant idea! Love it :)

  40. I have a HUGE window in my new diningroom that I would love to frame! I would choose the Venetian pattern.

  41. Love the Pacifica. Since I’m trying to update my little boys’ bathroom, this would be perfect for their mirror (with the yucky chipped edges. Thanks for sharing this product with us!)

  42. I LOVE the transformation that made! And it looks so EASY! I’m not sure I could easily pick my favorite frame, I love the Acadia, Grandezza, Naples, Pacifica, and the Tribeca! And BOTH of my bathrooms are needing makeovers.

  43. I am loving the Acadia in Rubed Bronze, but they all seem very nice. What a great idea!

  44. I love this idea!! I’ve been wanting to to this for a while now! I love the “Chelsea” in the Espresso finish. Beautiful.

  45. What a great product! I love so many of them but I think I would go with Cherokee in Espresso Walnut. So many great choices…you have motivated me get going on my upstairs bathroom that needs some help! Your blog is great and I am jealous that you live in/near “wine country”…love it there. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. I ahve been looking at this for several months, but only in Lowes. I had no idea such wonderful options existed. I would love the Charlotte in silver leaf! Thanks so much for including the coupon code.

  47. Seriously, I was looking for this kind of thing in the home improvement stores for the past month. I’m so glad I stopped by your blog to check in! Thanks for the discount! Of course, it would be lovely to win too. :) My bathroom needs Pemaquid in Porcelain White.

  48. I LOVE the Venetian in ‘White Wave’. What a perfect solution to a quick and easy bathroom mirror update!

  49. So many choices! I’m thinking Naples in the Antique Silver.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  50. This would be perfect for our guest bathroom I’m currently remodeling with a tiny budget! I love the Pacifica :) Thanks for sharing!

  51. OMgoodness, something I didn’t know I needed!! my kids bathroom mirror has driven me nuts for years. I have wanted to change it but didn’t want a little mirror. The Pemaquid in Porcelain White would be perfect! thanks

  52. OMGoodness……the answer to my problems! ALL my bathroom mirrors are the plain jane types!
    I LOVE the tribeca, in brown! I am also updating my hall bathroom this summer and the frame would be perfect!!!

  53. I’ve been looking for something to do to our master bathroom. I love the Pemaquid Slim in Old World Silver.

  54. I have been thinking of working on my son’s boring Jack N Jill bathroom….that has almost the same layout as your great bathroom. This summer, I think I will be joining you with bathrooom projects when the kids are at camp! I love the Soho, Black Matte. What a fantastic idea MirrorMate!

  55. Oh my gosh our master bath could use this so much! There are a ton of nice options, but I really like the Grandezza in Aged Silver. It would look great with the paint color I’ve got my eye on :-)

  56. I love the Pemaquid in River Rock. It would look great in my second bathroom. I am trying for a Tuscan feel.

  57. I absolutely love the Grandezza in aged silver. I tend to lean toward the vintage look, and I think that would fit perfectly in my house!

  58. Wow! What a great idea! I liked the Belmeade and Charlotte…sooo hard to choose! But I would love the chance to try and choose, so throw my name in the pot!

  59. I have the same hall bathroom dilemma. I would choose Charlotte in Silver Leaf.

  60. Lots of great choices, but I absolutely love the one you used, Cherokee in brushed chrome. It would go perfectly in my bathroom!

  61. I would get Permaquid Old World Silver– it would look FABULOUS around the plain mirror in my master bath. Hope I win!

  62. This has been on my list of prjects for a REALLY long time!!!!! My kids bathroom needs a lot of help. I think the Tribeca would look great in there!
    And….since April 4th is my 40th birthday…it would be a GREAT present!! :)

  63. I think I like the Grandezza! Need something in antique bronze to match my other hardware, etc. You did a fabu job on the bathroom, too:)

  64. Yes please! This is the best invention I’ve seen in a long time. My fiance’s house has two mirrors like the “Before” ones above and I’d love to give them an updated look without tearing the bathrooms apart.

    Cherokee Brushed Chrome is where it’s at! LOVE.

  65. I’ve heard of this company all over blogosphere lately. It looks incredible. I love a lot of the frames, but for the bathroom I want to redo this summer I love the portage in pebbled white.

  66. We’re buying a new house (hopefully if we sell ours sometime soon) There is a huge mirror there, that I would hate to get rid of, this is a genius product, I would love to use it.

    Porcelain White in the Pemaquid I think would be best.

    Thanks so much!

  67. Oh my gosh, this is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!! Thank you so much for featuring it here. I would choose Pacifica.

  68. Wow! I have the perfect spot for this! I like the the pemaquid slim. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  69. This has got to be in the ‘Top 5 Most Wonderful Solutions…Ever!’.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway…I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :)

  70. Thanks for reminding me that I’d been watching various home improvement shows utilize a technique like this, though they didn’t use molding specifically made for mirrors. Ooh, I like the Grandezza in bronze. When I finish my bedroom/bath this fall in a French-ish look, that’d fit right in. Thanks for pointing this site out!

  71. I just love the Soho and the Cherokee brushed chrome/espresso. What a great alternative to purchasing an expensive new mirror for the bathroom!

  72. AH! Thank you for finding this. Even if I don’t win I’m still buying one of these. I was going to have our builder mirror cut down by a glass company and have it framed by Michaels. This is so much easier! I pick Pacifica in Silver Sheen!

  73. Grandezza in silver would be my choice!!! I’ll definitely have to save my pennies though before I could afford it!

  74. Wow, what a hard choice! I think Tribeca in burnished brown would be my choice. Thanks for the chance!

  75. Yours turned out fantastic!!!
    I would choose Pemaquid. Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. I love the Grandezza in Aged Silver. We have a builder installed mirror above our fireplace that I would love to dress up.

  77. I think I would have to pick the Cherokee Brushed Chrome as well. My bathroom is decorated in “Old Holywood” style, but.. it may not be that way forever ;). So, I feel that this frame is neutral enough to be as versatile as I need! :)

  78. I love the Naples! This is a great idea. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  79. I’ve been wanting one of these FOREVER — the mirror in my master bath is plain and ugly! I would do the Grandezza in aged silver to complement the French spa feel I’m working on in my bath!

  80. The Acadia in dove white would be perfect in my newly redone living area bathroom! It is a chocolate brown with white accents.

  81. We must have had the same contractor….my master bath is also the basic contractor style 1990s bathroom, but with even more plain white cabinetry and white cultured marble counter tops! I could really use the Pemaquid in Old World Silver to add some interest to the space :)

  82. OMG KATIE!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS SITE!!! This is exactly what I’m looking for! I love your Cherokee Brushed Chrome!

  83. Honestly, I really like ur choice, Cherokee. But I must say, $178 (ouch, I really need that coupon.

  84. Pemaquid would be perfect in our main bathroom and it really needs this – thanks!

  85. The Pemaquid – River Rock would be a perfect compliment to my Tiki/Beach themed hall bath. The Chelsea – Bronze just might have to come home though for our Master. We’ve got plans to update this summer!

  86. Seriously, I wish I had come up with this, I had no idea there was a solution and it could be this easy.

    I would choose Grandezza in Aged Silver, NO DOUBT, for my guest bathroom!

  87. I love the pemaquid slim! It would look beautiful in our master!

  88. Pick me, pick me!!!! I have the ugliest bathroom ever and this would be a step in the right direction.

  89. The “timing” of this post is perfect…my brother in-law and I are framing my factory-grade (boring as all get out) master bathroom mirror this weekend. I can’t wait because I know that it will make a huge difference!

    And, Mom and I are installing a chandelier and painting my cabinetry white tomorrow…a huge make-over for less than $200…I love it!

  90. I have been considering this for awhile. I am glad to see somebody tried it and it worked. I love the Soho.

    Thanks for the discount info as well. Now I have much more motivation to do this.

  91. It was harder than I thought to choose a frame. They are all beautiful. I think I’d choose Pemaquid in River Rock.

  92. Cherokee expresso walnut is the one! LOVE this idea. I have been wondering what to do to “improve” the look of my bathroom mirror and this is IT! Enter me in the drawing!!!!

  93. What a great idea! I had seen something similar done with wood molding on one of the hgtv shows, but how much easier this is!

  94. These are all so pretty but I love Gramercy the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  95. Serious Problem….I like all of the following: Pemaquid- Canadian Walnut, Cherokee- Espresso Walnut, and Ventian Wave in white. I like a lot of ht others too….You really shouldn’t show me such a large menu!

  96. Soho or Chelsea, love your choice and how well it turned out! Great job. This is the third blog I have seen Mirrormate on, I would love to win!

  97. I love the Cherokee too! Or the Pacifica looks nice. I would love to win!

  98. Our master bath could seriously use one of these! Crossing my fingers for the Pemaquid!!

  99. I was so excited about this post. I was just thinking that my bathroom mirror would look so much better with a frame, but I wasn’t sure how to pull it off.

    My favorite is Mahogany Burl in the Pemaquid Woods section.

  100. I have been wanting to get one of these. I really like the Pacifica. Its simple yet modern.

  101. These are great! I’d love one for my master bath! I think I’d chose the charlotte in the silver leaf. So pretty!!!!

  102. Pemaquid Olde World Silver. I need to spell it that way to represent the Old World. What a fabulous item and can’t wait to see what you do with that bathroom re-do!

  103. I would LOVE to have this for my dreary master bath which is in serious need of a makeover. So many to choose from! I think I would go for the Acadia in Oiled Bronze.

  104. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I love the Cherokee Expresso Walnut or the Pemaquid in Black or Porcelain White – depending on which bathroom.

  105. Look at your cute self in that mirror :). I LOVE your “new” mirror! Love the design plan too. I’ll have to check Mirror Mate out. I could use something like that in my powder bath.

    I hope you have a great Easter!

  106. I like the Chelsea & Pemaquid collections. I’ve actually been looking for a way to dress up our bathroom mirror with out taking it down & putting up individual mirrors (with myself & three daughters, we need all the mirror space we can get.)

  107. 1st – your mirror looks awesome. 2nd – I’d have to choose the beautiful Charlotte mirror for my own.

  108. i would love love love the Pacifica for my bathroom. what a cool company. glad it is so easy too!

  109. I love how easy you make everything seem….I love your blog!! Awesome idea, and cheap to boot….I would get the Pacifica frame.

  110. Oh my goodness! I have 4 of these mirrors in my house that are huge and not really that attractive. I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would pick the Cherokee style too, but in Espresso Walnut color.

  111. I really like the simplicity of Cherokee–not sure which color yet as I haven’t made a final decision on the colors for the bathroom yet.

  112. Wow! I have often thought about doing this on my own…what a smart idea for someone to start a business with it! (I love how they are reusing materials – awesome) I would probably start with the Acadia in white for my master bath (but have another bathroom that can use one, too!)

  113. I love this idea! And my favorite frame style is the Grandezza. What a fun way to make your old boring mirror look amazing!

  114. I really could use this! We just finished redoing our bathroom. Well, except for a few finishing touches and this would be SO perfect!! I would choose the Acadia in white!

  115. I’ve been eying the Pacifica for my vanity area, but the price tag is a bit steep. Would love to win the gift cert so I could actually afford it!

  116. I have seen those but was wary about how I can install with those builder mirror clips. Looks like it can be done! I like the Gramercy ones.

  117. The Pemaquid in Porcelain White is perfect for my second bath. Wish I’d known about his before I took the contractor mirror off the wall in my other bathroom! That was a huge job.

  118. I have been wanting to frame my mirror for some time. This makes it so much easier.


  119. My favorite is the one you chose as well, the Cherokee in Brushed Chrome, clean lines but it packs a punch.

  120. I love the Soho!!! This is an amazing idea. I have been looking for a new mirror for my bathroom but it is hard to find the right size and purchasing individual mirrors would not work either.!!!!!! Best idea EVER!!!!

  121. I love the one you chose. I’m in the process of doing my bathroom and framing the mirror is on my list.

  122. I absolutely love the Gramercy frame in the Martini shade. The detail is gorgeous!

  123. I just spent the past 2 days painting my bathroom. I was going to buy frames at a craft store for a DIY project to update the mirrors, but this is so much better!

    I’m LOVING the Grandezza in the Aged Silver to compliment the Eiffel Tower paint color.

  124. ok, I am hoping this is fate b/c my hubby and I have been in the process of a master bath face-lift and we talked to numous folks at Home Depot and Lowes about framing out our LARGE boring mirror above the vanity… most of which said “don’t waste your time”… this is exactly what we need!!! I love the mirror you chose- I am guessing it is either the Pacifica or brushed chrome Cherokee and either of those would look great on our mirror.
    PS- the make-over is ALL from ideas from your site so I will send you pics. once it is complete (I even purchased the Target rug from your office for it- love!). You are awesome!

  125. Must do this project!!! I love all the frame choices but I have to go Naples all the way! Come on $100 certificate. Momma needs a mirror mate :)

  126. Pacifica is my fav! My master bath is not looking so master these days and this would be the perfect start to a pick me up!

  127. I would get the Chelsea in brushed bronze to go with the fixtures in my master bath. Love the concept of this product!

  128. Loved the Grandezza in aged silver; also liked the Gramercy in Aged Bourbon and Martini! Thanks for all of the details on “construction” and this awesome give-away!

  129. I can’t decide between something like Pacifica or something more ornate. But this is EXACTLY what we need!

  130. For me it’s a toss up between Cherokee Brushed Silver and the Grandezza Aged Silver. I need this BADLY as my mirror looks horrible and is an eyesore.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  131. Grammercy would be my pick to spruce up my bathroom!! What a fabulous solution!

  132. I have been looking at this forever! I would adore the Pacifica for my 1985 glued-on-wall mirror!

  133. Ooh, this is perfect – my husband is really weird about not wanting mirrors w/out frames, so this would solve the argument we’re having!

  134. My master bath is in desperate need of an ORB face lift and — prize or not — i’m ordering the oiled bronze in the Acadia collection. This was just the inspiration i needed!

  135. I love the Acadia style in oiled bronze….i might have to splurge on this

  136. I desperately need one of these babies! I have a huge bathroom mirror begging for the Naples Antique Silver frame.

  137. Your mirror looks fantastic! I would pick the Pacifica in Silver Sheen. We have that same big mirror, but we have two of them in the master bath! Yikes, they could use a MirrorMate!

  138. Love this idea! I’m torn between the Cherokee Brushed Chrome (like you chose) and the Soho as both are simple and modern! Thanks for the giveaway!

  139. So awesome, I am planning a bathroom remodel late this year – I would do the Charlotte in champagne for sure!!!

  140. Oh I want one, want one, want one!!! I have been thinking I could build my own or use trim to create one like it but never thought to look and see if there was already something out there. I can’t wait to do it in my two bathrooms – but my master bath gets it first!!! I will be choosing either the Mahogany Burl or the Bellemeade – will need to order a sample first to see which looks best. Oh I am sooooo excited! Can’t wait!!! Love it!!

  141. No doubt about it–Acadia in Oiled Bronze! So gorgeous and just what my sad powder room needs:)

  142. I love the Acadia frame in oil rubbed bronze. It would be perfect in my black/cream toile bathroom. Awesome giveaway!

  143. Nice~ I have wanted to update my mirrors too and framing was exactly what I wanted to do with it. What a relevant post.

    I like the Acadia Oiled Bronze.

  144. Oh CG – I love these! And to have them in so many styles. I want to put the marbled maple Cherokee in master bath. So pretty -would make me smile each time I looked in the mirror. I want the pemaquid wood in the powder room. It would match the wood already there. I think the tribeca in black would be good in the bathroom with the teenage boys. Stylish and pretty all at the same time!

  145. This looks like such a great way to spruce up a bathroom. I hope I win because my bathroom sure needs something new. :)

    I love the Grandezza in Aged Silver. Just the right amount of fancy for me. :)

  146. Just what I need, think the pemaquid in old world silver will be the best in my bathroom. Can’t wait to see your transformation!

  147. What an easy, ingenious idea. I really love the pacifica…so classic.

  148. I have been dying to buy one of these! I love the Acadia style. I hope I win!

  149. I love the acadia oiled bronze. Awesome product and looks fairly easy to install. Thanks!

  150. I think I like the Acadia in Dove White, I also like the Cherokee in Brushed Chrome too…. decisions decisions.

  151. I would probably get the Acadia in White. I love this idea, what a great way to make your bathroom look great with little effort.

  152. This is amazing! I love the one you chose, but I’d also like a rich wood for our master bathroom. This would be great to win :)

  153. I think I’d pick the Naples in the silvery finish. We’re buying our “dream” house in just a few weeks and I can’t wait to get my hands on all those builder-grade bathrooms!

  154. I would choose the Oil bronzed Acadia and then redo my cabinets to match! i’ve been dying to stain something and the hall bath is just the perfect victim!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! Thanks MirrorMate!


  155. I’m itching to redo my powder room and I like the Acadia in Dove White or the Venetian in White Wave.

  156. I LOVE the Naples style in Antique Silver. Totally my style.

    Such an awesome idea/ giveaway! :)

  157. I don’t have a mirror that would work with a mate, but I wanted to tell you that the makeover already improved the bath! :) I love the inspiration board too…the backsplash is fab!

  158. I would love the SoHo frame. I am simple, and this fits my style perfectly. Beautiful products!

  159. Cherokee in Brushed silver – same one you chose! Our hall bath is painted blue and the silver would look great!

  160. I’ve never tried to win anything, but the Dove White Acadia would look beautiful in my bathroom. I’ve always wanted to frame that big old builder mirror but didn’t know how. Mirror Mate looks like something I could easily do myself. I love your blog and look at it daily. You are very creative!

  161. I love the Aged Silver Grandezza! Our shower pan began leaking into our master closet so we are having to redo our entire master bathroom. I had no idea what to do about the huge mirror until I read your post.

  162. I have been eying this for a while. I think I would go with the Pemaquid in White. It’s just what my bathroom needs!

  163. I would chose the Cherokee in Brushed Chrome/ silver as well! I have two mirrors just like yours that need renovated. Thank you for the give away!

  164. I think we have the exact same bathroom as yours I would choose the exact same one you chose as my bathroom is painted a gray/blue and the silver looks very modern. Cherokee it is!!! It makes all the difference.

  165. My favorite is Pemaquid in silver. What an improvement it makes to a mirror! We have an indented wall shelf area in our bathroom that I am thinking MirrorMate may also work it’s wonders.

  166. I would get the bellmeade in cherry or maybe acadia in white.. ;) so many great choices!

  167. Cherokee in brushed chrome would be perfect for me. I’ve been looking at MirrorMates for a long while now, and it’s nice to have a first hand recommendation for them. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  168. I LOVE Pacifica! It’s clean, it’s elegant, and it’s got a little bit of Old Hollywood shine to it :)

  169. This would be for our simply horrible master bath that is getting a redo next fall. I like the Mediterra in Glazed Earth. That would be perfect!

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  170. I love these mirrors! Such a great idea to revamp the bathroom mirror. I like the Chelsea black satin frame. It would look amazing in my bathroom. I hope I win!!

  171. I would like the Pemaquid Porcelain White for my kid’s bathroom. The mirror is that last part of bathroom update that we just did.

  172. I’ve been wanting to do this to my mirrors forever. I found a non custom product at Home Depot but never really pursued it. I’m loving the Pemaquid collection, but I also like the Cherokee frame that you used! Btw I just found your blog and have devoted hours of my work day and evening to gazing at all of your projects. You’re so inspiring!

  173. I looove this idea! And I love your blog. I love the simple look of the soho, but the textured tribeca in the burnished brown would look great in my master bath. Thanks for sharing this.

  174. Love the Dove White Acadia frame the best ~ what a wonderful way to update your bathroom!

  175. I have been wanting to frame my mirror for awhile and have not got around to it. This would be great, it looks great and it looks easy to install. I like a few of them, The Grandezza, the Glazed Stone and the white. Decisions!!!

  176. i’m working on a fairy tale bathroom for my kids and i think the acadia in dove white would be a great touch.

  177. OH my gosh I want one of those so bad! I have a terrible splotch on the back of my mirror and this Pemaquid frame would be PERFECT!

  178. I have two bathrooms like yours that need a little updating, for our master I would choose the Acadia in oil bronze! I’ve been wanting to do this for ever!!!
    THanks for the chance

  179. I did something like this on my own with molding, but I’m not totally happy with the result. I’d love to use MirrorMate, the Pacifica style.

  180. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Naples Antique Silver!!!!1 I never knew there were sooo many different designs to choose from!!! Thanks for the link!!!!

  181. I have been wanting to frame our three bathroom mirrors that looks just like yours for ages! The Chelsea – Expresso frame would be perfect for our newly painted chocolate/blue bathroom. If I win, I will be jumping up and down. :-)

  182. I love Tribeca! I have a remodel for my master bath in mind and this matches the look that I am aiming for!

  183. I would the Chelsea in Espresso for the same project in my home! Our hallway bathroom has a the same blah mirror that I would love to frame.

  184. I would love to get the Chelsea in Espresso for the same project in my home! Our hallway bathroom has the same blah mirror and this would be a great chance to revamp this eyesore. Thanks for the idea CG!


  185. I’m late to the party as usual, Kate! ha! What a great giveaway. Those builder stock mirrors need to be beautified and this is a great solution! I’m loving Cherokee Brushed Chrome, sleek and elegant.

    Love your blog, stalk it often ha! and of course I got your button girl! (does that count for the giveaway? Just kidding!)


  186. What perfect timing – I’m in the middle of updating my ’90s style hall bathroom. I’ve just replaced all the old and cheap brass builder’s towel racks, etc. and will be painting the walls this weekend. I replaced the icky sink faucets and shower head and handle a few years ago. I love the Black Pemaquid frame, it will go perfectly with the oak cabinets that I will be painting black in the near future.

    Thanks for showing us your future plans and updated mirror.

  187. Wow your mirror looks awesome!! I love the burnished brown tribeca frame.

  188. I want the Gramercy frame – I hope it’s me!! I have been wanting to do this to our master bath ever since Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality showed a tutorial on how to make your own frames…

  189. I had a VERY hard time choosing, but if I actually won I would either pick the Chelsea in black satin or the Cherokee in brushed chrome!

  190. Just bought a house. Totally has the same bathroom mirror as you do. Did. I would love the Pemaquid on it. Pick me!

  191. I think the Soho would look pretty good in our “just the kids’ bathroom.” It needs help!

  192. Genius product! I’d order the grandezza in both silver and bronze to update my parents’ secondary bathrooms.

  193. I love the Portage collection in Moonlight Silver. How fun! We’re moving into a new house soon, and I think I know just the spot where one of these would go perfectly. Fingers crossed!

  194. I would chose the Cherokee Brushed Silver as well since it would compliment my fixtures… I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my mirrors… what a great product!

  195. I would choose the exact same one you chose – it’s beautiful!! I’ve been lurking and salivating at the MirrorMate website. If they could look back through their “lurking and salivating” archives, they would see I’ve been in there and they have lip-prints over all of their products. I just don’t have the money right now to make a purchase like this. So winning this would be awesome! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  196. I like the Soho. It would look great with our pale blue walls. I love these!

  197. I’ve been wanting one of these for ages but keep balking at the price. The giveaway would help immensely! Love the Grandezza in aged silver…but several others keep catching my eye too.

  198. Oh I hope I win. My bathroom is in desperate need of a make over!!! My favorite is the Cherokee brushed silver. Fingers crossed I win the giveaway!!!!!

  199. Pemaquid in the brushed silver. This is awesome! I have a second home that I did not build and all of the baths have unframed mirrors. This would be a fabulous update.

  200. Love the Pacifica! Ohhhh! I am in the process of remodeling my condo this is just what I have been looking for!

  201. I like the Pemaquid in the porcelian white. I checked out Mirrormate awhile back, don’t remember them having so many styles. Great giveaway and your bathroom looks great too.

  202. What a great idea! There’s some major funkage in my bathroom that I’m slowly updating. I would choose Pacifica Silver Sheen.

  203. I have been wanting to do this with our 90’s-style mirrors in the house! I think I would pick the Cherokee brushed silver but I’d also be tempted by the Soho. Maybe I need both, one for each bathroom. :)

  204. Black Pemaquid is my favorite….I did a powder room with moldings I pieced together…but these look so much nicer they seem to fit more snug, plus there is more selections….
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this coupon!

    Peace Giggles

  205. I really like the Naples Antique Silver, for my Mother In Laws Birthday in August I want to redo her bathroom and this will be a wonderful start!!

  206. I am an extremely boring mirror in my hall bathroom too and this would do the trick to jazz it up! I love Pacifica in the silver sheen, it is perfect for my space!

  207. OMG! I’ve had the sample of Pemaquid/Mahogany Burl in my house for months but have been putting ordering it off. Maybe I’ll get lucky. One question for you: Is there a gap between the frame and the wall and how does it look from the side? I was actually going to use it on a huge mirror in my dining room. Do you think it’ll work? (I guess I should have said two questions) Thanks.

  208. I love the Pemquid frame in Black!! And my husband and I have been talking about what to do about the mirror in our master bathroom!

  209. I’d pick the Pemaquid in the porcelian white — it would definitely pop in our blue bathroom.

  210. I am so loving the Cherokee Espresso Walnut. Being a single female on a fixed income, home improvements are so very far away. I can’t wait to start personalizing my first home! =D

  211. I’m drawn to Champagne Leaf. Just what my master bathroom needs!


  212. I love the Mahogany Burl. It would definitely dress up the plain mirror in our tiny half-bath. :)

  213. oh, wow, this is just wonderful. love the Acadia in Dove White right now but that may change.

  214. i so love this product! My apt. mirrors could definitely use it, but I’m not giving the big corp people those gorgeous frames!!

  215. I like the brushed chrome that you chose, that’s pretty! I’m also loving the antiqued silver in the Naples category. I really like the looks of these and they would surely update my bathroom mirrors! :)

  216. Wow! This is exactly what I need to kick-start my ‘kids bath’ makeover as well! I’d gladly take the Pemaquid in Old World Silver. Great giveaway and thanks!

  217. Grandezza in Bronze is my favorite – love that it is almost 4 inches wide, would make a statement for sure! My fingers are crossed!

  218. I can’t believe the impact Cherokee in Brushed Chrome had in your bathroom. I think I would totally go with that, too! Loved the before and after pictures!

  219. I would be very popular w/ my wife if I won this! Acadia Oiled Bronze would work great in our guest bath

  220. I absolutely love the Soho frame. I think it looks so sleek and classic =)

  221. I like the clean lines of the Soho and the Pacifica. It would be perfect in my kids bath as I’m giving them a mini makeover in the next two weeks!

    [email protected]

  222. I have been looking at these for a long time but never took the plunge. Yours looks great though and so I hope I win so I can transform my super blah bathroom! I think I’d choose the Pemaquid Slim in silver.

  223. Permaquid for sure! Wow, I’ve been looking for this product to transform my mirror blahs!

  224. Wow!!! I love them all!! Do they ship to Canada!?

    I would order the Acadia in Dove White
    the Pemaquid in Porcelain White
    for a clean finish to my boring HUGE mirror. I have pale greens and whites throughout.. with light birch cabinets and a pretty teardrop 3-light panel above the mirror.

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  225. I love the Cherokee in Espresso Walnut!! I would love to win this…something desperately need in my bathrooms!

  226. I love the Acadia in the Dove color. Would look great in my master bath on my huge mirror!

  227. I love the Arcadia in Dove White! This was just the kick in the pants I needed, too, except that my bathroom needs LOTS of work! I haven’t even gotten around to painting the trim yet – primer has been good enogh for my lazy self! :) Your mirror looks fab!

  228. The Soho in Matte Black would match perfectly in my daughter’s bathroom that is currently going through a “budget” makeover.
    What a great idea this is – one of those things that seem so obvious once someone else thinks of it :)!

  229. I have two bathrooms with horrible mirrors so this would rock! I think I would choose Old World Silver Pemaquid.

  230. I think I like Soho or Cherokee in the stainless the best. They’re clean lines and would be easy to keep clean in the bathroom.

  231. I love the look of the Bellemeade. It would look great in my master bath!

  232. For my master bath (in the middle of a remodel right now) I’d go for the Pemaquid or Pemaquid Slim in silver. Would love it.

  233. I love the Soho, I have been wanting to do this for so long to my Master Bathroom mirror, and my daughters bathroom… We have huge mirrors that are just to boring…. I would be so grateful to win…. Thank you for a chance, and what an awesome Giveaway!!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  234. That looks awesome! I would enter the give away if I didn’t live in a apartment, I love how easy that frame is.

  235. I love this product, I used the Mediterria (I am working from memory!) style in my master bath. My mirror is HUGE and as a result the frame was HUGE. Unfortunately my frame fell apart after building while moving up to the mirror. The corner connectors were not strong enough to handle such a heavy and large frame. I spoke to the company regarding this and they said they are addressing this. A great product, particularly for smaller mirrors to average size mirrors. Mine is about 6’x5′, fyi. Despite this, still use this product, nothing like it on the market.

  236. Seeing this makes me think it would be easy-peasy to go buy some decorative molding, some paint, and go to town on making our own frame mirror. Just might do that in our (very teeny tiny) Master Bath! Thanks for the inspiration. Love those PB towels too, by the way. Would totally go with my “beachy” calm theme in our bathroom.

  237. What a great idea. I was trying to figure out what to do with our very plain “track home” mirror :)

  238. The Cherokee in oil rubbed bronze. With 5! kids its hard to get the little details of my home taken care of…I hope I win!

  239. Love your blog!! I also love the Naples in Silver!! Would love to have this for our guest bath.

    Happy Easter!

  240. Thank you for the giveaway. I would like Chelsea in Espresso in my guest/children’s bath.

  241. I love the Tribeca in black. There were so many great choices and I love how easy it is to take that huge plain mirror from boring to wow!

  242. I’ve often wondered if there was a way to do something just like this – thanks for posting this! I would go with the same frame you did – Cherokee in Brushed Chrome, beautiful and simple. It would look great in my master bathroom, the mirror is HUGE and boring.


  243. I would totally go with the Soho frame! Thanks for sharing this product with us…I had no idea it even existed. After I read your post I thought “duh, why didn’t I think of that?!?!?” I never understood why builders put those ugly mirrors in new homes and my husband is too scared (lazy) to take it down but now I can show him this…problem solved!

  244. This is really cool. I like the Pacifica design. I love the idea of sprucing up my plain bathroom mirror.

  245. How beautiful! I love the Cherokee in brushed chrome that you used in your bathroom.

  246. I have been wanting to do one of these for YEARS, but couldn’t figure out how to make it myself! Awesome! I would love to have the Cherokee in Brushed Crome, it would be perfect in there!

  247. I love the “canadian walnut” permadquid wood style- we’ve already planned to frame our existing bathroom mirrors at some point in the future, mirror mate would be a great way to do it!!

  248. i was actually just wondering the other day of something like this existed. I too would like to upgrade our one and only tiny bathroom and thought a framed mirror would really pull it together. If I was lucky enough to win, I think I’d pick Pacifica’s Silver Sheen. … but I do also like the Cherokee brushed chrome. one or the other! thanks for the post!

  249. My master bath is calling for the mediterra/glazed earth. I hope I’m lucky on this one.

  250. Grandezza for me, please-zza! :) so pretty in both finishes, but leaning towards the aged silver! :)

  251. I’m leaning toward the Charlotte in Silver Leaf because our bathroom has some brass/nickel combination fixtures already and I think this style would compliment the existing fixtures the best! Looks like an awesome product!

  252. Our guest bath could really use a nice black frame around the boring mirror. So hard for me decide on one though, they all look so nice! I’d probably go with Tribeca, Soho or Pemaquid if I’m the lucky winner.

  253. Oh this is SO perfect!! My husband and I and even my sister have all been trying to figure out the best way to do this ourselves, and then lo and behold your post about this company comes our way. THANKS for the info… (I especially love the Pemaquid in Old World Silver). Brilliant!!

  254. I think I like the Portage because it’s the closest to art deco. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  255. I love the Charlotte (a favorite girls name by the way) and the Pacifica! Both are so cute and I really am grateful you found this. I keep looking at my main bathroom mirror and think “ugh”. I haven’t heard of mirror mate before! Thanks for posting this!

  256. These are the coolest things ever! Our master bath mirror would look wonderful with one of these! I think I would also do a silver one, probably the pacifica, the pemaquid, or the portage. Thanks for the chance to win!

  257. I love the ‘grandezza’ in aged silver. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one!! I’d LOVE to win!

  258. Ohh I don’t know but I’m so excited that I found this. It is exactly what my bathroom needs. Probably the silver sheen or the glazed earth.

  259. I like Chelsea in Espresso. It would look great in my guest bath which is in need of some TLC!

  260. I was planning to use MirrorMate in our master bath after reading about it on Janell Beal’s blog so winning a gift cert would be fabulous. I love the Grandezza in Aged Silver for the bathroom but could also go for the Chelsea 12″ Pizzazz Mirrors. Probably would get 9 of those for the family room over the couch–high ceilings make most things on the wall look sparse.
    Love what you did with your “kids bath”. Happy Easter!

  261. I love the Portage in silver/ or The Pacifica. Both would work just great!!

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  262. Chelsea in Espresso! I’ve been so curious about these for over a year now. So glad to see someone’s first hand experience with them!

  263. You read my mind! This is exactly what I want to do this to the mirror in our master bathroom. I love the Chardonnay styles. I would love to win this and so glad you had a good experience with this. Great giveaway!

  264. Oh! I want to do this in our guest bathroom. I’ve seen them do it before on design shows as a way of updating those giant mirrors without replacing them, but I didn’t know there was a company out there that actually made frames for them. I would do the Cherokee in brushed chrome also (but only because Soho doesn’t come in silver).

  265. I don’t have a blog. But I absolutely LOVE all of them. They are PERFECT for what I want to do in my bathroom. It’s so hard to decide which I like best. I’d have to say Pacifica sheen.

  266. I like them all! This is such a great idea and something that my parents could really use at the “boat house” they got last year. Much better then replacing the whole mirror I say!

  267. Yes! I’ve been looking for something like this and haven’t been keen on the quality of kits I’ve seen in the store! I’d pick the cherokee brushed chrome as well!

  268. I love the Gramercy, Martini frame. I’m so glad I found this, this will be a huge help in my bathroom! I hope I win : )

  269. If I won this, I would terrify my children by running screaming through our home. :) My husband and I are talking about redoing our absolutely awful master bath that is currently a mix of the 80s and 90s (and all bad!). A mirror frame would be a great way to start!

    I really like the Dove White Acadia {and others!}.

  270. I have looked at this product for a few years – I want to win!!!! I love the Bellemeade! Cherry is such a rich color….

  271. I love your blog. You have motivated me to try my hand at a project.

    My choice for the mirror would be ‘Acadia in Dove White’.


  272. I love MirrorMate!!!!!! I’ve put one frame in my master bathroom already, and I’m jonesin’ for one in my guest bathroom as well. I love the one you’ve chosen – Cherokee in Brushed Chrome, and I think it would look amazing.

  273. Oh man, what a great solution! I’d totally pick Gramercy in Martini. Delish!

  274. I have wanted to do this to my bathroom mirror for YEARS. I was thrilled to find a company that makes it so easy! I LOVE the Soho frame, and am crossing my fingers I win so I can put this fabulous idea to work in my bathroom!

    P.S.- I have the same colors, even down to identical towels, in our hall bathroom. I’ll have to send you photos! As for the tile you are planning to use, it’s so dreamy. I would love to put mosaic tile SOMEWHERE in my house, SOMEDAY.

  275. We just started to look at ways to update the main bathroom. This would be a great way to update our mirror. I think I would choose the Cherokee brushed chrome as well.

  276. Love the Naples Antique Silver. I have been wanting to get custom mirrors for my bathroom for ages…this seems like a waaaay better and more cost effective solution. Thanks for spreading the word about these people. Had no idea??

  277. I would LOVE to get the Chelsea style in Espresso for my Master Bedroom!!! Even if I don’t win I will probably purchase it anyways. I’ve been meaning to update my mirror for months now. =) Thanks for the great opportunity.

  278. Wow! Your “after” is really lovely!

    I like the Burnished Brown Tribeca frame a lot.

  279. I love the Grandezza in Aged Silver. It would help jumpstart the makeover for our master bath:)

  280. Awesome giveaway! I have heard of these but never knew the official name of them. Thanks for hooking a girl up with the link!
    My favorite is the espresso finish in the Chelsea style.

  281. I’ve never left a comment before, but I LOVE your blog!! I’d choose the Pemaquid Woods. I’ve thought about redoing my mirrors, but it seems like everything I touch doesn’t look that great!! So these would be perfect for me.

  282. Wow. I was just looking at doing something like this. Love the Cherokee in Brushed Chrome. If I win, great. If I don’t, I am still ordering it. Thx for the info!

  283. What a wonderful idea!! I love the Naples in Antique Silver. What a transformation in your bathroom. Love it.

  284. I loved Mahogany Burl!!! It would change my bathroom from ugh to beautiful

  285. Hi, Kate– I’m wondering if you have begun your Hall bathroom remodel…are you keeping this MirrorMate frame or changing to something else? Please don’t forget to keep us posted!

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