Today I’m Loving. . .Wisteria

By Kate Riley March 31, 2010

As I dropped off my son at his morning preschool, I couldn’t help but notice this incredible wisteria vine in bloom – it left me speechless.  ‘Tis the season for this climbing woody vine bursting with intense color and intoxicating fragrance.

So I took a walk on a spring day to admire some of my neighbors’ climbing beauties, and to take some time to smell the wisteria.  

climbing wisteria

white fence and wisteria


orange house wisteria 

wisteria and porch post

yellow house wisteria

wisteria arch


wisteria woody trunk 

wisteria bloom 

wisteria bloom 2


wisteria bloom 3


“When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, 
it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to 
someone else.  Most people in the city rush around so, 
they have no time to look at a flower.  I want them to see
it whether they want to or not.”
-   Georgia O’Keeffe


Wishing you a lovely day !   



  1. Beautiful. I really like your blog. You inspire me a lot and no I have a lot of ideas what to do at home =) Thank you.

  2. Wisteria is one of my dreams for my Heart’s Desire Cottage of Someday. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.

  3. That’s it – I’ve moving! I can’t believe the beautiful weather where you live! Those flowers are gorgeous. Ah well, the spring will arrive soon in Boston too. In the meantime I’m dreaming of wisteria-covered front porches. Thank you!

  4. I’m with Lisa, what beautiful weather where you live! Your close-ups of the wisteria are so gorgeous; is photography one of your pursuits, too? Thanks for the images. — Michiganhome

  5. Love love LOVE wisteria. I have two in my garden and it’s just magic when they bloom. Another month before we see any flowers here on the east coast though.

  6. I love wisteria, my sister in law has a beautiful arbor full of it to shade her deck and I have wanted the same thing forever now. It is definitely on my list of some day projects! Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  7. Just fabulous. My sister has wisteria in her front yard in California. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  8. Oh I am so jealous. To see flowers in bloom already! We are coming off of 3 days of non stop rain and lots of flooding. Those photos of the wisteria are gorgeous. I don’t think it grows in the cold parts of new england?

  9. I must brag … I planted a wisteria vine 2 summers ago and have been training it to grow on our 3/4 finished fenced in yard for the dogs (dont ask) … and while walking this weekend inspecting all my plants I noticed that I already have thumb size blooms on my wysteria! And they already smell beautiful!!! This will be their first bloom, I am sooo excited!

  10. Wisteria smells wonderful. At one time I had some growing on my porch, but that was long ago. One of our neighbors has a wisteria tree. They just planted it in their yard and let it go and now it’s a tree. You’re pictures are gorgeous.

  11. I adore wisteria. Being from “the far north,” I didn’t get a chance to see this gorgeous vine until I moved to Texas, but it’s just another part of the south that I’ve fallen in love with. When we move to (what I’m hoping will be) our forever home this summer, I would love to plant some wisteria and watch it take over.

  12. My parents house in Placerville had a wonderful wisteria tree that climbed up 2 stories, across the side of the house and over the garage. It was fantastic. When they had a new roof put on 20 years ago my dad explicitly told the guys not to chop down the tree, but sadly, they did. It never recovered.
    These pictures have been a wonderful stroll down memory lane for me. Thank you! Especially since we have a blanket of fresh snow this morning!

  13. Gorgeous wisteria. I wish the computer screen was scratch and sniff today! It will be years before my wisteria is large enough to bloom. Oh how I wish it were now.

  14. What a beautiful neighborhood!!! Your blog is just so inspiring, I love all your great DIY projects.

  15. I adore wisteria, so old fashioned a look, and the colors, those fabulous lavender and purple shades.

    Art by Karena

  16. This is the best time of year…gorgeous photos! I am always surprised by the beauty of blooming flowers and the amazing scents, can stop you in your tracks! Enjoy! Janell

  17. Lovely!!!

    I wish that grew here (I’m in cold Idaho)

    very nice pictures, makes me hungry for spring

  18. Just gorgeous! I remember the wisteria in the little northern CA town I grew up in – I always wanted to recreate that. Being in AZ (Phx area) it’s probably not going to happen!

  19. I honestly felt like I could smell the flowers as I stared at your photos! You truly captured their beauty, plus, purple is my favorite color!

  20. Gorgeous photos! Wisteria is simply stunning…no doubt! The house I grew up in had two beautiful bushes of wisteria, so it reminds me of “home.” However, since bees love wisteria (and I’m highly allergic to bees), I can’t plant it in my backyard…

  21. I love wisteria! When we lived in CA I would come across them all the time. I don’t think I will be seeing any soon in MA. :( Lucky you. Beautiful photo’s. I can just smell them now!


  22. Beautiful pictures! I love wisteria even though it’s considered invasive where I live (along with honeysuckle another favorite of mine).

  23. WOW! i still have about 2 months until our Wisteria starts to bloom…….I will be planting my own stalk of it this year, I can’t wait until I can take pictures of mine to send to my mom. I will be making an archway at my front gate to use as its support system. Wonderful pictures!

  24. Beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen wisteria in bloom before (perhaps New England isn’t the best climate for it?), but it looks very similar to the jacaranda trees I’ve seen in Johannesburg and Sao Paulo – the purple is so vibrant.

  25. I just recently has noticed a flower growing over the fence here at my office, I thought just by passing by in the car they were beautiful. Thanks to your post I just learned that it’s wisteria! I might have to so smell them later this afternoon in the back.

  26. Thank you so very much for this… I’m in love with Wisteria and definitely know I’ll have at my yard:) What a heavenly color!!!!!


  27. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! OH beautiful,,,, I am so in love with Wisteria,,, all those homes are so lovely,, it looks like gorgeous lace draping on the homes.. Thank You for the show…. Happy Easter.


  28. I looove wisteria, and planted it along the back fence in the last house I lived in….within a few years, it was at least 20 feet in length along the fence, and kept on going. We used to joke about never turning our backs on it in the summer, it could encroach that quickly, lol. I cut it back constantly to keep it under control, and it still managed to spread the pickets of the privacy fence we had. Next time I plant it, I want to investigate the variety that not as invasive! But ah, the heavenly flowers!

  29. I love wisteria too, but it is not blooming here yet. I spent part of my afternoon at a local park taking pictures of flowers that are blooming now to put on my blog. Everything was so gorgeous and all of our flowers are not even blooming yet. We still have azalea bushes to bloom, as well as dogwood trees. Daffodils are in full bloom here and they are my favorites!!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful wisteria pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  30. I LOVE wisteria also! Ours aren’t blooming here yet, but I can’t wait. And, I have to admire other people’s wisteria because my husband forbids me to have them in our yard! grrrrr

  31. I just love the wisteria. Growing up in Texas, a neighbor had a beautiful arch of it over her walkway. I used to go and stand under it just for the beautiful sweet smell. We planted some on the corner of one of our outbuildings, hoping it would grow up and over it to “pretty it up”. Alas, apparently it didn’t like it’s location. But I haven’t given up. I’m determined to have at least one stand of it.

  32. there was a path i walked everyday in college and this time of year a ceiling of wisteria would cover it – oh, how i miss it!!

  33. Wisteria does smell lovely, and they are beautiful flowers. However, as a plant, it’s an invasive vine that will take over everything it comes into contact with. I’ve had several “encounters” with Wisteria vines in two of my homes (they were planted by the previous owners) and if you don’t stay on top of it and keep it trimmed, it will suffocate the trees around it, wedge it’s way under siding and fences, and take over everything in sight. Now I just enjoy it from afar but I would caution anyone thinking of planting it in their own yard.

  34. I love wisteria. These pictures remind me of when I lived in Sierra Madre, CA. They have a Wisteria tour each year. A couple of houses a a wisteria plant that grows in both yards.

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