Favorite Greens, Layla Style

By Kate Riley March 15, 2010

Here’s another friend participating in the “Favorite Greens” series, this time it’s Layla from The Lettered Cottage, who we all know and love as a fabulous decorator, designer, and all around DIYer extraordinaire !   She and her husband Kevin write all about fixing up their ‘Lettered Cottage’ and I’m a big big fan of her style.  I had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Ms. Layla at the Blissdom Conference in February and we became fast friends. 

laylas greens

Take it away Layla !

“Green is my favorite color to decorate with.  It’s the color of growth, and has such a wonderful way of intensifying a rooms sense of adventure.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a shade of green I didn’t like, but here are some of my favorites…

1. Soft Sage

A clean, colorless background allows these soft sage cabinets to really pop! 


2. Sprout

From the pattern on the window treatments, to the pattern on the bedskirt, I just love how fresh sprout green looks when paired with white.


3. Dusty Olive

I adore the way this old, green door (re-imagined as a headboard) takes this all-white room from okay to out-of-this-world!


4.  Pistachio

This tub just wouldn’t be the same without that petite, pistachio-colored stool snuggled up next to it.


5. Dusty Pear

This pretty, dusty pear-colored floor visually blurs the lines between outside and in by mimicking the green grass just beyond the back door.


6. Mint Green

I think the grass green beds up against a mint green wall is magically delicious!


7. Seafoam

I love the addition of seafoam green stripes to white beadboard walls in this kitchen.  Such a fun way to add a little extra charm to this already spectacular space!



A big thank you to Layla for participating in this series !  More featured bloggers coming up tomorrow with their take on this inspiring shade.   

Are you fixated on a favorite green this spring ?  Is is kelly, lime, fern, or celadon ?  Play along in the fun and tell us all about it ! 


  1. Granny Smith Apple Green! I am loving it so much that we painted it in our bathroom remodel. It looks so fresh with white beadboard! I can’t wait to finish it all!

  2. Great post! I love green also and I am a big fan of Layla’s blog and yours!
    Health and happiness,

  3. I just love green. These are some inspiring rooms. I especially love #3. You can just feel the breeze coming in the window looking at that.

  4. They are all such pretty greens. I love pear, sprout and apple green. So fresh and spring like. All of the pictures are just wonderful and such wonderful inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  5. So funny you posted this! I was at Home Depot the other day and we were looking for fresh new colors to redo parts of our home and I decided on a fern/soft sagey color for our bathroom! I can’t wait!! :)

  6. This is such a great idea! I’m currently deliberating over what to do with my dining room. It’s currently painted an olivey green (it was painted this color by the previous owners) and since I have the same shade in my china I’m trying to work with it. Thanks for the inspiration photos!

  7. Green is my favorite color at the moment. I am so loving this series! Layla’s taste, as well, is excellent.

  8. Loving greens, not much in my current home…but it’s one of my all time favorite colors. Love Devine Color’s Blade, it is a beautifully fresh and bright, yet subtle green. Janell

  9. Nice post! I’ve always wanted a very soft, subtle green in my bedroom..it would be so relaxing and soothing. Some great ideas here!

  10. I had no clue, there are actual names to all the greens out there. Very inspirational. Who would have thought – seafoam green? Lovely!

  11. Green is my absolute favorite color when it comes to design. Especially paired with white and blue. I can’t choose my favorite shade; I love them all!

    Great post!

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