Favorite Greens from ‘Our Suburban Cottage’

By Kate Riley March 16, 2010

Another gal pal (among many) I happened to make friends with last month at Blissdom is the darling AnNicole from Our Suburban Cottage.  After meeting her, I quickly became attached because of her exquisite sense of style and endearing personality !  Maybe it might kinda sorta have something to do with our fun night out on the town in Nashville, but she’s just a gal after my own heart.  

Today I’ve got more featured bloggers for you, so this morning, please welcome the mega talented AnNicole from Our Suburban Cottage

favorite greens label

“Hey y’all! I can’t believe Kate gave me control of her “centsational’ blog for an entire day.  Mwah ha ha – the power!   Fortunately for Kate I love all things green, so I’ll stick with the plan and share some of my favorite green things with you.


I love flowers with a tinge of green to them like PeeGee Hydrangeas, Lily of the Valley, and Snowballs. They’re so luscious I could almost eat them…not really, but you know what I mean.

If you don’t have a great flower store nearby that offers these, try Whole Foods. They’re about $20 a bunch, and they’re fresh, lush and gorgeous.

MarthaStewartFlowers Image: Martha Stewart


MarthaStewartFlowers2 Image: Martha Stewart


My other love? Topiaries. I fully admit I own way too many, but I’m okay with that. Hey, some women love shoes, I love topiaries…and pillows (luh huh huv pillows – that’s another post). My favorite topiary varieties are olive, boxwood, and moss. And as for the question of real vs. fake, I would definitely have real topiaries if I could A) afford them, and B) afford to replace them when I inevitably kill them. Therefore mine are all beautifully faux.

Topiary 1

Topiary 2


Finally, I love so many varieties of green paint. Although, most greens I love aren’t pure greens – since pure greens seem to either scream Kermit the Frog or remind me of 1980’s forest green carpet.  Therefore I love greens that are mixed with blue, gray, brown, or even gold. 

Here are a few of my favorite colors:

Sherwin Williams ‘Svelte Sage’ (I big fat heart this gray-green color)


Sherwin Williams ‘Artifact’, a gorgeous brown-gold-green as shown in my friend’s powder bath. 


Here also are Ralph Lauren’s ‘Cathedral Gray’ and Sherwin Williams ‘Dried Thyme’

annicole paint

RL’s ‘Cathedral Gray’ is an incredibly soothing green gray, and Sherwin Williams ‘Dried Thyme’ is a perfect darker green with just enough gray and blue in it to keep it calm. I have a friend with this in their kitchen, and it’s lovely paired with distressed and glazed cream cabinets !

Have a great St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow!


Thank you AnNicole for adding your favorites to the lineup !  And speaking of paint, AnNicole is doing an entire series dedicated to choosing the right paint color, so tune in to Our Suburban Cottage for the full scoop !

Stay tuned for more later today, and yours truly is up tomorrow with a list of my favorite greens in decor, including wallpaper, accessories and a whole lot more.  

Cheers friends ! 


  1. RL’s ‘Cathedral Gray’ is also the color in my kitchen! Love it. It is a perfect green-gray! I have it paired with pink, white, and some green. It is such a neutral I feel like it works with almost any color!

  2. Great Post, AnNicole. I love those green flower choices. :) And thanks for the beautiful paint color ideas.

  3. Aw, what a nice introduction Kate. I’ll go line dancing with you anytime. I’m loving this series. Everyone’s posts are so unique and interesting! Thanks for including me.

  4. So, seeing all this green is making me desperately tired of all our beige walls and boring same ole decor. I want couch pillows and decoration pillows on the bed and just plain COLOUR. The only problem is that my husband claims that he HATES the colour green with decorating. Everything I want to have in our apartment, he thinks is ugly. It’s frustrating, I don’t know what to doooo. And for some reason, I can’t even find a nonwhite tablecloth that isn’t ugly or way too loud (and that isn’t plastic). I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid to even consider shopping with him since he’ll probably shoot everything down. :\

  5. I love green too. I have a dining room, craft room, bathroom, & office painted in different greens. I love that Svelte Sage. YUM!

  6. love the Martha Stewart image of the numbered hydrangea filled pots I’m having a shower this spring and these could be cool as centerpieces.

  7. Green is one of my favorites as well! I gravitate toward the blue greens and the grey greens. But CHARTREUS sure pushes my buttons too!

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