Favorite Greens, Rhoda Style

By Kate Riley March 15, 2010

You can’t escape the color green, it’s everywhere, and rightfully so !  Perhaps it’s because I’m so drawn to botanicals, but I tend to surround myself with all shades of green.  Green is the color of all seasons.  Green is nature.  Green is serene.  Green is the perfect color to welcome into your home, especially this spring !  

I adore every shade of green, from the richness of olive to the softness of sage.  I especially love when green gets social, and mixes with neighboring shades on the color wheel.  Mingle with yellow and green becomes lemongrass, or inject it with blue and you’re looking at teal.  What’s not to love ? 

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and in a very roundabout nod to my Irish heritage, I’ve invited a few of my favorite bloggers to share their insight on the color green in a series called “These Are a Few of My Favorite Greens”.   First up is my dear friend Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, who I met at Blissdom last month, and who shares a love of decorating, thrifting, cooking and gardening !  I always tell Rhoda, I wished I lived closer, cause I’d be in her kitchen sharing her recipes and hopping in her car on the way to thrift stores and yard sales. 

rhodas greens

Take it away Rhoda !  

“Thank you SO much, Kate, for asking me to guest post at your beautiful blog. I’m so honored and excited to be here.

When Kate asked me to share my favorite pics all about the color green, I knew instantly that it would be an easy thing for me, since my favorite color is actually green. I’ve had green in my home since the beginning, in one particular shade or another. Green is such a happy color for me and I love having it in my home. So, we’ll get started with my faves:

One of my favorite things to do is yardsale and scour the thrift shops and I picked up this classically bound book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, and the green cover is so pretty. This is one of my favorite all time books too, so it’s perfect for me to display with its aged green cover.


Several years ago, I began a collection of Bordallo pottery and these bunny dishes caught my eye. First, I love bunnies and this soft green was the perfect complement to them, so there started my collection, which keeps growing yearly. This shade of green is very soothing to me.

Bordallo pottery

When we moved in our house, the laundry room was a big white box and I was determined to spruce it up and make it a happy place. So, I set out with the perfect lime green paint color, ‘Grasscloth’ by Behr and it was, indeed, instant happy. From there, I added some garden accessories and now my laundry room is one of my favorite spaces in the house.

LR shelf

These pears on my living room mantel were collected one at a time and I love their varying shades of green. One of them was bought at TJ Maxx and the others were found elsewhere, one a gift from a thrifting friend and the other from a yard sale. I repainted one of them to enhance the green, but I love how they all relate to each other even though they were found at completely different times. A perfect accent on the mantel.


An apron is something that every domestic diva should have, so I just picked up my very first one at an antique mall. Just call me June Cleaver! In my favorite shade of lime green, the floral print really called to me.


Another favorite paint color in my kitchen, ‘Laura Ashley Olive 4’, has been with me for several years and I still love it. Hanging on the wall is one of my most favored yard sale finds, the primitive painting found for $1. I love the colors and texture in this piece and it works in my multi-colored kitchen, with green as the main color.

Thrift painting

Growing hydrangeas in my garden is right up at the top of my fun list and drying them at the end of the season helps these highly prized blooms to linger longer and the soft muted green is just the most beautiful hue.

Dried hydrangeas

Another yard sale find, the green patina on this brass armillary grabbed my eye immediately. It’s the sort of piece that just gets better with age.



Thank you so much Rhoda for sharing all of your favorite greens – I’m inspired by all of these choices, aren’t you ? 

Stay tuned, later today another favorite blog coming up !  Here’s a clue – she’s a blonde from the south and she’s married to Kevin, reading her blog is a small slice of heaven ! 

So tell us, how much green do you use in your home ?


  1. I love green and use a lot of it in my sunroom and laundry room. I am not partial to the “hunter green” end of the green spectrum but the lighter, springier shades are great!

  2. Funny you mention green. I have long loved green, but haven’t used much of it in my home. I have a bathroom painted Weekend Getaway by Benjamin Moore. Yesterday we got a sample of Benjamin Moore’s Paris Rain and painted a wall with it to see if we like it and we LOVE it. I think my main living area will be painted in this color.

  3. Greens my favorite too!

    We recently painted our new kitchen island (repurposed from a dresser) Happy Camper by Behr.

  4. I like green, too. I just finished our kids’ bathroom make-under in Celery Sticks by Glidden. It’s a beautiful, cheerful soft green and brightens the kid cave so much!

  5. I love Rhoda’s laundry room! I actually painted mine a homemade color close to that, but I haven’t got it decorated yet.

  6. Another green girl here! I’ve always used many greens in my home. I love how paired with brown it’s earthy. Paired with white it’s fresh. Paired with pink it’s preppy! Etc. I have a tiny hallway that goes between my kitchen to garage and laundry room that I have painted a deep green and some fern artwork hanging. It’s like a hidden treasure area for me!

  7. All of Rhoda’s greens are wonderful. I love them all. So pretty. Her home is always such a delight to see. Thanks Rhoda for some pretty greens. Hugs, Marty

  8. Love the green paint, it looks so fresh! My favorite is the pears on the mantel, I keep a bowl of ceramic pears in a silver bowl on our dining table, and it brightens up the whole room!

  9. I love a big green vase for my flowers, it just makes the stems seem so much more a part of the bouquet.

  10. It is nice to see Rhoda over here on your blog. I am also a Green girl so Rhoda and I share that love for the same color. I always love seeing her home because it has so much green in it and that is just a Happy color to me. She is such a wonderful lady and I feel honored to call her friend even if it is in cyber-space, Kathysue

  11. I’ve always loved Rhoda’s laundry room with all the pretty accents. Green is one of my favorites – such a happy spring-y color!

  12. Love all the green’s. Rhoda you are a wonderful blogger. I have a collection of green planters from the 40’s and 50’s that make me very happy so I understand the feelings of green = happiness!

  13. How fun to see Rhoda here today. (Love her!) If I had a laundry room, I think that’s the shade of green I’d go for. So fresh and cheery looking. I don’t do a lot with green in my house. It used to be everywhere, but I’ve kind of phased it out over the years. Still have a mossy green mudroom, though, that I like! :-)

  14. I love Woolen Vest by Porter. I have it color matched though. Prairie Dust is another color I love. It is between a khaki & green. It’s my favorite right now.

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