Hometown Pride

By Kate Riley February 10, 2010

country living I was flying back home on Sunday when I grabbed the latest copy of Country Living magazine.

I adore this publication, but I need to renew my subscription -  hence the airport purchase.

Inside there are plenty of great articles and idea notebooks, with features on closet makeovers, vintage luggage, antiques, and even sea salt (my latest fixation).

Then what before my eyes should appear in the March 2010 issue on page 69  but a fabulous feature on my hometown !

“Five Reasons to Visit Petaluma”

When I saw my sweet little hometown featured in a major national magazine, I got a little giddy.

country living inside

Ooooh, a three page spread !   I live right nearby these places !

Petaluma is the southern most town in Sonoma County, just 35 minutes north of San Francisco.  Our town shares its eastern border with world famous Sonoma, and is known all around for its numerous antique shops in the downtown area.

Twice a year, we have an amazing  Antique Fair where the streets are closed off, and almost 200 vendors come from across the West to sell their vintage, salvage and antique goods.

The big feature in the March 2010 issue of Country Living is on this very Antique Fair !  How marvelous !

I never ever ever miss it !  In fact, I’ve written about the Antique Fair in 2009, with plenty of inspirational pictures, here and here.

The Petaluma Antique Fair is where I spied this piece . . .

taupe paint nightstand

. . . . which inspired my latest cabinet makeover (pictured below).

sideboard with urn

It’s where I saw some colored antique seltzer bottles

seltzer bottles

Similar to the bottles on display at Napa Style that I saw last fall.

napastyle spritzer bottles

And this year, I’d like to score one (or two) for myself.

At the Antique Fair I saw this clever idea – vintage spoons as door pulls, brilliant !

salvage guy spoons

And it’s where I saw this vintage frame crafted into a jewelry holder . . .

frame turned jewelry holder

Which inspired me to make this fabric backed jewelry display with a recycled frame:

hooks on side

It’s where I saw this bright green painted piece . . .

green furniture 2

That inspired the color for the desk I painted for my daughter’s remodeled room:

dresser room view

I’m still regretting not buying these babies from the September Fair.  It haunts me.

zebra stools

So if there is anyone in Northern California who’d like to meet me there,

I’m extending this invitation:

cg antique fair invite

We will browse the Antique Fair for three hours, followed up by a private luncheon at Zagat rated Risibisi, a local favorite, within walking distance.  Email me for details.

I can’t wait !!!


  1. I just read this article, and thought how much I wanted to visit this cute place…if only I lived closer.
    I would love to go with you, and to meet you. I have been reading since you started. I used to be a flight attendant, and if I still had my free flight benefits then I would definitely leave on a jet plane and come to Cali. Glad you had a great time at Blissdom. I met Nester, Kimba, Jenn and Nester’s sis Emily at Nester’s swap meet last summer. They are all such lovely women. I hope to meet you someday too!! Keep showing us your projects…you always inspire me. I am trying to get the energy to work on my blog again {I have let it go dormant since last July}. It’s on the to-do list for the month of February. Have a good week, Leigh Ann

  2. I wished I lived in or near Petaluma now as well. I read that article just last week and thought it would be a lovely place to visit. Who knew that the lady from the blog I follow every day lives there to? What fun it would be to meet you and talk with you about all the projects you have inspired in my own home! Why or why must I live on the east coast?

  3. Kate,
    I just read this magazine yesterday at home! I loved it. I didn’t know that was your hometown, and I am so jealous that I can’t go to the antique fair with you! That would be so much fun.
    On another note, I saw your picture with Harry. He has his arm around you, girl! Again, I am so jealous!
    Have a blessed day!

  4. When I read the article about Petaluma, I wanted to move cross country right then (or at least visit!). So jealous that you live close to it!

  5. How great! I know exactly how you feel. I love seeing things about my home town published, it really makes me proud of it. And a great fair! I have always wanted to visit the west coast, may be this will be in my plans. Best! Vanessa

  6. Aww this is so great!
    I’ll look if I can find the issue somewhere here. it’s REALLY hard to find english magazine in this part of the world….

    That fair sounds awesome. I miss going on antique hunt with my mom… We have to wait for summer here, cause antique boutique only opens for tourist… bleh. I want spring to come!

    Can wait to see the photo-reportage of the meeting!

    I want to go with you SOOOO bad!
    (Did you know I lived in LA from 1996 – 2003?)
    Wishin’ I lived on that side of the country again now!


  8. What a cool spread! I love reading features like this. I would love to meet up, take a tour, and have lunch with you and your fabulous self. I have a big birthday (I won’t say what age I’ll be b/c I am still in denial) on the 21st of April…I’m hoping my family will take a hint and plan a party for me. OR, maybe I could just ask for a plane ticket to see California. :)

  9. I have actually spent time in Petaluma and was so excited to see it in this month’s magazine! I think I’ve flipped back to that article at least 4 times now. It’s such a cute little town! Have fun at the Antiques Fair!

  10. Very jealous! I love the seltzer bottles and I think you just inspired me to paint an old desk a pale green. That’s just lovely!

  11. Oh my goodness, I so wish I could! It’s the day before my birthday even :) So sad I live in Colorado and miss out on such wonderful things as beautiful California antique fairs.

  12. Love Petaluma!! We always drive through on our way to/from Bodega Bay (we live in Martinez). The Antique Fair looks awesome. I may just have to attend this year!!

  13. This sounds like a terrific event and for your hometown to be published in a national magazine is huge. I wonder if my hometown has something as exciting as this going on soon; I will need to do some digging around. I’ve seen other posts of yours about areas and shops to visit near you and it all looks absolutely wonderful! If I can’t make it to California to see these sites in person I can certainly count on you to describe them in such a way that I feel as if I am there.

  14. Oh Kate, this sounds so fun! Los Gatos isn’t too far……I am going to plan on it! Who hoo!!!!!!

  15. Kate, if only I weren’t here in Kansas City. I would love to attend with you!! Lots of inspiration in Petaluma!

  16. I knew you lived in wine country, but didn’t know your hometown was Petaluma. I live in the Central Valley, so it’s a bit of a drive for me, but I LOVE Petaluma…it is such a quaint little town! I once attended the antinque fair there…YEARS ago. Maybe a road trip is in the cards for April??? I’m going to have to pick up the current issue and check it out. Thanks for the heads up…and the invitation!

  17. Ooh, that is so tempting…do you have any recommendations for hotels as I will be coming from MD?

  18. OOOH… Kate… I may have to meet up with you there!!! I live in Martinez, and we go up that way to visit my grandparents quite a bit (santa rosa- oakhurst) so its really a hop, skip, and a jump away!!!! Do you ever go to the peddlers fair in Benicia??

  19. I always get so excited to see my subscription of Country Living coming in the mail – one of my favorite magazines! I try and savour it. So it came in on Saturday and yesterday I read about your cute town. I found myself dying to visit!!! If only California weren’t so darn far away from Northern Ontario. If I win the lottery by April though, I’ll see you there! :)

  20. I will just ahve to be there in spirit, but oh this is something I would love to do.
    And I am glad I’m not the only one who gets haunted by purchases not made. I once passed up this pink chair, only because there wasn’t 2 of them, and now I think who cares, why did I need 2 ?? :)

  21. You can count me in!!!
    I would love to meet up with you on April 25th for the Antique Fair. Just let me know where the meeting point will be. I always go to the show on the square in Healdsburg, but have never been to the one in P Town. Looking forward to it :)

  22. Hi Kate,

    I live in the East Bay (and am best friends with Shea from Los Gatos). This sounds great…count us in! How do we formally RSVP?


  23. I so wish I didn’t live on the complete opposite coast so that I could go with you to that antique fair! Looks like so much fun :)

  24. Petaluma is delightful. The food all around Napa and Sonoma could be an issue in itself. Just FABULOUS! The antique fair sounds so fun. I’ll give it some thought. Great idea. Thanks for coming by and giggling with us. Holly

  25. OMG! I live in Los Gatos and I will definately be there! I put it on my calendar already. Do you have any tips and pointers on what to bring and what to expect?

  26. This would be awesome! The hubby and I live in Monterey and would love to make the trek up (well, I would love to make the trek up; might have to drag him along). We’ve been meaning to make it north of San Francisco for some time anyway! What fun!

  27. wow i am so wishing i lived closer so i could join you!! this post was awesome. i wish we had something like that here in pittsburgh..hmm maybe we do. i’m going to have to do some scavenging! and for now just drool over you finds. hehe.

  28. I wish I could go! I live in the East Bay…but Sunday is when we go to church. AND….our baby is due the beginning on April too. I would totally love going to an antique fair. My husband and I went to the Antique Mall in Monterey last month while on a mini vacation. I’m sure you’ve been there before…it’s awesome!

  29. I read the article…how cool for you that you live there! It is a bit too far from Illinois for a visit, but I’ll look forward to your finds from this year!

  30. Kate! When I saw this I totally thought about you and wondered if you wanted to meet up. I plan to go, so I’ll get some details from you soon! :)

  31. I have that issue…and was wondering about that town..wish i lived closer i would sign up…

  32. What a lovely idea. Would be thrilled to meet up with you and will put it in my calendar. And how nice to see Simplified Bee planning on being there too!

  33. How exciting for your town… I will have to hurry and get my copy so I can get a better look at those wonderful shops….


  34. Nice! Also wanted to say CONGRATS for winning the autographed book from Eddie Ross.Magic seems to follow you everywhere girl! Looking forward to learning a lot from you this year.Be blessed!

  35. Hi,girlfriend! I just started a new sub. for Country Home & got the chance to browse when I returned from Blissdom. Saw Petaluma in there after you told me that’s where you live, so I remembered that!! I love the name, so cute. and boy, would I love to meet up with you, but it’s a far piece from AL. Oh, that we all lived closer so we could shop together. We would be in trouble together!! xoxo

  36. My brother and his family lived on 4th Street for years–they just relocated to Boulder, CO, but we visited them for years in Petaluma. We loved it there!

    This was a great CL issue–but aren’t they all!?

  37. One of these days I hope to get to visit California. That antique fair sounds awesome. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love & blessings from NC!

  38. Saw the feature in the Mag. LOVED it all! SOOO wish I could come to Cali. Would be tons of fun and what an adventure for this Georgia Gal!

  39. If the hubs weren’t going to be out of town I would be right on your heels. Will you do another tour for the fall fair? I’ll be sure to pencil that in!

  40. Count me in! I’m only an hour and 30 minutes away. Yay! This will be fun…I’m marking it on my calendar now.

  41. Well after 5,000 feet of snow in less than a week and cabin fever starting to set in, I read you are in Petaluma. I’m a native East Bay girl so know just how WONDERFUL you have it. Jealous, jealous, jealous. No other way to put it.

  42. I’m so excited! It’s on my calendar and I’m looking forward to meeting you and having a fun day. I’m coming from Santa Rosa.

  43. Just came across your blog… beautiful! We live in Lodi and were just in Petaluma camping for Easter :) I love Petaluma… we’ll be back in May… {wish I could come THIS weekend for the fair!} are there any cool places I need to visit or events the weekend of May 14th-16th?


  44. I lived in Sebastopol for 6 year, unfortunately I have moved back to S0 Cal. I miss it so up there, Petaluma is fab, but there is a little, actually a big salvage barn on Hwy 12 heading into Sebastopol that is the best ever, or at least it was. I look forward to a road trip this summer back there. Loved what you did with the cabinets……..great creative ideas.

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