Sweetly Packaged Chocolate Candy

By Kate Riley February 11, 2010

I’m just going to come right out and say it.  We.Women.Need.Chocolate. 

The mood lifting qualities of chocolate cannot be denied.  There is simply no such thing as too much chocolate.  At least, that’s how I see the world – through chocolate tinted glasses.

Last week, in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I began my adventure in chocolate candy making.  What began as an experiment ended happily ever after with a blissful box of three varieties of dark chocolate candy. 

centsational girl candy box 

First, I started with Sea Salt Caramels dipped in Dark Chocolate.  You can read that harrowing journey right here.

caramel up close

My next adventure in chocolate candy making led to these two decadent delights: 

Raspberry Chocolate Squares and Toffee Bites.

chocolate duo

Raspberry Chocolate Squares

The first thing you do is gather about 18 to 20 ounces of chocolate, whether squares or chips.  Determine what level of sweetness you really want.  Of course, you may have to suffer through several  tastings. 

You can mix semisweet with unsweetened. 

unsweetened semi sweet combo

Or try bittersweet mixed with semi sweet.

semi sweet bittersweet combo

Decisions decisions. 

One of each  – how can you go wrong ?

various chocolate combo

If you’re unsure, here’s my recommendation.  Go with the 60% bittersweet chocolate.

It’s da bomb.

Make your choice, then melt as follows:  In a microwave safe bowl, melt on high for the first minute, then remove from heat and stir.  Continue to microwave on high, stirring every 30 seconds, for approximately 2 to 3 minutes until most of your chocolate is melted.  Keep stirring until it’s all melted (do not overcook) and it looks like this. 

augustus gloop

Rinse your berries. 

wash berries


puree berries

Optional:  pour into fine mesh strainer to remove seeds. 

Blend with 3/4 can of sweetened condensed milk.

sweetened condensed milk and raspberries

Stir, then pour into mold of choice.

I used a flexible mini brownie mold.

spoon into mold 

Smooth with spatula.

smooth with spatula

Allow to harden for two hours, then pop out of mold. 

Voila !  Your own homemade chocolate raspberry squares. 

Delicious.  And nutritious. 

I’m convinced this counts as one portion of daily fruit.

raspberry chocolate squares

Because of the sweetened condensed milk, these do not completely harden.  They are more like really really dense fudge.  A trivial  detail to true chocolate lovers. 

Toffee Bites

The Toffee Bites are crazy easy.  Simply melt your chocolate as described above, then add half a bag of Heath toffee bits to the melted chocolate.

heath toffee bits

blend toffee

Pour toffee mixture into candy molds like these – they are found at craft stores or specialty candy supply shops.  These I found at Michaels for $1.50 each.   

candy molds

Allow to cool for about two hours, then pop them out of their plastic molds.  Smooth any rough edges with a zester. 

shave edges of chocolate

It’s helpful to wrap your fingers in plastic, whether saran wrap or plastic sandwich bags, since the heat from your fingers will start to melt your chocolates while you file the edges. 

Now for the candy boxes  – they are a quick assembly with just a few supplies.  If you can create labels on your computer with Avery Ink Jet labels, then you can make these. 

First, I bought the white candy boxes at the craft store, some seasonal heart doilies, and bright red ribbon on a roll.   

box supplies

I made the labels on my computer (Microsoft Word’s ‘Label’ tab – just input the Avery number then choose your font).   I printed them, then trimmed the edges with scalloped scissors. 

make labels

Steps:  1) Assemble the candy box; 2) Use a glue stick to secure the doily to the top of the box; 3) Measure the amount of ribbon to wrap around box, 4) Trim labels with craft scissors, then 5) Secure ribbon in place around candy box with personalized label. 

centsational girl candy box

Distribute to all of your pals.

candy boxes stacked

You’ll have a very happy troop of caffeinated fans.  Enjoy !


  1. Oh…it all looks so lovely. I’ve never been able to get the caramel to cook properly :( Thanks for sharing

  2. YUMMMM!!! I am trying my hand @ dipping fruit on our vday weekend.. but I am keeping your tutorial for next year!! tfs

  3. We do need chocolate! It always makes me feel better. ;) I think the raspberry chocolate squares are my fave. And how cute are you, sneaking that neat Valentines Heart into the photo with the condensed milk? ;) Delicious post!

  4. You are on a roll with all these chocolate post. I WILL NOT be making any chocolate this year because 3lbs. have found me in the last few weeks. I guess all of this snow that is keeping me inside is not good for the weight:(

    Your boxes are adorable. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Okay..I am cracking up..I have never seen so many packages of Chocolate piled up..at first I thought you took the picture at the store..then I realized they were on your counter!! You DO take your chocolate seriously. I’m laughing because I don’t really crave chocolate..salty snacks yes….and I agree the rasberry HAS to count for a fruit serving!!This made me want to bake something..I don’t even eat…way to go!!!!

    Cindy from Tx

  6. Okay – I finished eating my chocolates last night and I was in total chocolate euphoria. I seriously almost sent you a message letting you know how insanely good those darn things were. You’ve got some mad skills girl :).

  7. looks delicious! and such thoughtful, pretty packaging.

    if you get a chance, you should try baking with green & black’s chocolate. it’s amazing.


  8. I could die a happy woman eating my weight in those Toffee Bites! And I love the photos of the sweetened condensed cream in that cute heart design – so appropriate!


  9. They look fantastic! My mouth is watering. Can’t wait to try making the raspberry ones. Wish I hadn’t JUST got back from the grocery store before seeing this. Or, I’d be making them NOW. Instead, I’m making homemade falafel, which has suddenly lost it’s luster.

  10. I am impressed! The candy looks divine, I know I would love getting it as a gift…I’m sure your people will love it!

  11. WOW I have never tried making my own candy but now I’m going to give it a try.. Thanks!!

  12. wow these look like some high end chocolate treats!! wish I’d seen this earlier..have not as usual got my act together so will prob end up with a hasty store bought purchase, nice post sarahx

  13. Do you never quit?!

    You are totally amazing and I have no chance of ever getting my $h!t together enough to even come close to you.

    Please just take care and never burn out… I need to live vicariously through you!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  14. AWWWW Katie….. the picture of the condensed milk going in made me howl…. had to go get a fix from my bag of toffee Nuggets … cause it’s SNOWING like mad here in BIg D, and gonna ice up…. no shopping for me…those raspberry bites look sinful anyway!!!!!! you are tooo talented !

  15. I’m definitely making some chocolates for my husband tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration. He likes Reese’s so I’m thinking of doing something with chocolate and peanut butter. Yum!

  16. I cannot WAIT to try the chocolate-covered caramels. I’ve never made candy before either, but those look too good NOT to make. Soon! My mom is visiting next week, so I think maybe we’ll try them together. My mouth is already watering…

  17. What was that Churchill said? “..optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. Can I get a Whoot! Whoot!…ok am gonna walk thro’ that Blizzard and get my stuff to get the candy pouring in my house hold.Thanks gurrlll!!!

  18. I really shouldn’t but I’m going to. A perfect activity to do with my niece (finally, a girl in my testosterone-filled home).

  19. Wow. Dying over here. Those look ridiculously delicious. Unfortunately I’m going to have to be content with my M&Ms. Why can’t you be my neighbor?

  20. These look SO GOOD and this post is making me so hungry! The packaging is very cute too! I am going to have to try the squares. But for now, I think I’ll dig into the big box of chocolate my hubby got for me yesterday :) …you know, to get my chocolate fix right now. lol

  21. THESE WERE SO YUMM!!! :)
    i molded the toffee bites in letter shaped molds to spell LOVE and other sappy v-day stuff… :) very cute!
    but i think i put too much condensed milk or maybe not enough chocolate in the fudgy bites… oh well! its totally yummm… i didnt have raspberries, so i put strawberries, plus i put almonds in it, so it will become a wonderful cake or ice cream topper… lol! :D

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