Stars and Stripes Centerpieces

By Kate Riley July 2, 2009

Last year, we had a huge Fourth of July barbeque for fifty friends.  It was so much fun.  We can see our local fireworks from our front porch, so we’re a great place for an evening party.  Every year, all the kids from the neighborhood end up at our house for Mr. CG’s street fireworks show.  This year, I skipped throwing a party, but I still like to add a festive touch to my table.

I bought some basic canisters from Michaels in white and red, and a few spools of ribbon. 


This is not a novel concept to use ribbon for decorating centerpieces, but this is my simple and easy approach.   With my hot glue gun, and some double sided tape, and some simple annuals, I came up with these:

Stars and Stripes Planter Centerpieces:

flowers final

These little planters are so easy, there’s no need for any sort of tutorial.

Add drainage holes to the bottom with a hammer and nail:

drainage holes

Add a bit of ribbon with hot glue to the back seam.  Then use double sided tape to guide your ribbon around the canister, and keep it straight.  Use one more dab of hot glue to keep the other end of the ribbon in place. 

hot glue ribbon

Plant your flowers in your pot – simple !


For the red canister with blue trim, I planted white ‘Victory Vinca’.

victory vinca

For the white canister with red trim, I planted ‘Marine Blue’ lobelia.  

blue lobelia

For the white canister with blue trim, I planted ‘Quartz Scarlet’ verbena. 

scarlet verbena

So here are my Festive Fourth Flower Pots.  So simple and easy ! 

fourth flowers final 

My favorite part is that I can easily remove the ribbon and reuse the planters later in the year for other tablescapes.  I am already thinking of adding green and brown velvet ribbon to the white canisters for the fall.  And I have big plans at Christmas to add cream velvet ribbon to the red canister for a mini fir tree. 

I hope you all have a fabulous Fourth !  I so love this patriotic holiday, and what it represents: freedom.   I’ll leave you with some photos from my visit to the state capitol in Sacramento earlier this week. 

capitol steps

capitol flag

Happy Fourth of July !


  1. Your blog is beautiful and you are so creative. It's no wonder you found 50 friends to spend this special holiday with you!!
    Happy 4th of July!!
    Hugs, Nerina :)

  2. Lovely! I haven't been to Michaels in awhile. I need to stop in and see if their 4th of July ribbon is on sale yet. ;)

  3. These are fabulous! You are so creative, and I am really enjoying visiting your blog.


  4. SO cute! At first when I saw you were adding ribbon I thought, "ugh, big ribbon bows!" Nope – yours are ADORABLE! If you completely covered with ribbon you could just use tin cans, then you wouldn't have to change the ribbon each season, you could have new ones for each season! I might steal it! :)

  5. WHAT an adorable crafty IDEA! thank you for sharing. I may have to do it one year. I love the ribbons you picked out. Looks so cute.

    I just put up a cute flag I made on my family blog: and if you want to see more Patriotic decor I have some up on

    I really enjoy all your great finds, and fixes on your blog! JenGlamGirl

  6. What a fun, simple, festive idea! I just planted some flowers like that today, but in regular pots. I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

  7. These are really classy and add a great touch of decor for the 4th. I was thinking about using some cans (after cleaning them out of course) which would be a great way to recycle. Since you're covering them up, no one would know.

  8. These are so festive and cheerful. They made me smile. Have a great 4th!

  9. idea… can also just use an empty can as ribbon (or even paper) can cover most of it…or use some paint

  10. Thanks for sharing such a great idea! I'm thinking you could also use containers from thrift store and spray paint them before adding the ribbon.

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