Weekend Reading 9.24.23

By Kate Riley September 24, 2023

I leave for Paris tomorrow, I’m excited to be showing it off to a friend who has never been. After a few days we will be in the Netherlands exploring that country. I’ll be posting about in on Instagram stories if you want to see what those places look like in autumn.

We’re starting on a kitchen refresh in our home in California, I’m replacing the old and chipped marble countertops and also the walnut wood top on the island with modern quartz. I’m swapping out some cabinets around the window for a few decorative open shelves and also repainting the cabinets. I’ll keep the creamy white color on the surrounding cabinets, but I’m debating what color to do for the island, I’m torn between mushroom taupe and olive green. I’m looking forward to refreshing that space before the end of the year, stay tuned for more on that project.

Favorite links from the week:

This elegant and traditional home with a touch of blue in every space.

This renovated family home in Santa Barbara.

This Mediterranean home in Los Angeles with a restrained yet lovely use of Spanish tile.

The whimsical use of wallpaper in this Maine coastal style cabin.

2023 kitchen design trends.

100 architectural terms to know.

So cute: DIY sparkly pumpkins made with tulle!

This shop has the most chic bandanas.

The Hallmark Christmas movie lineup starts in October!

99 words of encouragement if someone you care for is feeling down.


  1. Try and see Zaanse Schaans windmills, Aalsmeer flower auction and Madurodam(miniature town exhibit) near Hague when you are in Netherlands.
    Safe travels!

  2. I look at your blog every day and you frequently mention projects you are working on and that you will be sharing photos soon, but you never do! I never see the follow-up post and I know I am not missing it because I look every day. Why is that?

    • I take my time with space renovations. Sometimes months. I don’t like to rush projects. Anything I’m working on eventually pops up on the blog when it’s ready to be revealed. Thank you for following along.

  3. That sounds amazing! Enjoy your trip to Paris and the Netherlands, and I’d love to follow your adventures on Instagram. Safe travels! 🌍📸✈️

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