Enviable Interior Arches

By Kate Riley September 21, 2023

With so many horizontal and vertical planes and sharp angles in a home, an interior arch provides welcome contrast in design. The eye is naturally drawn to the curvaceous and expanded shape of them.

Classically speaking, successful arch construction depends on a series of wedge shaped blocks precisely cut so that they press firmly against the surface of neighboring blocks for uniform load and structural support. Throughout history, famous arches have been built with stone, from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris to the Arch of Constantine in Rome. In modern times, we’ve developed ways of supporting arches with curved supports designed with the purpose of creating a circular shape.

White stucco or paint allows the shape of the arch to be the focal point, and statement chandeliers always add to the drama. Exterior arches are eye catching when framed inside cloisters, porticos, or loggias. Below are some examples of enviable interior arches.


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david michael miller



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angelica henry design


ohara interiors


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