Wall Hooks for a Small Entry

By Kate Riley January 24, 2023

It was making me crazy that I had no place to hang my crossbody bags, backpack, or hats when I’m coming and going so I ordered a set of wall hooks and installed them behind my front door at our house in Florida.

I wanted something simple and minimalist, so when I discovered these angled hooks in natural wood, I bought them and installed them on the wall. I like how simple they are and how they fill the narrow space in between the front door and my little office nook.

I thought about mounting them on wood strips but instead opted to just attach them directly to the wall. Amazing how something so simple can add more convenience to your life.

Sometimes you don’t need a whole system of racks or a hall tree or mud room, you just want a little place to hang your most frequently used hats and handbags.

Below find a collection of modern wall hooks from simple to whimsical for when you want to hang or grab your favorites when you’re on the go. These are all attractive alternatives to standard hook racks.


curved hooks


pebbles hooks

terrazzo / marble



black circles



round natural wood pegs | round beech hooks


five hook rack


golden birds (also in white)


white animals


gold leaves

etched floral / feather

resin animals (multiple finishes)



  1. I do think that wall hooks a versatile decorating tool that can be used in a variety of ways to express creativity and personal style. One way to use wall hooks creatively is to hang a collection of items, such as a group of vintage keys, colorful scarves, or even a set of pots and pans. Another is of course how you describe, if you do not have enough space to hang cloths or hats. Overall, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using wall hooks as a creative expression.

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