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By Kate Riley October 19, 2022

It was a day of learning and teaching, I spent a few hours this morning learning trimming techniques on the pottery wheel at my ceramics class, next I spent the afternoon teaching my 84 year old mother-in-law how to set up email and use the internet. It was a day of sharing knowledge! :)

I’ve always been interested in trying new creative techniques: making resin art and resin crafts, playing with air dry clay, experimenting with wood burning, and cyanotype printing, the list goes on. This weekend I’m working with a new medium, it’s not clay or resin, you’ll see!

I love the idea of giving experiences as gifts instead of things (see this list for plenty of ideas) and creative hobbies are a great one! Perhaps it’s time for you to start a new hobby, something you’ve always wanted to try. I can speak from personal experience that my ceramics classes are so enjoyable and fulfilling, so much so I set up a little ceramics workbench in my garage to continue my practice at home. This is my newest creation, I shared the process of how I built it on Instagram.

Perhaps you know someone who’s always talked of trying out a new hobby and they just need a kick start. You could be the spark that gets someone interested in something new. My belief is we all are creative and we should all have a hobby that we enjoy.

So many of these make great gifts for friends or family members or you! If you’ve ever wanted to try a creative project, these kits get you started. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a longer path in these fields.

Clay Trinket Dish Kit

Fluid Art Kit

Beginner Macramé Wall Hanging

 Botanical Flower Press

Beginner Embroidery

Learn the Art of Kintsugi (Japanese ceramic repair)

Learn to Sculpt Pottery

Solar Botanical Printing Kit



Soy Wax Candlemaking



Learn to Knit (Scarf Tutorial)

Learn to Weave (Includes Loom & Yarn Materials)

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