Weekend Reading 5.1.22

By Kate Riley May 1, 2022

Thank you so much for all the kind feedback on the Florida home purchase and future move. I appreciate your comments and emails and support, it will be an adventure living in and renovating a house in a new state!

Back in California, I needed extra rest this week because I joined Orangetheory and it’s kicking my butt! I’ve been in bed early every night because I’m exhausted from the workout, but I keep showing up. Years ago I used to take group fitness kickboxing classes, I was in great shape and had a lot more energy. During the pandemic, the only exercising I did was walking or hiking with occasional trips to the gym to lift weights so I’ve lost a lot of strength and stamina. My goal is to get it back! Have you made any changes to your fitness routine? Gah, it’s hard!

Favorite links from the week:

Small doses of color appear throughout this cozy Swedish home.

Decorative restraint paired with plenty of white on display in this Palm Beach getaway.

Rustic touches blend with fun, bright colors in this renovated farmhouse.

Just about every shade of blue is represented in this North Carolina new build.

What a pretty pale green on these kitchen cabinets.

A clever way to create a DIY tabletop fire bowl.

 Updated real estate terminology that reflects societal shifts.

The first thing to do if your flight is canceled.

The most recent statistics on the great resignation.

Marriage advice from couples together 25+ years.

103 small pieces of advice from a 70 year old.

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