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By Kate Riley May 4, 2022

I have a lot of research and planning to do before I head to Florida this summer and start renovations. The first thing we’re doing is upgrading some of the ceiling fans.

I came to appreciate ceiling fans years ago when we owned properties in Las Vegas and the summer heat often crept into the 100s. Paired with air conditioning, they’re a must for staying comfortable during the day. In Northern California, we’ve had no real use for ceiling fans to assist with comfort, temperatures rarely reach the 90s even in summer.

Now that I’ll be adjusting to Florida’s climate, everyone insists that ceiling fans are a must! Summer heat paired with high humidity will be a brand new experience. My brother was also was a California resident all his life until he moved his family to Savannah, Georgia eight years ago. He tells me to brace myself, the first summer is hard, but after that you acclimate. And definitely make sure you have fans!

I counted the number of ceiling fans in the house we just bought and there are ten! Thankfully the house has new A/C but ceiling fans are necessary in that part of the country so I’m replacing most of them since they’re old and dated. I’m only removing the ones in the kitchen and bathrooms which seem a little strange to me. If you caught the pictures I shared last week you saw the bizarre coved florescent light plus 1980s ceiling fan combo in those spaces that sparked a lot of comments.

This week we hired an electrician to remove the florescent cove fixtures and install small recessed incandescent lights in their place. He will also replace several of the ceiling fans around the community spaces and bedrooms with more contemporary versions I’m shopping for now.

Ceiling fans have come a long way! I remember when decades ago the choices were not so chic, but it’s a whole new world out there in ceiling fan design, we now have so many good options. Some favorites below!

brass with whitewash blades


Warm Wood

fans that add contrast or warmth

weathered wood

minka wood / matte white & wood

maple LED / walnut & wood



Sleek & Low Profile

when you don’t want your fan in the spotlight

matte white


matte white with remote / black stain

brushed nickel / white 3 blade with light


Elegant Brass

for when you seek a touch of gold

white & brass fan

wood with natural brass / satin brass with acrylic blades

monte carlo brass / black and brass


Colorful & Fun

for when you want your fan to be playful

orange blades

mint & oak (also in pink) / blue LED

navy LED (also green)  / mint LED (also gray)



for when you need circulation on your covered porch or patio or cabana

black multiblade

black outdoor (several colors) / weathered wood & brass

white & natural wood / burnished brass


Alternative Designs

for those who don’t want to see classic blades

curved propeller (also in silver)

semiflush white  /  black semi flush (also nickel)

warm brass semiflush mount (also black) / whitewashed


  1. Good call on using the ceiling fans! But I wouldn’t plan on using incandescent lighting anywhere. They’re so much hotter than LED.

  2. Agree with the above commentor. As a lifelong Florida resident I can attest that replacing all of your incandescent lights with LED will make for a much cooler house and energy savings. You can replace your incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs in Can lights or install flat pancake LED fixtures instead.

      • I added a small ceiling fan to my en suite bath because it helps prevent mildew in a damp climate.

  3. As a former California resident now living in Atlanta, yes ceiling fans are a must. Beware of the fans with a fewer amount of blades. It’s hard for them to get the job done. :)

  4. We moved to NC a few years ago from up north, and the house came with ceiling fans in the great room, lanai and master bedroom. I walked into a furniture store the first year we were here (before the first full summer) and fell in love with a gorgeous chandelier I SO wanted to put in the master bedroom. The sales rep said to wait until we went through a summer before deciding to give up our fan. She was sure we would want to keep it. She was right. We use it almost every night, and sometimes it is all we need to keep cool.

    Your examples are excellent, but the above commenter is correct. Stay away from three blades designs.

  5. I would LOVE to have a ceiling fan in my bathroom, weird though it is. Styling my hair with any heat during the warm & hot months is not enjoyable.

    One tip for fans is that they can be tricky to buy. If you are in a slightly older home where you have a switch for the light and a switch for the blades, be careful of the wiring of the fan you purchase. Ones with a remote don’t play nice and you’ll need to cap the wires for one switch and get a plate with a blank. I replaced my fans recently and chose ones that could be wired to the wall switches (no remote). Honestly, the remote isn’t needed for us, we don’t change the fan speed often.

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