Weekend Reading 4.11.21

By Kate Riley April 11, 2021

Thanks so much for all the love on the recent bathroom refresh, your comments on the blog and Insta were so kind! I took a two days off to rest after that whirlwind remodel and watched a few classic movies with my 17 year old daughter. She’s passionate about film and cinematography so we’re watching award winners like The Godfather and Gone with the Wind and everything in between so she can understand the history of film, and she’s introducing me to quirkier less known movies I’ve never seen. It’s so fun, we’re having the best conversations.

This week I’m pulling together the sources and materials for the bathrooms on my newest flip house project. The plumber is coming to move some pipes around he needs the valves and fixtures so I’m focused on details that need to happen before tile and other finishes. I’m also photographing a client’s kitchen that I helped renovate. The pandemic slowed the process but it’s finally done, I’ll share that soon.

Favorite links from the week:

This Nordic inspired kitchen renovation featuring black appliances.

From granite to faux marble: check out this countertop transformation.

Love these budget DIY patio chairs inspired by retail versions.

This Mexican artist transforms discarded glass into colorful hearts.

The special relationship between Prince Philip and the Queen.

Switch things up with these ideas for egg dishes for breakfast and brunch.

Things to plan for this summer for when the kids get bored.

Some countries that are open to vaccinated travelers.

Planning for summer break: the best lakes in the U.S. to visit.

Benefits of friendships with people that can do nothing for you.

The seven types of rest every person needs.


  1. Gone with the wind ? Did you address the problematic historical context of that film? Gone With the Wind is not only the most successful Hollywood film about slavery, it’s the most instructive. Not because it dutifully recreates actual history — far from it actually. Better than any film, Gone With the Wind is a searing, accidental portrait about the American mythology around slavery. The mythology Gone With the Wind extols about cheery, simple-minded slaves who are unerringly faithful to their abusers and the beauty of a lost South

    So many amazing classic movies and you happen to choose that particular movie ? I get that your post have to do with home decor and I have long been a fan but do better .

    • Wow Marti, that’s quite an analysis. We watch Gone with the Wind for its characters and place in film history. My daughter is well educated on the history of slavery in our country and has viewed dozens of movies on slavery which (I agree) are more realistic in their depiction. We don’t shy away from difficult topics in our home or avoid films because they’re deemed controversial. Best to look these issues square in the face. She has the intelligence to make that comparison on her own and form her own views on all cultural and historic issues.

      Also, consider quotation marks with credit to the author next time you leave a similar comment, because the opinion you shared is lifted directly from this article: https://www.vulture.com/article/gone-with-the-wind-and-cinematic-monuments-to-the-confederacy.html

  2. I realized I’ve been following you for a long time – I can’t believe your daughter is 17! There’s nothing like mom/daughter conversations.
    Enjoyed all the links as usual – thanks for keeping this up! I look forward to seeing your flip house bathroom renovations.

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