Large Scale Landscapes

By Kate Riley April 20, 2020

I’ve written about my love of seascapes, but I truly love landscapes too, especially ones that have a vintage vibe when they’re enlarged on a canvas or a big frame. Landscapes have that power to transport you outdoors and to another place, something we could all use a little more of right now. :)

I’m focused on creating a series of art prints that feature my backyard in the Northern California wine country. Over the weekend I created this large scale landscape of the rolling golden hills of Sonoma County where I live. It’s available for sale in the Restless Art print shop.


I love large scale landscapes with softer lines or muted colors or in pastel palettes, I find them so soothing. I spy them in antique stores and I love them, but it’s hard to find ones that speak to me that are a good price too. This art I created is a digital painting, easy to download and available to print and frame in three large scale sizes.


Are you a lover of landscapes too?  I found a dozen more landscapes that are digital downloads from Etsy sellers and they’re all priced at less than $12 making it easy and affordable to fill your wall space!

farmhouse / fall colors / winter lake / antique

shades of green / desert watercolor / mountain pass / palm leaves



watercolor / forest & sky / lakeside  / still lake


On the Restless Art site, find suggested sources for printing and framing digital artwork. :)


  1. Check out for free image downloads. And lots of library sites have free higher-res images for download, like Library of Congress:

    And for printing, instead of a FedEx Kinko’s, search for a local print shop, like a “reprographics” shop. Reprographics is the new(er) word for blueprints, so it’s all large-format (larger than 12×18).

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