Weekend Reading 1.4.20

By Kate Riley January 4, 2020

My friends, you are the best! Thank you so much for the heartfelt comments on my last personal post, how nice to read it resonated with many of you and how lovely some of you have been around since the beginning when I started writing this blog in 2009!

I’m really excited for what 2020 brings, I have so much to share this month, new fabric patterns and a new business launching, and I’ve made plans for my next trip! I’m headed to Palm Springs in February. I haven’t spent much time exploring that area, so I’m off to tour the iconic architecture and take a ton of photos for Modernism Week. Your tips and suggestions for not-to-miss places are welcome!

Favorite links from this week:

Oak is back and on display in natural and black in this modern kitchen.

Proof in the right space, yellow looks good on kitchen cabinets.

Perspective: mess up first to take the pressure off perfection, it allows creativity to flow.

10 minute tasks to organize your life.

How free shipping is changing product design.

USA road trips ideas for 2020.

Benefits children receive when they travel with you.

Five countries to consider for affordable retirement at the beach.

More evidence that exercise + muscle strength are preventative medicine.

Food for thought: in the time spent on social media you could start a new business.


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