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By Kate Riley July 28, 2019

Happy Sunday everyone. There’s not much going on with me this weekend, just preparing for a productive week before I leave for Peru in mid August.

I started taking bikram yoga classes and they are kicking my butt. They’re so detoxifying and I sleep great so I’m attending those twice a week but they wipe me out! For the longest time I was taking fitness kickboxing classes (I still do) but I’m mixing up my routine again just to keep it interesting. I also love just walking and listening to podcasts, and I try to lift weights 2-3 times a week at they gym for 30 minutes to stay strong. What is your favorite workout that you turn to to stay in shape? I’d love to know!

Favorite links from the week:

A labor of love: this sun-bleached island abode oozes relaxation.

Proof that a tiny backyard can become an outdoor oasis.

Another amazing treehouse you can rent.  (Find more treehouses to rent here.)

Fascinating: Spanish villages for sale (and the difficulty selling them).

Oh no, Paris too? Overtourism on the rise. .

Know a whiskey drinker? Here are 50 of “the best”.

She believed in herself way back when, and look at her now.

Funny and true! People around the world tweet the things Americans love to say.


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  1. I want to move into that Ibiza house right now! Gorgeous!

    The best shape I’ve been in as an adult was doing kickboxing, but I don’t stick with workouts unless I enjoy them. Dancing is my favorite cardio so I’ve been dancing with the Fitness Marshall. He is so fun, talented, and energetic. An hour goes by, and I can’t even believe it. Can’t do hot yoga; I get terrible heat and exertion headaches so that’s a no for me. I love regular yoga though!

    Peru! Can’t wait to hear about that. Also on our list!

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