Sleeping in Treehouses

By Kate Riley June 27, 2019

I was talking to my cousin and he reminded me of the “tree house” he built when we were kids in the oak tree at our grandparents house. One day my cousins Danny, Derek, and Darren decided to build a tree fort, they rounded up a bunch of wood, created a makeshift ladder to climb up the trunk, then laid down planks across the biggest branches to make the base platform. It had no railings, no stability, of course it was horribly unsafe.

One wrong step would send them falling to the ground, but the right series of steps allowed them to catapult themselves into the swimming pool below, which they managed to do dozens of times. My grandfather got a kick out of watching the whole thing being constructed, and even more joy from watching them swing from the branches and jump from the platform into the pool below. Good times. :)

I don’t recall what happened to that makeshift tree fort because my grandfather passed away and my grandmother moved out of that house but my older cousins did have their secret meetings up there where they conspired on all the ways they’d make trouble in the neighborhood. I remember being denied access because I didn’t know the secret password.

Tree houses are synonymous with childhood – we’ve all climbed up in one, and you were lucky if you had one or a friend who had one, right? For the adventurous or outdoorsy types who want to channel your inner child, or if you simply spend the night high up among the trees, take a look at these treehouses across the USA that you can rent to get this one-of-a-kind experience.


Timber Treehouse – Concord, North Carolina



Pleasant Bay Lookout – Bellingham, Washington




Sequoia Treehouse –  Dundee, Oregon (Wine Country)


Pinecone Treehouse – Bonny Doon, California



Willow Tree House – Willow, New York


Walker Pond Tree Cabin – Coventry, Vermont



Summit House – Tiller, Oregon



Adirondack Tree House – Middlebrook, New York


Vineyard Tree House – Monterey, California


Serenity Tree House – McEwen, Tennessee


Whispering Wind Treehouse –  Argyle, New York



Treehouse Retreat – Colombia Falls, Montana

Would you do it? Would you camp out in a tree house like these for a night or two?


  1. We have some beautiful ones in Arkansas as well! Mostly romantic for couples and some luxury which is extra fun! My husband and I love to stay in treehouses!

    • Fun! Send over the link if you get a chance I’d love to see the ones you like!

  2. This is such a fun roundup. We were fancy and had a two story tree house growing up. So many fun memories playing in it!

    These adult versions look like perfect romantic getaways.

  3. I just built a treehouse in San Jose Ca that has 2 lofts for sleeping and a living room with kitchenette and even a full bathroom with hot shower !

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