Teen Girl Closet Makeover

By Kate Riley February 12, 2019

*This post brought to you in partnership with Lowe’s.

One of the projects I’ve had on my to do list this year was a remodel of my fifteen year old daughter’s closet. It wasn’t functional at all, consisting of only one shelf and a rod below spanning the length of the closet. It’s been nagging at me for a long time because she needed a much more practical solution for clothing storage.

When it comes to closet design, there are several styles to choose from, to suit my girl I envisioned something you’d see if you entered a cool clothing boutique. I found a set of storage towers and shelves at Lowe’s that would suit her needs just perfectly. Over the weekend, we remodeled the closet and I couldn’t be happier with the result!



My daughter’s bedroom closet is 80 inches wide by 8 ½ feet in height. Not too small, but not a walk-in either. When she was a little girl, I painted the back of it with pink and green stripes, so the closet needed repainted before the new shelves could be installed. To cover the stripes, my teen chose a pale shade of lavender, Sachet by Valspar.



The closet had only a tall shelf and rod, so not very practical for her lifestyle. Like so many teenagers, most of my daughter’s wardrobe consists of jeans, leggings, sweatshirts, and tops, with very few items that hang on hangers, so what she really needed was a lot more storage for folded clothes and less space for hanging garments.



To recreate this design you’ll need two closet towers and six extra shelves, two additional for each tower (the kit only comes with two) and two additional shelves to form the middle section. You’ll also need a rod and rod supports, also available at Lowe’s in their closet organization aisle.

The towers aren’t difficult to assemble, the instructions are clear, but it does take time. I’ve got to give Matt credit, he was the one who assembled and installed these for our daughter. Job well done! The towers hang with a cleat system so once the hanger is secured to the wall (make sure you’ve secured them to a wall stud), the towers simply slide on and off the cleat.



One middle shelf is fixed, the other is adjustable. As previously mentioned, I added two additional shelves to each tower to maximize the ability to organize and stack folded clothing.



Also notice the two white hooks I added to the walls on each side, perfect for storing purses, bags, or hoodies.



The two middle shelves were secured with L brackets to the adjacent towers, and Matt cut a basic closet rod with rod supports so our daughter could hang dresses and tops.



I purchased four woven baskets to act like drawers and hold her socks, underwear, bras, and bathing suits.






To hide the interior, originally we were thinking of a curtain rod and curtains (like she had for years) but now I’m thinking no, it’s time to return to sliding doors, that way it doesn’t always have to look this neat. :)  I’ll be shopping for new closet doors to hide the interior in the coming weeks.



Meanwhile I can rest assured at least there’s better practicality and some sense of organization happening in this space.

These storage towers are such a great option for closets! They’re also available in gray and java wood stain if you’re looking to give your own bedroom closets a makeover with the same products with a different finish.


*This post brought to you in partnership with Lowe’s, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!


  1. Looks lovely- wondering if there is flexibility so that in the future when she or another occupant needs more hanging space- will it be possible

  2. This is a lovely looking closet, and I agree with one of the readers who said you could just leave the closet doors off! I do wonder if that’s going to be enough space for hanging garments, though. I’ve had two teenaged daughters, and they both needed more space for hanging dresses, certain tops, etc. But I do love the towers, and the look of all of it.

    • Thanks Cherrie! The only time my girl ever wears dresses is to the school dances…. she’s a jeans and leggings girl (like her mom lol) so I think this will work great for her. As mentioned, it’s a system designed to be easily removed or modified. :)

  3. Lovely update to the space. The wood looks sophisticated. Can you please just clarify if the system came with a hanging rod option, or if you had to modify your system to add that? Or did you just modify it to allow for a smaller rod than normally comes with the system? Thanks.

  4. Closet looks great. I am wondering where the ceiling light came from. Might be good in my laundry room. Thx

  5. You might want to consider whether two sliding doors over a three section interior is a good option. Will your daughter have good access to the middle section if this is the crossover point for the doors? Had you thought of hinged doors (2 or 3) instead?

  6. Where are the clothes? I’m thinking we would need at least thirty of these for my daughter and she doesn’t have nearly the amount of clothing that her friends have. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to downsize that closet.

    • Ha yes I get it Jackie! Half my girl’s clothes were in the wash, so it’s not exactly holding everything. :) But she doesn’t have a ton of clothes, my girl is just not a fashionista.

  7. This is a beautiful & clever organizing solution. Did you paint the closet system from Lowes? Your installation looks whiter than the antique white on display at Lowes. Thanks!

    • HI SUsan, that’s just the photographs, it is an off white paint color, I didn’t paint over it.

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