Armless Sofas

By Kate Riley January 21, 2019

I bought the Sodermalm armless sofa from IKEA for my little studio for the dual purpose of lounging and for styling fabrics and other upcoming projects.

My friend Ingrid (who I’ve traveled with) talked me into buying this sofa, she has owned the dark gray version for five years and loves its versatility. “It seats more people than a regular sofa,” she insists, noting that if you forego the optional arms, the sofa’s ends allow for people to sit on the edges. After two months of living with it, and hosting a few groups of visitors, I have to agree with her, the style does allow for an extra amount of seating :)

Like a slipper chair, the armless sofa arguably lacks the coziness of being enveloped by an upholstered arm. An armrest does serve a purpose, it frames the sofa and also acts as a support to lean upon and a place to prop up a pillow.

However, I do love the look of this armless loveseat and since mine is paired with a corner piece and slipper chair on the other end, I do have that option of propping up pillows and also my head in the corner, whenever I need an afternoon break. (For those interested, coffee table source here.)

I like the depth of the Sodermalm, but it’s a bit low, so once you settle in, you better stay awhile. It’s firm but comfortable and is great for lounging.


via coco lapine

Armless sofas so have the appearance of a slimmer profile so they’re unassuming in a room. Without arms they are nice for filling a space of wall that could benefit from temporary lounging, an office, a library, a sitting room, but without arms, some might argue they lack the settle-in-and-binge-watch-a-show type of comfort.


room & board

An armless sofa on a smaller scale is also referred to as a settee or a sofette. I bought a teal blue one years ago and still own it, it’s where my son sits and plays video games from time to time with all his buddies.


peacock blue settee

If you’re in the market: more options for armless sofas!

jake loveseat / tyson armless

naomi sofa / soderhamn loveseat

armless sofabed  / wood base settee

halsey sofa / adora settee



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