Trendspotting: Embroidered Decor

By Kate Riley April 3, 2018

While browsing for summer dresses I noticed a trend in fashion, embroidery is everywhere, on shoes, belts, jackets, etc. I love the look, the raised texture and modern motifs add a bohemian or edgy vibe to clothing.

I’m a fan of the art of embroidery and appreciate it when I see it. I remember when I was young, stitching an embroidered scene of two young girls and above it read “sisters are forever friends”. My sister still has my handmade art to this day. :)

I have an appreciation for any hand stitched piece but as anyone with experience in embroidery knows, it takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration. Still, it’s one of those creative processes that yields something artistic and personal in the end so it’s worth the time spent.

This week I brought out a long linen embroidered lumbar pillow cover that I got from Pine Cone Hill many years ago, one that had been sitting in the closet for years. It’s a classic floral motif in layered blues but it still fits well with my house.


When it comes to embroidered home decor, I admit I discriminate. Monogrammed or embroidered linens with elegant stitching will always be classic, but sometimes, especially if an item is cheap or mass produced, embroidered patterns can be old fashioned or dated. When I spy a pattern in a more modern motif like an abstract geometric or a modern botanical, I am drawn to the silken colorful threads and raised texture. Are you?

How about five ways to add a touch of embroidery to your home this spring …

Dress Your Table




1 / 2


Layer Your Bed or Windows





1 / 2 / 3



Trim the Edges of Pillows or Curtains


1 / 2 / 3


  Toss a Pillow



melika / navy denim / mcrae lumbar / mina stripe

brushstroke / confetti / bendel geometric


Try a DIY



constellation table runner / diy kit


Like all delicate fabrics, embroidered ones require special cleaning: Hand washing is recommended for embroidered decor. Pretreat stained areas and wash with gentle detergent. Line or air drying is also recommended, or a low heat low tumble cycle in the dryer, removing while slightly damp to air dry. Iron on the back side of embroidered decor so that the raised pattern is not damaged.



  1. That beautiful pillow on the sofa…More info on the sofa, please. I’m looking for one similar and wondering how you like the one you have, pros/cons, how long you have had it, etc.

    Thanks so much!

    • I got it from Pine Cone Hill I’m gonna say probably six years ago and it’s been in the closet for a five. I couldn’t part with it since it’s so pretty and it felt fresh again bringing it out in spring. It hasn’t had much use so it’s in perfect condition.

  2. My mother taught me to iron embroidered items with the face side down onto a terry cloth towel.

    • Exactly right! Especially if there is a raised motif with knots or layers !

  3. Years ago when I babysat (late teens),I would bring an embroidery project with me to work on when the kids went to sleep. One of my favorites projects was a set of pillowcases. I still have them! Your pillow is very pretty Kate and perfect for spring.

    • So true when you embroider something yourself, it carries special memories with it. :)

  4. I have also noticed a lot of embroidery in furniture and home decor. I love embroidery and crewel; however, I get confused in the difference or are the two the same?

  5. I am an embroiderer from way back. Cross-stitch, embroidery, lace work, needlepoint; you name it, I do it. There is nothing like the feeling on having your own creation displayed proudly on your wall or pillow. I wish more people would take up needlepoint or an embroidery type hobby. It is very relaxing and gives such a sense of accomplishment when you are done! About 20 years ago I had my husband put up shelving in our hallway and have kept an ever rotating display of my finished needle work on those shelves. He had to build them out of tongue and groove flooring since there we no ‘floating shelves’ being made at the time. Still use them today to display the latest work I’ve done.

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