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By Kate Riley March 31, 2018

Hello all. This weekend I had planned on having a yard sale but I had to postpone it one more week. I’ve been purging closets and drawers and the garage and just didn’t have enough time to complete it all, but I figure with one more week I’ll get it done. Mission: clutter free home for spring!

In April, I’m working on some new fabric prints, and I’m hoping to share those with you in May. Yay! I’m also headed to Austin, Texas for a long weekend, so I welcome any suggestions on what to do/eat and where to go!  Help me out!

Favorite links from the week….

Sleek and spa-like: this gorgeous bathroom remodel.

Tragic to classic: another well done bathroom renovation.

I enjoyed reading about this beach shack rescue.

Wow. Most beautiful stair runner ever.

You’ve seen Target’s new Opalhouse collection, right? Love it!

Simple and easy grazing for Easter: Sandy’s charcuterie platter.

Aren’t these the prettiest hanging paper flowers?

Food names you’re probably mispronouncing.

How to stop eating sugar.

Speaking of sugar, 28 dangerous things strongly linked to cancer.

Scary: all the data stored by Google and Facebook.


Happy Easter to all of you! See you back here on Monday!


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  1. Ha, I wish not eating sugar was as easy as just reading a “how to stop eating sugar” guide on the internet… not only is it addictive but they also put it in basically everything. Pretty much your only hope would be to not just stop eating sugar, but pretty much all processed foods, or the added sugar in everything is going to keep you hooked on it.

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