Fifteen Fab Backsplashes

By Kate Riley January 2, 2018

I’m in Las Vegas for the next couple of days, working on the finishing touches on the flip house. I bought the backsplash tiles for both the kitchen and master bathroom. I shopped what was in stock because all the samples I had ordered online were unsatisfactory.

I visited my top three stops for in-stock backsplash tile: Floor & Décor, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The tile featured below is the tile I chose for the master bathroom is this one, isn’t it cool? I shared a close up version on my Instagram stories today.

While I was out I spied a bunch more great mosaics I would totally use in a bathroom or kitchen remodel if only I had another dozen projects in the works :) I saw these in person and loved them all, so I had to share because these really need to be installed somewhere, the colors and patterns are so good.

 epoch black triangle $8  / anatolia floral $11 / elidia marble peaks $19

elida volcanic $16  / prismatic blend $12 / abalone herringbone $10

hex gray polished $6 / royal brass & marble $30 / peacock fan $9

thasos marble $16 / skylight blue glass hex $15 / tempest marble valentino $20 /

blue multi penny $3 / thasos bianco parallels $17 / elidia sea herringbone $12

Let me know if you end up choosing one, I’d love to see these installed!



  1. Thank you for sharing! I have been dreaming of changing my kitchen backsplash for a while. It’s so refreshing to see something other than subway tile! Love the beautiful textures and colors while still remaining classic and fairly neutral. Can’t wait to see how the flip house turned out. Happy New Year!

  2. You are my favorite blogger, i love looking at all those beautiful homes on other bloggers but you have a way of presenting information that im interested in, in a way that’s simple to understand! I don’t have to read pages of info to get to the point.

    Thank you!

  3. I just built a new house and so much of the tile was from F&D including our backsplash. We choose a light blue arabesque and it looks amazing!

  4. Even though I don’t really need a backsplash right now (I have a peel-and-stick honeycomb backsplash in my kitchen that I absolutely love!), I still like looking at them. The abalone herringbone is my favorite of these since it looks so modern. I really enjoy all your budget-friendly ideas, and good luck on your flip house!

    • It’s so pretty in person the pieces are thin with rounded edges and the mosaic has variegated tones of pale taupe, cream, and white. Very elegant, love it!

  5. Has anyone done quartz countertops with Floor and Decor? Their pricing is totally different than other big box stores. It’s per slab, with separate install and fabrication fees from a third party company. Can anyone please tell me how the finished, installed counters compare price-wise with other big box stores?
    Thank you!!!

    • I saw the slabs there Marlow, I think there prices are good but yes you’ll end up paying for transport and fabrication. I’ve found most quartz countertops are comparable, meaning I don’t notice a huge difference between high end like Caesarstone and lower end lesser known manufacturers or lower priced quartz material. One trick I love to use on smaller projects is to shop slab yards at local fabricators in your area, often they have leftover Quartz or stone that they will sell you their remnants at a huge discount. :)

  6. I am renovating my kitchen as I type this, and my next thing to tackle is the splash. perfect timing! I am in Australia and want to keep things fairly simple so have gone for a while gloss door and stone marble look (white with grey veins) as the bench. I was hoping to do subway but in a dark grey, but I love the peacock fan one that you have posted. Do you think that this is too “mermaid” for a kitchen?

  7. The Prismatic blend and Royal Brass & Marble are gorgeous! I have yet to tackle a kitchen re-design but I can imagine how hard it will be to choose a backsplash with these options. I did shop Floor and Decor for flooring not too long ago and browsed over to the kitchen tile. Couldn’t help but touch it all. I love the feel of marble:-)

  8. I can’t seem to find that exact tile backsplash you used? But I looooove it and would like to add it to my kitchen. Do you have a link?

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