Hooray for the White and Blue Kitchen

By Kate Riley July 3, 2017

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July and it’s my second favorite holiday, I love it! I look forward to all the food, fireworks, and festivities every year. I’m super excited to be hosting a giant party for all my cousins at the house in Las Vegas, it will be a blast. I suffered a mild injury this week. I was taking another self defense class and ended up with a mild sprain after a series of aggressive hits and blocks, ouch! That’s my excuse for not blogging this week, it hurts to type!!

Let’s look at some pretty blue and white kitchens this week my friends in celebration of the (red) white and blue. Like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, the blue and white combination is always classy, timeless, and chic. I’m looking forward to adding a blue backsplash to the white kitchen in my studio, and these beauties have me inspired. Enjoy the visual feast!


my domaine


becki owens


bethany nauert


the grit & polish


source unknown


kristin peake interiors


barbara Schwartz


artistic designs for living


heather scott home


coastal living



via ideal home


stone textile studio


via ideal home

Wishing you all a very Happy Fourth of July!

I’ll be back on Friday with some favorite links. :)


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