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By Kate Riley May 2, 2017

Hello everyone! I arrived home from my 11 day trip to Scandinavia yesterday and spent the evening reconnecting with my family. I stayed up as late as I could to beat the jet lag then crashed at 9 p.m. I’ll share some highlights from my trip soon. After a full night’s sleep and a morning workout I’m feeling nearly back to normal. I’ve got to pull the master bedroom together over the next week in time for the big reveal on May 10th!

As I was unpacking I made a note of several travel essentials that made my long trip so much smoother because I had these things with me. I rounded up a few favorites in case you’re headed somewhere this summer for an extended vacay.


Since you have no control over the lighting or the sound, on a long flight I always bring a silk eye mask and foam ear plugs from the drugstore. It helps when you’re trying to catch some sleep on your long journey. Another nice perk that tucks away easy in a carry on are travel ballet slippers (with carrying case) for your feet, having them on feels much better than wearing shoes on an airplane!

I like to listen to music while I doze on the train or airplane or before bed, so earphones are key. These cute beaded ones add a bit of style around your neck.  I brought along a few different pairs of long leggings which saved the day since they are comfortable enough for the plane but stylish enough to wear out to dinner. When you’re out at about exploring a town, it’s great to have a back up battery just in case your smartphone’s battery runs out. A compact version takes up very little space and you’ll thank yourself that you packed it!

I raved about my two favorite travel shoes last year after my trip to Europe. I brought these champagne sneakers along again, I wore them almost every day and they go from day to night. Since it was April and chilly, my travel companion and I wore the same packable jacket in blue while we were in Scandinavia. If traveling to Europe in summer I’d recommend a lightweight raincoat like this for occasional summer showers.

I carried this small stylish backpack around with me each day and never bothered with a purse. It was just big enough to carry my phone, a little makeup and sunscreen, my water bottle, and it had a little extra room in case I picked up a souvenir during the day. Packing some rollup zippered tote bags in your suitcase are so handy for storing soiled laundry or extra souvenirs, highly recommended!


I’ll be back tomorrow with another update in the One Room Challenge!



  1. I love those sneakers—the link didn’t work. Can you tell me what kind they are?

  2. INCREDIBLY helpful info–thanks SO MUCH, Kate. I have four or five trips before the end of the year–and the three things I ordered immediately from this blog posting will be put to good use!

  3. Do you use those packing cubes that fit in your suitcase to keep items separated? I am thinking of getting some.

  4. Love this list and all your travel posts have been very helpful. Can you recommend where you buy longer shirts to wear with leggings. Thanks

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